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  1. What are your thoughs on the pmw F5 ? I've seen some for sale online at around 4000/5000€ and im curious about it. I see it can do 4K internally with a small hack and 16bit raw, but i've not seen any very good footage like the F3. Does it have the same sensor (same color science and all) as the F3 or is it completely different ?
  2. So i've been trying to shoot anamorphic with the F3 using a kowa 16H projector lens. Here is a quick test : Any of you know how to desqueeze the image in camera ? (Not possible with the BMVA) Also, the big thing would be to shoot in 4:3 with the F3 to get a good aspect ratio in the end, is it possible to change this in the settings ?
  3. I use some baking paper, you take a roll, cut what you need and stick it with some tape, it works pretty well
  4. No you would be too happy if it was the case right ahah. Little brother let it fell off... Thank you, im going to check this but i really don't know if there is such a thing where i live, i already did some soldering myself on small parts like this but this seem very tricky this time, might have to buy an other one but that's ok, i reaally want to use the f3 at its best again.
  5. Some of you know if the sdi port of the BMVA can be replaced ??
  6. Hey yall, so my sdi input on the BMVA broke after a small fall... very bad luck on this one, i can't record with the sdi now... I think i know the answer but hdmi is 4:2:0 8bit or 4:2:2 10bit ?
  7. Some grabs from a futur project, it was very hot outside, nearly 40°C outside for about 3 hours but no problem with the camera !
  8. Yeah i don't know if i explained it very well, i didn't get everything myself but this seems to be a well known issue amongst colorists Very well detailled here : https://www.thepostprocess.com/2020/03/16/color-shift-fixes-from-davinci-resolve-to-mac-displays/ Tested out my ghetto car rig, i would put a ratchet straps to secure it better if i needed to use it on a real shoot, but it worked pretty good, went up to 50km/h, took some speed bumps and it is very stable and pretty good image : https://vimeo.com/437269538/92404a07c1 Unfortunately i did not have a polarized filter to get a good image trought the windshield
  9. Here is my F3 rigged up by the way + sport bag transport
  10. Thanks, did a 4K export with full data,x2 upscale and keyframe every 1sec worked much better : https://vimeo.com/436731326/360b61af6c However rec709 is what da vinci was set by default. I found that in order to not get this gamma shift when uploading to the web, i had to put the output color space to P3-D65 wich is what web video players like youtube and vimeo use and it's slighty different than the rec709 that is based off TV standards. This allows the preview of da vinci to be exactly like it will be on the web. Quicktime still is not accurate tho. This is my conclusion on the color spaces for the web:
  11. Well colors had much more contrast in VLC/Resolve. I'm viewing this on chrome with a benq monitor not calibrated but pretty decent color representation. When i view it with quicktime it looks like what it will be on web.( https://www.thepostprocess.com/2020/03/16/color-shift-fixes-from-davinci-resolve-to-mac-displays/ ) And then i think it is too soft, not sharp enough when i compare to this : https://youtu.be/VIWBrX28E6Q I used the Reduce noise plugin and used filmconvert so maybe i made some mistake when applying those effects. Resolve keeps screaming "GPU memory is full" when i've graded the footage and try to upscale it to x3 or 4 and then i cannot see the timeline everything is black. I have a Ryzen 7 1700 processor 32gb of ram and a old gtx660 2gb so maybe it is card but maybe there is a way to put the work on to the processor ? I export with data levels set to full. timeline data what set in auto so im going to try this. Setting project for color and export: By how much do you scale / sharpen the footage and what resolution would be good to get the best image quality on the web ?
  12. So I’ve tested out the F3 a bit but I can’t seem to get it right when outputting the footage from resolve. ive recorded with the VA 4:2:2 slog rgb with a 95mbits sd card in ProRes hq. I get very desaturated colors when uploading to Vimeo and on QuickTime however it is fine with VLC. I did some research and found out it’s something called « gamma Shift » occurring between different color spaces like the Apple displays that uses the same system for colors as the web players. Also, I’ve upscaled the footage by 2 so I guess it is UHD ? Ive tried x4 but it keeps crashing. I Exported in 2:39 2048x858 For the codecs I tested out QuickTime dnxhr hq 10bit and h264 but it is pretty bad. Can you guys share some knowledge about how to do a good render with resolve ? And also adress this issue with the gamma shift ? I’m looking to post my work exclusively on Vimeo and such so I need to find a good workflow with that and a file that is not too big for the upload. also I’m on windows so I do not have ProRes out. https://vimeo.com/436540500/41894c141e exemple of a h264 export (also some footage is underexposed...)
  13. Someone already had the 3alty technica body armour ? Definitely looks cool and makes it more flexible i guess but i can't seem to find one. I already have a top plate on mine so i don't know if its worth it but would depend on the price. Also, dummy question : How do you transport these type of cameras for a shoot ? I can put in my pelican 1510 when everything is detached but it does take some time to put it together so i guess maybe just put the F3 already build up in the car with a seatbelt and put the lenses/accessories in the case.
  14. Yes, i've used the A6300 on some projects battery is not that great and the rolling shutter is kind of a issue sometimes but otherwise it pretty good in 4K. Bmpcc4K would be great but kind of expensive considering the price of the F3. I was wondering about the A7S to match with the F3 as i'd like to spend less than 700€ on a second camera, with s log2 this would be similar to A6300 i guess ? No 4K but maybe with the VA 1080p in prores is good enough ?
  15. Thanks, that's what i was looking for. Yes i think id be better getting a small camera to go with the F3 for gimbal work than going for the whole steadicam + vest as i am working on small productions (mostly music videos) and i am not interested in being a steadicam operator. Seeing what you guys did with this camera is very exciting i will definitely learn everything i can about it. I don't know if you have already seen this but this guy has made a bunch of videos to show what the F3 can do, looks like he is very experimented, he was talking about something called "motion cadence" being really good with the f3
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