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  1. Yep, agreed. I use the Zcam e2 now with a speed booster for similar practical results.
  2. He's kinda right though no? (as much as I don't agree with some things he says). I also like the fact he doesn't give a shit and speaks his mind, I'm sure the two of you are not so dissimilar really. p.s. All the people laughing at his english/syntax I'd love to hear/see your Russian skills...
  3. I'm someone who mostly shot MLRaw before this camera as my preferred image. Now with the Zcam E2 I'm almost questioning whether Raw will really add much more to the image, it's already so good. Obviously I will try it out, but if it's not adding much I'll probably just stick with prores for ease of use. The S6 does look great, I'm really trying to decide whether an upgrade to it is worth it from the E2, as I also use anamorphic lenses and the E2 with Prores 422 48fps 4K (open gate) is a great match.
  4. I've said it countless times, but the internet will facilitate the end of mankind in one way or another.
  5. I don't see any noise issues what so ever with my shots. I mainly shoot Proress 422 48fps. If you expose properly (as you must with most cameras, just don't overexpose) the colour, detail and DR from this camera punches way above it's price point.
  6. tweak

    Z Cam + ZILR

    One that looks something like this - https://images.app.goo.gl/9bfiFRDZTzVposun9
  7. tweak

    Z Cam + ZILR

    I use the biggest NPF style batteries with the DC out for my Portkeys, no issue. Some smaller no name batteries I have don't fit as easy though.
  8. tweak

    Z Cam + ZILR

    Swapping batteries is actually super simple, it looks like it would be an issue but once you've done it you realise it's easy. With a smallrig cage Cfast is easy to get to. Mount your handle on the nato rail with a quick release and it's less of an issue (I've found myself hardly shooting with the side handle anymore though). Image is great. You're right that not much good footage is floating about, it's something that held me back as well. Crop factor is the same for all codecs/speeds as far as I can see, the only change is if you use the 2.7K super16 crop mode. You're co
  9. tweak

    Z Cam + ZILR

    You're right, they should stick to one model like every other camera company...
  10. I agree with you. I only see video AF being relevant for me shooting fast paced doco style work. I also enjoy creative off focus shots.
  11. Have you shot with E2 Slog2 and Zcam plugin? Would love to hear what you think.
  12. Also remember these lenses are super notorious for separation of the elements.
  13. True, it's a business, but the bad part IMO is not the price but the blatant lies.
  14. You can get a 2TB evo 860 for that much, fast enough to work on the fly, it's what I use now.
  15. I've had a lot of Samsung T5s, work pretty well. However I'm currently using Samsung EVO 860s in a Startech.com case, I feel these give slightly better performance and speed/longevity/durability than the T5s.
  16. Give a youtuber an Arri and see how they do... you'd probably think it's a bad camera afterwards as well .
  17. Much improved for me over the GH5, I really like it. Also anamorphic support for all different ratios is un-matched in the price range. Prores support is super convenient and colours are a breeze to get right. I've got nothing bad to say. The small form factor is also very nice for shooting with a small profile or on a gimbal.
  18. Number one advantage: 7D - CF card like 5Diii, higher continuous write speeds.
  19. I think 7D is a better choice personally, unless you really want the AF.
  20. I shoot Zcam e2 most now. I also have GH5 and 5Diii that I used previous and still use occasionally.
  21. Video above looks nice, doesn't strike me as being anamorphic though... Don't forget about the 7D for MLraw @Andrew Reid, I still like it the best for the image and I have a 5Diii now. Somehow I think the 7D has less fixed pattern noise.
  22. Not sure if it will be. For the price I'm not that fussed, I can't see a better option right now anyway.
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