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    Sony a6300 4k

    It's ok, but given it's downfalls I don't exactly think it's an amazing prospect as of now. Perhaps Sony will change my mind with some updates. I'm still really interested about - CIZ on this cam? and can it be used in 4K as well? or is it only 1080p? If so how's the quality of that??? If someone has this cam to test try it out and let us know. This is something that intrigues me and adds further value to the cam imo.
  2. Core DNA is a far better use for your money.
  3. tweak

    Sony a6300 4k

    Andrew 4K has more crop though? (if not 24p)... Also your camera will melt if you're shooting a lot outside. I had hoped the 1080p would be super nice in camera, that's one of the main features I was hoping for. Also does anyone know if there's CIZ on this cam? and can it be used in 4K as well? or is it only 1080p? Also how's the quality of that???
  4. Tell it to the fan boys . I'm also interested to hear opinions of XL vs Ultra as well if anybody has had both and what they think? Also if you do both photo and video work with either I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. Cheers.
  5. Sound logic @Brian Caldwell! 4:3 will remain a standard for sure, I just don't know if people will consider the need so much for the stretch you want to produce? I guess that just comes down to marketing. As if they don't know why it's better they wouldn't look to buy it (maybe). Maybe it's possibly better to consider a 1.79 isco type attachment for the GH4 type crowd (i.e. Me) and the primes in 2x stretch ratio to compete better with the other bigger companies 2x offerings. Or do you think 1.79 stretch in that more expensive market will be received well? I honestly have no idea, but I
  6. tweak

    Sony a6300 4k

    @ Dayraven, the fact that people were discussing that notion in an attempt to somehow rationalise the horrendous rolling shutter performance (in the off chance that they purchased the cam) is funny enough for me. I'm sure no-one in their right mind really thinks it's "OK" . @Kisaha, I agree you can't have it all for a super low price. What I'm talking about is a premium APS-C sensor camera offering, in an A7 package. I'm sure there's a market for this. Lets see if the a7000 comes out soon and what it looks like.
  7. tweak

    Sony a6300 4k

    All good in theory except the 1080p mode is soft and not veery good IQ at all in comparison to A7 series 1080p or other cameras (GH4 etc.) This thread cracks me up reading about rolling shutter being OK as you can use it "stylistically"... You can also use an miniDV camera stylistically, why don't we all get one of those next? Sony has tried to cram some great features into an awkward frame and as an end result made some half baked crippled mess. Lets hope the a6300 successor will fix these issues. Should I start a6400 rumours already??? :D p.s. I don't understand why Sony doesn'
  8. tweak

    Sony a6300 4k

    Soft 1080p, overheating issues and crazy bad rolling shutter (worst of any Sony 4K cam yet) isn't convincing me to get rid of my GH4. I was really hoping Sony was going to deliver with this one .
  9. As Hans said above that's normal for the S8, mine isn't modified and does the same thing. Do you have anymore details of what you did? I'm curious to know more.
  10. Raf make a 16-s adapter... also it's perfectly machined to fit the back size (as is the 16h version). Yes it's not a 2-piece adapter, but with a small bit of ingenuity you can modify it to be . It's price is very good and even if you don't make it a two piece alignment will be super easy because it's a mm perfect fit around the back end.
  11. Adapters Vs Converters, one is "focus through/ zoom through" the other isn't. Typically Adapters you need a macro mode or the correct strength diopter between your lens and the adapter for it to focus at all. Converters are usually bigger and heavier but not always. I have used quite a few WA converters with my Kowa ElmoII. I have an old WA converter for mini DV cams with bayonet mount that I modded to a 77mm thread on back, it has a huge rear element and weighs a ton. It's a 0.7x converter and it does make my footage considerably wider with the trade off being you can't shoot at as low f
  12. GH4 - Scopes used - Kowa Elmo II, Kowa B&H (same as ElmoII, need to sell), Kowa 8z, Isco s8. Taking lenses used most - Canon nFD's, 24mm 2.8, 35mm 2.8, 50mm 1.4, 85mm 1.8, 100mm 2.8. Process - GH4 4:3 anamorphic mode. After shooting I put it through Alex D's script to down-sample, de-noise, sharpen and stretch back to 1080p 2.67aspect. I'm really amazed by how well this works, down-sampled 4K anamorphic from GH4 has such little noise I can shoot up to 1600ISO.
  13. My main concerns Brian are: 1 - Although a 1.75-1.8x squeeze lens is quite useful and makes sense on paper I feel it may become less useful and more obsolete in the very near future. As Zak Forsman points out, new cameras are coming out all the time with updated ratios and I think it's only a sign of things to come. 2 - Yes consumer cams mostly have 16:9 sensors, with a notable one (GH4) actually having a 4:3 mode, but I honestly feel these people wont be your target market anyway! These are the people that worry about the price difference between an SLR RF vs a Core DNA when the later i
  14. Just use tape if you need to. Or you can mod your lenses to have little thumb screws you can tighten to stop it moving.
  15. I have one, but I wont sell it , great lens! I hope you can find one, they don't come up too often.
  16. This one comes up every few months .
  17. I had two of these, sold one just the other day in new condition with the original Kowa hard case. Kept one for myself. If anyone is looking for a Kowa B&H 2x I also still have one of those for sale.
  18. Has anyone in this thread actually used an a6300? On paper I must agree it sounds like a good camera, however from what I've seen so far in reviews I would hardly say GH4 or G7 could be a "B camera" to it... Looks as though the rolling shutter is out of control and the only useable mode is the 4K mode (1080p being soft and ugly), people need to stop the hype. I'm really interested in getting the XL for my GH4, but the price is killing me, it's almost what I paid for the camera! haha.
  19. Not sure whether you are still thinking about this, but I recently purchased a YJ18x9 Cannon B4 2/3 inch lens and adapted it to my EOS m. The result is pretty good with no vignetting or noticeable blur on the edges of the picture in 3x crop mode. I'm actually fine with using 3x crop mode as I believe for shooting video it gives a better picture and is needed if you want to shoot RAW on the EOS m... Anyway just letting you know it works.
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