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  1. It's probably been one of the most asked questions. They haven't dodged any questions about it, they have been open. Answers: Braw unlikely due to brands being very competitive, also the way in which Braw needs to be implemented. Support for ProResRaw is about to be released. Support for Zraw in Resolve is in BM's hands, if you want it you can help by sending BM an email and requesting support like many users have been doing.
  2. I just take it as a joke, he seems like a decent guy who is funny sometimes. I don't watch all his videos (or even watch through all of the ones I do), but I do find his humour funny because he's just trying to be a regular guy and not some inflated egotistical giant like most reviewers and influenzas are. For the record I've never watched an episode to get factual information. I think he fills a good niche that no one really has previous and his sense of humour at times appeals to me (making a joke out of people and things that take stuff really serious is the best, I hope he's making money).
  3. They've actually answered it a ton of times in the group, search it up.
  4. Honestly the fact he is triggered by such things makes me think less of him. (Same with other people labelling a whole group, based off comments made by a small minority). All camera communities are basically the same (all FB groups also the same), once they reach a certain size you have a decent cross section of society and it becomes all encompassing (unless entry is censored). To say "Zcam group is bad" because there's a defensive minority, is like saying a certain racial group or religion is bad because you've seen a small minority doing bad things. I'm a part of many camera FB
  5. hahaha. Just doin it for the love! (I'm the dude with the glasses btw). I didn't really set out to make this thing I just shot and it happened. Lenses on E2 +MBXL: nFD taking lenses - 85mm f1.8, 135mm f2.8, 200mm f4 Anamorphic: ISCO s8. Rapido FVD8A variable diopter. (There's also a couple of shots of the yellow rail and kicker which were taken with el-nikkor 50mmf4 and Kowa8). Lenses on GH5 + MBXL (housing shots mostly): nFD 24mm f2 Sony 1.33x anamorphic Drone and Action Cam: Hero 7 Mavic
  6. True that. Your other work on the BMPCC looks really good as well. I've been shooting super 8 a bit and I have to agree, it's very easy to grade. I'm trying to get my 16mm setup dialled in so I can shoot something more proper, your work is good inspiration for me, there's something there that just makes you want to do it.
  7. Funny you say that, because I could see some bits were actually shot on 16mm (sharpness and motion), it just looked like that other stuff was fake over lays haha, my apology's. You're right though, the two match really really well, I haven't seen digital matched to 16mm as well as that, especially not in a skate video. Maybe you shouldn't have sold that camera (or maybe you just know what you are doing, in which case you'll be fine with another camera).
  8. That video was really good. Skating, edit, colours, wow! My only gripe was the fake light leaks and film overlays (I'm just not a fan of those things), but other than that it had such a good flow and nice filmic look, very impressive.
  9. You mean you hope they do? No? Kinson has already mentioned that he believes it's a mistake that they released a global shutter camera at all as he said everyone says they wanted it then no one purchased it when they made one... I tend to agree, unless you can do it without the drawbacks over a similar sensor rolling shutter camera it's not worth it. Maybe one day it will be worth it.
  10. I've been shooting the E2 with anamorphics for over a year now, it's an amazing package for the price. I mostly shoot in 48fps Zlog2 Pro Res for the best of both worlds. A lot of what I do is sports. Here's the latest thing I did with mostly 2x anamorphics, the waterhousing stuff is 1.33x GH5. Just scrub through and you can find some shots. Very happy with the camera.
  11. I'm sure they are trying to hit a price point, so just keeping it simple.
  12. Agreed. I reckon we'd still only have the videomic pro if it wasn't for that.
  13. Totally agree. Not to mention most the videos now are just over animated, click-bait jackasses making videos in the hope that they will go "viral"... real info is so hard to find. It's much worse than trying to find it in text because there's no search that checks the contents of videos for you, just the title (which means almost nothing). On top of this I feel social media and more so Youtube video is the main reason for people having stupid views and opinions on stuff now days. They don't read, so they don't look at any reputable source of information and instead listen to what some com
  14. Must be... I mean what reason could anyone have for being skeptical of, or not liking the RED company.
  15. Really you just need to get a longer taking lens, I don't see much point in using a 2x extender unless you have only one actual Cine Anamorphic lens and it's all you own. If you have anamorphic adapter lens simply swap out the taking lens, you can get any focal length you need in great quality for pairing under 100dollars, a 2x extender with good quality is likely to cost far more (and still do a worse job IQ wise).
  16. I think they did 360 and VR cameras first, although they did make the E1 a smaller M4/3 camera before their current E2 range.
  17. tweak

    RED Komodo

    Yes and No. Currently I shoot Zcam, majority fast action sports, I've never once had an issue with rolling shutter artefacts in my shots. It's a nice feature but with fast rolling shuuter speed not an important aspect at all for me. I'd rather better DR than global shutter.
  18. tweak

    RED Komodo

    Specs sound fairly underwhelming, only thing I'd be excited about is redcode.
  19. Why not just plug this in from the HDMI out on a monitor, then you could do just that.
  20. Haven't heard from you in a while man! Hope all is good! Scopes are looking fresh!!!
  21. I totally get that, fair thing to ask for sure.
  22. Pretty funny, obvious kooks. I couldn't care less personally, I never go there.
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