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  1. Crazy how that could be considered unique huh... hahaha.
  2. I got the E2 recently, coming from a GH5 I'm really impressed. I'm sure this new camera will be equally good (probably better but also more expensive).
  3. tweak

    Penis camera

    At least it shoots on Raw.
  4. tweak

    I need a hug

    Man, life is a ride. I have no idea what I'm really doing either (in my 30s now)... I realised no one does and if they think they do they are probably lying or over complacent and something will happen to throw them off guard. Just live your life, be happy doing whatever it is you are doing. I'm not a millionaire (or even close to earning a good wage) but I'm happier than pretty much all my friends because I mostly just do the things I love. Just be you, let them be them.
  5. His rig needs more screens IMO.
  6. Plug in power I guess. For a camera like E2 with NPF style batteries that you can get with power out function it's a pretty nice/sleek offering. The gratical Eye also doesn't have battery option.
  7. Looks amazing can't wait! Hopefully at a nice price and I will add it to my E2.
  8. No. HDMI spec limited to 4K.
  9. You're right it's not, but there's also not that many unique signature styles in cinema, neither in skate. You do something and people just compare it to something else someone already did. Having a totally unique style of work in this age is almost impossible in any field. It's also just far easier to do something that has a certain look or style in cinema because it's totally scripted and pre-conceived, a work that's usually planned over many years down to the finest details.
  10. You're starting to list a few signature techniques for almost no one having a style you could accurately describe . Skating and filming skating is more diverse than you give credit to I think.
  11. It's a HDMI limitation. You can't output a 5K signal over GH5 HDMI.
  12. I was talking about a style of their own as a collective. But yeah I kinda agree with what you said although I could pick out small nuances that many skate filmers do personally that others don't. There's a lot of copy cats, but look at everything out there, youtube, movies, whatever, there's tons of copycats in everything with the same lack of "personal style" as you put it. I've also seen 100000's of videos over my time. There's a lot I've been impressed with filming wise (too many to remember), filming a lot myself though maybe I'm more interested in it and looking at it, I dunno. I think being a good filmer especially for Skateboarding is pretty underrated, it's harder than most give credit to. Actually there's tons of videos where I'd give a lot of props to the filmer, especially fisheye lines filmed well or planning how one trick shot will segue to the next. Anyway I feel as though we are just talking circles. Main thing I can say is that this mic looks like overpriced hype to me. I know quite some people that have, or if not at least got into it filming other boardsports. I used to read SkatePerception, totally forgot it existed.
  13. I said Gold Standard, not homie standard . I don't know anyone in AUS who still shoots primarily on VX, some die hards still have them and use them but they are side project type things. Also partly because VXs are starting to break down it's a 20year old camera. There's a few crews in US for sure (Zero is the biggest mainstream example I can think of) but it's certainly not the norm anymore or a standard. GX1000 and Jon Miner have probably consistently made my favourite vids with the cam. You're so far from the mark in regards to pros looking impressive because of fisheye that should have retired hahaha. You should post that on Slap message boards though, could start a good thread. Every Pro skater is Pro for a reason, because they are fucking good and whether their footage is filmed fisheye or not doesn't matter as almost all spots are known by a large majority of Pro skaters and 90% of the time other Pros/Sponsors know how hard certain tricks are at those spots regardless of what lenses are used. You are half right in regards to the documentary purposes of filming skateboarding, but the really good filmers have a style all of their own and almost all their videos are popular not just because of the skating but also the filming. I'm sure it's not apparent to the everyday filmmaker because it's a genre all of it's own in my opinion (i.e. doesn't follow the rules/conforms of classic film yet has it's own set of standards and practices).
  14. VX1000 is on the way out now. Even the biggest heads are slowly converting. Beagle for example is filming the new Baker vid in HD 😮 . MK1 had it's time and place, if Ty Evans should have done anything it should have been a collab with century on a new fisheye for DSLRs. I've got too be honest and say I never got the hype over the VX1000s sound, I didn't feel it was much better than anything else, if I listen to it now it just sounds like a cheap mic with a low pass filter turned on... this 299 mic trying to mimic VX just screams cash grab to me. I'm sure lots of kids will buy it though. Century extreme fish and canon 8-15L seem to be the gold standards now.
  15. tweak

    elmoscope type 1

    True, my bad had 16D on the wrong spot haha. Sankor 16-D also Kowa 16/16A are very similar (though physically shorter) but will still perform very much the same, is what I was getting at.
  16. tweak

    elmoscope type 1

    The ii can shoot wider. This is closer to a sankor or Kowa 16D. Should still be a nice scope.
  17. Yeah, it's kinda grade able in post. Be really careful of the orientation of the ND and it's better. Big issue for me was panning shots changing colour. This ND is still alright though, better than most, none are good. It's all in a housing or just standing without. I use an Aquatech. I focus to where I think the action will be most the time if in a housing. Just setting to infinity and stopping right down probably wouldn't turn out that great. Broke surfers (like cheap ass Kiteboarding brands) need to know what's actually possible and what's not . Stick it to them.
  18. This was all shot with SLR Magic II vari ND. It sucks almost as much as any other ND IMO and doesn't go dark enough to shoot shallow at 1/48th. Flares are muted slightly, but not too much as to be a concern. The colours with that ND are wack though, it's all over the place (same as all other NDs I've had). I hate shooting with NDs, but high shutter speed also looks bad IMO. Reviews lead me to think this ND would be a lot better than it is. I'm not sure what the answer is, I want to try the aurora aperture vari NDs. I think your idea of frame grabbing a sharp image from a well produced film/video isn't realistic in my experience. I always do a seperate shoot for video and photo when I'm on the job. There's times it's possible that it looks sharp enough, but nothing I would count on.
  19. Kowa 2x scopes with nikkor taking lenses.
  20. If you want to make spacers, just use thin plastic chopping board (for the kitchen) and cut out whatever size you want. Stack bits together if you need it thicker. If you cut them neat you wont even see it. I do this all the time for different projects.
  21. Maybe I just read too much into what you were asking/saying. Are you asking: Will 40 compact 1.33x lens work with AF-c? If so, then yes. All 1.33x lenses will typically work with autofocus as long as you are not trying to focus too close.
  22. hahaha, don't worry! Everyone was OK! I guess if you didn't know though it didn't look too good hahaha. Yep, that's true, I guess in a doco sense I could have had those road signs a bit better seen. This film though was really made as a riding edit that I turned somewhat into a doco style. It wasn't really the intention to tell much of a story, just show some cool tricks, but when I had other clips like podium shots and a few car shots I put them in as well for something different. A lot of effort went into shooting good tricks for this film, I think something that people who don't Kiteboard probably don't understand, but that was also the primary focus. The other shots around that were either just test shots I was shooting for fun, or random things I happened to film. When I did the edit it all just seemed to fit together somehow. I think it would be fun to do a full doco style film, I'd like to do something like that (maybe I could still even mix it with riding like this).
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