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  1. The later is way bigger, but still at a very handy and portable size. The 8/19 is a baby scope. I love both a lot
  2. I understand all the love for OSX (i like using it on small macbooks) ... but not for video editing. For me, the OS matters little once i start up DaVinci Resolve ... PC or OSX, it is all the same. About hardware costs: i really really want to see how the new minimal cheesegrater config compares to my dual octacore sandybridge setup with 64gigs o ram ... those processors sell for 90 bucks a piece on ebay.
  3. cheapest parfocal? if you dont mind extending zoom tubes.... i would recommend the minolta 35-70 3.5, comes even with a macro mode in the latest iteration... got a mint one for 70 euros. awesome plucky lens. if you got a bit more spare cash, go for a contax zeiss 35-70 3.5 : around 130 euros.
  4. yeah, it all is based on intent... it's no easy task I am also waiting for a couple of screens to arrive, that i want to use for scopes and false color. Btw, once you get to 50IRE, it becomes way punchier :
  5. Splendid kye, just what i needed to hear, a lot of thanks for the very detailled breakdown! I like contrast way too much for my own good, and it seems i am scared of images not "popping" enough, so i've got some unlearning to do. It's kinda scary to go to those low IRE but i gave it a go at around 30 IRE skintines... it looks horrible as a thumbnail, but fullscreen it *kinda* works... second screen is at 40 IRE :
  6. i was not happy with my early attempts either... kye, could you give me some honest feedback about this one? (i didn't bother denoising and regraining it, my question is more about gamma linearity, and quality of skintones and general balance)
  7. had some more fun with this ... this thread is a great idea tried to go for a more sober, "normal" look this time
  8. which browser are you using? Chrome seems to be most color-accurate. As for export process, i did a Grab Still -> right-click Export, then PNG. no big look differences. Or are you running some color profiles on your screen?
  9. here's my take at it, please be gentle
  10. It's a Bolex 8/19 1.5x stretch anamorphic, on a Voigtlander Ultron 40mm II lens.
  11. if you go m43 like in this picture, you can go quite a bit smaller as well. Here is my most portable setup. Does either 4k 21:9ish or 6k 16:9ish
  12. no clue. but at least they are working hard at it.... i could get one of their betas right now, but i rather have the finished body with it.
  13. As for ML, i am still invested in an Apertus ... i rather they got my money than Canon. Still, a blackmagic or Panasonic are never out of reach
  14. similar here. FullHD video was the reason i got the 5dmk2, and only ML made me upgrade to 5dmk3. Nowadays i am quite happy with my GH5, but i admit that i lust for that panasonic fullframe announcement. Canon glass is the only thing that i have left... and frankly, with the new mount coming up, i think i will sell that as well... and go for some older Contax or Leica glass.
  15. nice! gotta love hanami drinking parties in japan... just got home from there, too bad there was no meeting with titto ah well, i will be back to japan in 3 weeks
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