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  1. Haven't they made that lazer/ crystal cube tech now? Don't remember what it's called, but it's far less volatile than film, pretty sure that's what's next.
  2. They should include LOG on all new cameras (especially ones costing over 2K), it's bullshit they don't.
  3. Same here. Would be cool if they offer nice PL to EF adapters to go with them, super versatile then.
  4. Surely you would apply after the speed change, doesn't seem logical to do it before.
  5. I'm thinking about using it for 160fps footage where I want slo-mo but also ability to play in real time at 180degree shutter look.
  6. Let me know how that goes, sounds interesting, especially if shooting some high frame rate stuff that you also want to slo-mo.
  7. I've always wondered whether bigger rear elements at some point may have an adverse effect on IQ. For example say your scope's rear element is twice the size of your taking lens front element, would it act something like shooting a Full Frame lens on M43? Where you are only using a part of the image circle and glass, thus getting lower IQ? I'm not certain but I assume this is also similar to shooting longer focal lengths with adapters and why it doesn't look so great at a point.
  8. I also prefer my Kowa-8s and isco-8s over the ELMOiis I have, small size and weight is definitely an advantage and I also feel I prefer the look (all those people paying top dollar now for Kowa16 scopes will surely disagree haha).
  9. 16-H, 8z, Elmoii, B&H are all the same, there is no one in this world that could pick them apart in a blind test. IQ differences are more sample variation and age than anything else (also all can come with different colour coatings).
  10. You should get the Rapido FVD8 or ProtoDNA then, they aren't that big and heavy and are the right thing for your 8mm scopes. I use them with my kowa 8 and isco-8 scopes.
  11. I agree, it could be a very lovely camera with ML. Imagine the eosm but with DPAF an EVF and a few other upgrades.
  12. ML isn't dead hahaha, it's the same as always. Yes. It's not a port any developers are working on. You need to have that specific camera and want to invest time in it, right now no one has taken that task up.
  13. Nothing is happening as no developers are working on this right now.
  14. It is stable for continuous raw. I'm not having this conversation. People have their own wants and needs, also opinions, thank you for sharing yours.
  15. tweak

    Canon EOS R6

    I wouldn't mind that. It would allow me to retire my Canon 5DIII and have a B roll video body in the same package. I'm all about reducing my kit and a body like this would help me do that. Right now I need GH5+5Diii in my bag.
  16. If you don't like the aliasing you can buy an AA filter, they do exist. I really like the UI, way better than a lot of manufacturers DSLR mazes, also with way more options than any DSLR I've encountered. If a camera with ability to shoot continuous 14bit raw is a "cool toy" so are all DSLRs for film making, they all have the similar issues, mostly just with worse IQ. I would agree that MLraw previously wasn't functional and stable enough for me (especially on the eosM), but those days have passed, I've come full circle and back to the eosM and the experience is completely diffe
  17. I shoot MLraw on EOSm a lot, I've never found the aliasing to much of an issue in my uses, maybe I'm shooting different stuff though. As said above, MLraw has much greater ability to get flat image (or any image) because it's a 14bit raw file, not an 8bit codec with a picture profile baked in. ML footage is as contrasty as you make it, with no grade it's actually pretty flat. If you really want max DR this small camera can give use the dual ISO mode (this does have noticeable aliasing though in the wrong scenes).
  18. Bokeh can be made to look anamorphic but the thing these anamorphake lenses don't reproduce is the differing look in the foreground compared to the background (or in focus vs out of focus areas). This is where true anamorphics (especially those with bigger squeeze such as 1.75-2x) get a lot of their look. Bokeh shape is part of it but it's not everything.
  19. That looks interesting. 2028x 1520 4:3 in 48fps Raw would suit my needs well. I don't even need a screen, just ability to record to SD. That could be a pretty small package.
  20. Exactly. I'm think ML style digital 8 action camera. I'd make a little waterhousing for it, it would be amazing.
  21. I saw this, made me excited to try and make a Raw action camera. Is raw video 60fps possible?
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