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  1. No, FHD is not a full readout. In my experience it has visible aliasing and moiré, both in S35 crop and Full Frame. This was one of my first tests, FHD internal, although it is mostly 24p and higher framerates are probably worse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPKwcveDwVs
  2. I'm using a Baxxtar NP-F970 and it definitly works. So far I only got the battery and no charger, once that arrives I will test for how long it will run, continuosly recording.
  3. Could you share the email adress that you use to contact Sigma? I've emailed the support in Germany but I'm a bit skeptical if and when these reports reach Japan.
  4. I just shoot something dark and turn up the shadows in resolve. It's pretty obvious. Just did a quick test with 320 ISO 8bit 25fps and it flickers. Strange that the flickering ISO values seem to be different for everyone
  5. My flicker is still there as well, I am only using dumb lenses so thats not the issue. Was really hoping they would fix this and the audio timecode not being embedded in the wav correctly.
  6. The GSS Viewfinder seems to be very nice. This guy uses it in his video: https://youtu.be/phFyPS_uX4w?t=662 I thought about printing a smaller viewfinder frame in combination with a regular magnifing glas to get something more compact. It's really convenient that Sigma releasd the 3D Models for the FP and all acessories. Since I can 3D print for free at my University I think I will try some more stuff, currently working on a handgrip between the size of the small and large one from Sigma.
  7. I am only using adapted lenses with no electronics as well so I don't think that causes the problem.
  8. Yes, I am on the latest firmware. The notes only mention that they fixed the first frames being enlarged. I have 3D printed a cheap viewfinder attachment that works with a 3.2" Display Loupe you can find on ebay for 20€. I don't know how long it will last but right now it sits pretty tight. It locks into the small vent holes at the top and you can still use all the buttons. If anyone is interested, message me and I can send you the blender file.
  9. So I've done some ISO flicker testing and got some strange results to share. 100-250 / 500-2.000 / 5.000-10.000 / 16.000-25.600 all with no flicker. 320-400 / 2.500-4.000 / 12.800 show flicker. Overall quite okay compared to what @Scott_Warren tested a few pages ago. So is the flicker issue different for each camera?? I have tried finding the flickering DNG files and opening them in Camera Raw. Previously I got the impression the flicker was not present there, but during this test it showed up there aswell. At ISO 12800 black levels and colour changed for one, sometimes more frames. Theres also seems to be a bug where the first frame of a DNG sequence is overexposed. This occured in clips with and without flicker. In the 12800 sequence the first frame is the same exposure as the flicker that shows up later. In the 320 clip the first frame is a little brighter than the next 3 frames, then colour and brightness change for the whole clip and after 7 seconds flickering appears with colour and brightness of frame 2-4. Another interesting thing I noticed is that the noise going from ISO 10.000 to 12.800 and up changes a lot. Images pushed by 5 stops in Camera Raw. ISO 10.000 ISO 12.800
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