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  1. Same sensor as in A7S III: "the FX6 has a native ISO of 800 (S-Log3) and what Sony are referring to as a High Sensitivity mode of 12,800 ISO. Sony was quick to point out that even though this High Sensitivity mode works in a similar way to a dual native ISO, they are not calling it a dual native ISO. I asked Sony if the dynamic range is reduced when you are using this High Sensitivity mode and I was told that they feel that is is fairly comparable to the normal base ISO of 800." https://www.newsshooter.com/2020/11/18/sony-fx6-is-this-the-camera-you-have-been-waiting-for/
  2. Which apps can do the trick? Brian Williams wrote: Looking forward to this app! 🙂👍
  3. Any suggestions for a useful standard zoom, that doesn't exceed the price of a used Alexa?
  4. Probably a bigger body is necessary to make things possible "beyond expectations". "Creators" and "technology, technology, technology" in mind, what could that be? 4K/60, 10-bit 4:2:2 + X = 8K? BOSS/Olympus/gimbal like image stabilisation? Computational video, with electronic bokeh control, hdr video? Or, to exceed my expectations towards Sony engineering at all - better ergonomics/user interface?? I don't expect Sony to release such sort of camera before 2020. And I don't expect it to be named A7S III. But in the meantime, why shouldn't Sony release a A7 III with "easy to add 4K/60" 10-bit internal 4:2:2 & a better viewfinder and call it A7S III?
  5. Kenji Tanaka, VP and Senior General Manager of Sony's Business Unit 1, Digital Imaging Group talks about: "the mentality of stills photographers and videographers is completely different. That kind of fusion, I don’t think [it's realistic]. We want to create new cameras for both kinds of creators." "The basic expectation is for things like 4K/60, 10-bit 4:2:2, and a lot of manufacturers are doing that right now, but I want to think in a different way and create something that goes beyond the expectations of our customers. It’s easy to add 4K/60, but beyond these specs, a lot of customers have other kinds of demands, and that’s what we’re researching." https://***URL removed***/interviews/9676983794/cp-2019-sony-interview-first-full-frame-then-aps-c
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