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  1. I probably have a similar amount of footage to you on most occasions. The feature I'm working on now I shot about 3TB of footage over 3 months. Steps I take - I usually try and cull the bad shit from the start, once I transfer to hard drive I kill anything I know I wont use for sure and also try to give every clip a name. Once I'm in the editor I make different timelines for different things, pull the shots I know I might use in there to just check them out and be easily able to see them. If I've done the first step well the footage is already in folders on the hard drive that are p
  2. Sorry I should have elaborated further, it also needs to be in a Canon MILC.
  3. I'm not buying another camera until there's 24K.
  4. A colloquial term for a Bong (water pipe for smoking) in Australia is a "Beug", almost the same .
  5. Unless you're looking for nit per $ ratio like me... then it isn't .
  6. 800nit for $300 still doesn't seem that great IMO.
  7. Yes, otherwise known as the empty bank account strategy, AKA: homeless man strategy.
  8. I just buy a lot of lenses and then only use one or two of them.
  9. My Hero 7 is the buggiest piece of trash I've ever bought. Taking away the ability of replacing the lens has totally ruined any chance I will buy one. Waiting to see what DJI does from here.
  10. Anytime someone is questioning why there's shots in slo-mo, it's cheating.
  11. Is this spam? No real VX filmer would tell you they have been using an app for IOS, I smell a fish.
  12. I have the SLR Magic II, it has wild colour casts at either end, I'm not that stoked on it. I think the Aurora is a better option, far less colour casting, which for me is the most annoying issue with Vari-NDs.
  13. But it's obviously not a product made for professional work .
  14. There's a big difference between "usable" and "reliable"... The Rode kit is 100% usable for 200euros, but to expect something 100% reliable that's on par with products 10-20x the price would be foolish IMO.
  15. You don't get something for nothing... I bought a 2nd hand Sony UWP dual wireless kit and have never had an issue.
  16. I don't mind it, but sometimes I think it looks a bit choppy, obviously it's a personal choice. I decided to do it in this video where I cut true anamorphic with Fisheye angles and the reception was mixed, some people didn't like it, but it got people talking. I'm un-decided really, but I think if you can make it flow it's cool. I like to see 8mm 4:3 chopped with crispy 16:9 35mm, but I think chopping from 2.35 to 4:3 is hard to make look fluid.
  17. You know how there's Godwins Law? There should really be a similar thing for 24p in any EOSHD discussion.
  18. tweak

    Zcam Sub Forum.

    I use BM5 and the Powerextra NPF960 with DC out on top. The Portkeys BM5 comes with a short locking cord to plug it into the battery. To put in my bag I just fold the screen down flat (take the handle off if one is attached) and shut the bag. Couldn't be much simpler. Batteries last longer than my 256GB CFast2.0 card takes to fill.
  19. tweak

    Zcam Sub Forum.

    Hi @Andrew Reid, Just wondering if it would be possible to make an Zcam sub forum? The FB group is very popular but it's a terrible way to access information, it would be cool to have a proper place to direct people and catalogue information. Cheers. p.s. Delete this thread if you want.
  20. So was I, Zcam are a major player IMO. (I mean if your camera is better than the "major players" and costs less, then you're a "major player" in my book ).
  21. I know, I have an E2 . What I meant is that they would implement Raw that would currently infringe on REDs patent.
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