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  1. Maybe she just used a lot of fake tan?
  2. Zcam doesn't have fans for cooling... one of the many reasons I purchased one.
  3. What's the go with all these Youtube videos with youtubers getting all excited about 8K RAW? I mean most of them don't even deliver Youtube in 4K, let alone 8K... Are all these people paid by Canon or what? I mean there isn't even any footage out there yet! hahaha. R5 sounds like a great camera, don't get me wrong, but 8K RAW is a moot point for most people out there, even those who actually make films for a living. I'm really keen to see what the R6 delivers, R5 just seems like unnecessary overkill for my uses (I shoot for a living).
  4. If 180shutter isn't needed (or you don't have fast moving camera of subject then you can actually use 180shutter), it's a really good tool, the extra DR is noticable, but too be honest most of the time I just shoot in regular Prores 48fps Zlog2 which still has great DR if you ETTR properly. I've also gone back to using my EOSm for MLraw, which mixes great with the Zcam colour science. I have a GH5 as well which is still a very good camera, but I find it much harder to match it to the other two.
  5. Which is why they suggest you use 1/200 shutter speed or higher, so these effects aren't noticed. If you use a high shutter speed it's actually a pretty good feature. Magic Lantern also has a Dual ISO feature also. It reads out alternating lines at different ISOs and combines them into one image.
  6. @Andrew Reid MLVapp works really well with Magic Lantern, perhaps you need something like that.
  7. I don't know why I've read all this but I have and it's a weird discussion. The matter of fact is (and it's been proved many times) no one is going to pick the difference between FF or M43 shooting video (most couldn't pick it in a photo either), choose the right tool for the job and don't be mad if some people have a different idea of "the right tool". I shoot FF for photos and M43 for video (albeit with Metabones XL mostly) and that's just because I feel those cameras give me the best use of lenses and the best value for money (specs wise), the sensor size for me isn't really a determin
  8. I just want GH6 announcement.
  9. Yep, easy to do. The amount of times I've had friends filming me with a GoPro as we take it in turns and they just film all the inbetween stuff and nothing of me riding is painful... Only thing you can do is pay better attention. If you're doing fast paced action filming it's happened to you for sure.
  10. Mod is easy, similar to isco S8 (which I use a lot). You don't really have many easily available choices that will end up smaller and lighter than a Kowa with 2x stretch, I'd try modding your ISCO.
  11. For sure it's going to work. One thing to note is that adding anything in front of your scope will make it less sharp, a vari-diopter will also make it less sharp.
  12. Peleng is a solid option if you want more vignette, it will vignette more than an Rokinon (or similar) 8mm fisheye lenses, this is due to the type of distortion pattern it has. Peleng has an equidistant distortion which is one of the most common types, the Rokinon has a Sterographic projection which makes things at the edges seem a little less squashed but will also give you a greater FOV than any other typical fisheye when cropped to a Full Frame image with no vignette. Canon 8-15 has another distortion pattern again in its equisolid distortion which gives you a little more FOV in the corne
  13. Some info from my old post - https://www.skateboard.com.au/article/20-93527-1/best-fisheye-setup-for-gh/ I have a GH5 and a Zcam E2 these days and an 8mm fisheye with the 0.64x speed booster gives a tiny amount of vignette, but very easy to crop out if desired. Regular speed booster 0.71x will give you no Vig.
  14. You won't be disappointed with the ZcamE2, it's the route I took after having similar cameras to you.
  15. This might be an odd question, but what does this thing fly like in the wind? I shoot most Kiteboarding videos and I don't particularly care much for carrying a drone (had a mavic but sold it as I don't like more things to carry), however there's quite some times where companies want drone shots included because they think it looks "pro". Basically what I'm getting at is whether this thing can fly in say 20knots or so?
  16. When new users sign up and the only thing they do is praise/condemn a certain product it always smells a little fishy to me... sure some might be genuine, but I doubt the majority are. Cheers to the real EOSHD forum users out there. ?
  17. So you're telling me the "fix" is to put another piece of cheap plastic in front of my GoPro8 to protect it, when previously I could just replace the glass?... sounds like a step backwards to me. If you don't turn EIS off for afternoon/sunset, your footage is horrible (Hero 7), obviously you can leave it on if you want, same as you can put a protective lens in front of your camera if you want.
  18. Perhaps, although it's not the reason VX got popular at the time (that's something that people waffle on about now more than anything). I'd disagree anyway, in my opinion VX doesn't sound impressive and you can get the same with many mics or filters if you know what you're doing. I also don't think VX highlights or IQ are anything to write home about. I would agree though that fisheye in a 4:3 aspect makes the most sense for the way it is used when following someone doing lines.
  19. I know quite a few who still shoot VX1000/2000/2100 but they are dwindling as well. I know only one person who has a HVX200 and an Extreme Fish personally (although many US skate and Snow movies are shot with this combo). I don't know anyone who still shoots with a DVX100 (at least not here in AUS/Poland). Neither anyone with a PD cam. Honestly I think VX is about the last dwindling "standard" if you could call it that, but it's also getting close to done, even the die hards are switching out to other things as the tech is getting harder and harder to repair and keep functional and a
  20. It would be an easy sell for the people and pros who actually want/need it. I'm sure DJI know this and they have the tech already so I'd say we are going to see it for sure, it's just a matter of when... I'd also be interested to see whether Gopro tries to fight back or not, I feel like they are on their last legs, but I could also be wrong.
  21. Hero 7 is the glitchiest piece of electronic equipment I've ever purchased, not fit for pro work (all my friends who have it also have the same software issues, some even have other hardware related issues, I hope they have solved these issues for the 8). Hero 8 has no ability to replace the glass in front of the lens... I dunno what you do with your cams, but I use mine for, well... action! So if I scratch that thing I want to replace it! I replaced my Hero7 front 3 times already! This makes the Hero 8 a non-starter in my opinion. @hk908 Yes the stabilisation is rubbish in low light
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