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  1. and we trust Tito so much that we believe everything that comes out of his mouth, especially when he pushes chinese anamorphic stuff in his lousy youtube channel for $$$$$$$$. Wake up my friend!
  2. These assholes should be boycotted altogether, so sorry to hear this. Just one thing Andrew, why not using your own website or facebook to sell your stuff? I mean, with all your followers it would have been more safe less expensive and I am sure more fun. Good luck for the rest of your stuff!
  3. 5D3 / Helios 13 blades / Ikon 22/1.5x
  4. Thanks Seb, I always used a FF sensor also on baby hypergonar and agfa moller 19/1.5X , the stills attached are from the baby hypergonar with helios on 5D3. it's an internal clamp system made for me by a smart french guy Guillaume!
  5. just a simple answer to your question, that's all, no need to get upset about it. There isn't a cheap alternative 2x scope that goes wide as those you mentioned. If you then are looking for a 2x scope same size of those you mentioned it's another story. Your personal troll
  6. and this was produced mid 50's for 8mm film!! No computers! No automated lathes! Pure Maths and Master craftsmanship! Big LOL at more recent so called anamorphic bogies!
  7. please dial the other end on the aperture. and come back with the results.
  8. that explains everything, now is all clear! Thanks
  9. yeah sorry, I was a bit confused about the whole story and I wanted to be sure I understood well, thanks
  10. thanks for taking the time, what camera taking lens and at what aperture did you shoot the test?
  11. Does it go from minimum to infinity? Thanks!
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