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  1. The sandisk was fine prior to latest firmware update..
  2. Really need waveforms and zebras based on the raw data, like raw shooter said - it's currently close enough at iso100 to gauge raw exposure. Above that it is incorrect. Magic lantern could do it, Sigma should do it. Has anyone had issues with external SSD after the new firmware - My sandisk extreme is now putting my FP into a reboot cycle. Gah.
  3. Of course it would need to be synchronised but I don't think it would be practically impossible. I thought you was going to bring up a technical specification document of the L mount that contradicts any possibility of leaf shutter lens. The Pentax Q and Hasselblad X1d have electronic shutter (all sensors essentially are electronic shutters, on/off) and leaf shutter lens, certainly no reason that Sigma could not either. If the next full frame foveon camera is in a similar shutterless design as the FP, then a bunch of compact leaf shutter lens will be a substitute for the DP line of cameras and providing another route of modularity.
  4. All good points rawshooter, curious though - how do you know the FP/L would not support leaf shutter? I'm not sure the mount would need anything mechanical for an in lens shutter (I use a Pentax Q7 and Hasselblad H3D, both with interchangeable leaf shutter lens that only have electronic mount communication). And would assume the electronics could be programmed to do whatever was required of a lens? Yes a fast global shutter would be the best solution though.
  5. I will assume Sigma read this thread! >>LEAF SHUTTER LENS!, come on sigma! The FP is useless for flash photography (and artificial light) without a mechanical shutter. Leaf shutter lens allow syncing flash at a higher speed than can focal plane. Normal territory of medium format. Time to compete with Hasselblad X1D! Sigma know how to make superb leaf shutter lens in the DP series. Make compact 28/75 mm f2.8 leaf shutter prime lens, just like your 45mm - but put a leaf shutter in that one too. Take the FP to the next level. Leaf shutter lens will attract a huge new number of people to the FP and L mount system for photography.
  6. Great thankyou Paul. What pixel dimension is that 14b crop mode if you know? I will attach two still raw corner crops, one 12b the other 14b. Was at iso 100, a dynamic range stress test where i exposed the sensor to max highlight clipping point outside the window. As you can see, deep in the darkest noise of the sensor, 14bit keeps the noise finer and cleaner and smoother with more detail. In regards to base iso, i simply started at iso 100, exposed a scene to the sensors highlight clipping point, ramped up the iso whilst keeping exposure at that sensor clipping point. Then chose the cleanest image. ISO 100 and 200 are actually exactly identical for the sensor. If you take an image using iso 100, keep your shutter speed and aperture the same and repeat the image at iso 200 - then take those raw images into a program that displays raw histograms such as raw digger, you will see that 100/200 are the same. The camera will lie to you though, making you expose an extra stop for iso100. Not sure I read anywhere that iso100 is a trick/extended iso, but it appears to be.
  7. What's the chances of 14bit raw video, is the sensor capable? stills in 14b have substantially better noise/ dynamic range deep into the dark bits of the sensor over using 12b. What about full sensor 6k 3:2 video, hardware capable? The 4k downsample currently looks decent but DC mode 4k 1:1 pixel sampling does beat it for absolute resolution and aliasing free imaging. 1080p in camera is quite bad. More crop modes using 1:1 sensor pixels would be nice such as super16mm also, or simply being able to enter any custom pixel dimensions/ aspect ratio. Coming from magic lantern I miss zebras and histograms based on raw data. The FP base iso is 200 not 100.
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