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  1. I totally agree with you. Blade Runner 2 is a technical achievement and that's it. Really sad that the sci-fi stapple of anamorphic shooting has been swept aside. And furthermore, the whole picture is way too dead/cold for a new world depicted with an overpopulation of humans and furthermore this new population of uberhumans. Stats says there will be about 10Billions of people in 2050 without taking in considerations the replicant/android cause that's a lot compared to the few amount of people only present in the shots. There's something crazy to me, and I already felt this in "the arr
  2. You should take a look at this article. it's working if you can work in a very clean room (as clean as a lab with no dust etc...) https://petapixel.com/2016/09/29/remove-fungus-lens/
  3. You read my mind! I thought about that a long time ago and I think this would be awesome.
  4. Hi that sounds really good! if you are working on a new single focus device and it's still in R&D, I would highly suggest you work also on the mechanical part of it. The perfect single focus device would have a front filter thread/ring that does not rotate, to be able to mount a clip-on mattebox in exemple. the competitors does not have it and it's really annoying. also the distance travelled by the focusing ring is too long both on the "SLR magic range finder" and on the Core DNA. if you can develop a system that does not travel, that would be awesome and would allow to fix
  5. Anamorphic internal de-squeeze? Not available in the pre-release version. Too bad
  6. Looks super nice. who did the lens bracket? I need exactly the same for my KOWA 16H. thanks
  7. The right method to remove fungus and cleanup lens: http://petapixel.com/2016/09/29/remove-fungus-lens/
  8. Thanks Tweak. are you talking about the Canon FD 24mm 2.8 or the newFD 24mm f/1.4 L ( http://www.kenrockwell.com/canon/fd/24mm-f14.htm ) ?
  9. That looks nice! any chance to have it ported for android? A cheap tablet, your monitor app and your good to go for an anamorphic shooting. Thanks
  10. Yes I know what you mean but anamorphic lenses are rated with the Vertical Field of view equilvalent to spherical 40mm anamorphic is insanely wide look at the PANAVISION PRIMO 40 on "The Royal Tenenbaums". I'll buy a speedbooster or turbolens M42 probably. It will help.
  11. MIR 1B is 37mm I don't get vignette and it looks awesome. But I don't think it's wide enough with the M43 crop factor. (FF 75mm Anamorphic equivalent).
  12. Hi, Last week I made some test shots with a GH4 in 4/3 with a KOWA 16-H X2 anamorphic adapter. I love the look of the helios 44-2 but the focal length is often too long. I also used a MIR-1B which is awesome and fast enough without vigneting but I don't think the final 2.35 field of view is wide enough for my needs. I tried to shoot with a FUJINON TV c-mount 25mm 1.4 but this time it gives some vignette on the righthand corners and lacks sharpness. What wide angle taking lens would you suggest to fit inbetween with a nice style and without significant vignetting? The wider the b
  13. I don't know the weight of mine. I just bought a 52 to 50mm step down ring to attach it cheap. I also ordered a custom support bracket for 15mm rails. you can get an Heliopan 49 to 50mm for taking lens such as Helios 44-2. I also use it with a mir-1B 37mm 2.8 and it's beautiful. I'll get in touch with your guy on ebay. I would love to just have to focus one lens. To be honest double focusing makes shooting nearly impossible on a pro environment.
  14. I have exactly the same lens mine is engraved sankor AnamoPrime. it's awesome and very sharp. the sankor lens is basically the same lens as Kowa 16H and Kowa 8Z with another housing. I had both. Remove all the useless golden tubing and you're good to go. Compact and with the same rear thread as the 16H (50mm diameter). I would love to use this lens with a single focus mod. where did you got it from? thanks
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