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  1. Is it for PC, I don't understand if you need an app or not.
  2. The beauty of Nikon colors, encoding seems bad on this video.
  3. First test I saw of the z6 in low light for video with firmware 2.0. I would call it impressive.
  4. I was never the biggest fan of super low dof video when it was so in vogue when the 5D came out etc, find it distracting for video. But now I think it is the best format at least for doc work. The two reason is that a F4 zoom will provide you S35 F 2.8 esthetic for half or lower price and secondly flexibility. The Nikon 24-70 F4 is 600 usd with the body, which will provide you 24-70 in apsc 2.8 equivalences and 70 to 105 mm in f4 apsc look when you put the camera in 4k apsc mode. Now thats the most restrictive f4 zoom range. I for example was thinking of getting a 24-120 F4 (Fmount). That is a 24-120 equivalent f 2.8 s35 look. There is no APSC lens like that until you get into those CINE zoom that cost more than a car and need a car to carry them. Even a 24-105 mm F4 lens would cover 90% of needs. Another thing which is better with FF format is ND filter. You are getting a stop more you can close down to maintain s35 look. I have found that most variable ND filter start to exhibit x pattern etc at about 5-6 stop, which is exactly the range a F4 aperture works out in sunlight situation.
  5. What are you saying, at least for Nikon, the z6 beats the A73 in everything except photo auto focus. For video it will get RAW video firmware upgrade, that is a $2500 (today with discount) package with full frame RAW video, which is insane. The Nikon error was the dual card slot and releasing the z7 before the z6 and at a price which was higher than the D850. Everyone compared it to what is the best DSLR in history and it did not compare in two very important thing compared to it. The first being auto focus that is better than any MILC including Sony and dual card slot. Third thing is Lens line-up which is normal. They are working a lot on it, but will know only in 2 years how much it affected Sales compared to Sony, when native lens line up is more mature. Now looking at the figures, clearly the dual card slot and photo auto focus (which is getting a big update in a week), have made a lasting impact to the sales. I hope they remedy the dual card slot in next version and produce a cheaper version with fully articulating screen. For me Nikon should absolutely produce an APSC Z mount like the D5600. That is a perfect vlogger camera (which will be smaller than d5600) with full articulating screen, to get people into the system.
  6. I think the difference is that most of the electronics can be much smaller, thus leaving more space to the actual photo sensitive cells.
  7. Yep, I was using compress raw on my Nikon camera before RD one was out. If it is oly for video, then there is a bunch of companies that have come out with their version of compressed raw. I think the Ninja V is the perfect companion to my Z6 for normal or Raw shooting, but as a PC and Davinci resolve user, Prores Raw is a no go for me.
  8. Loosing from whom, from what I can see they still reign supreme in the DSLR market, and they were also doing quite well in the overall mirror-less market with their M50 etc. From the latest market watch I saw that they had like 15-20% FF ML market with the EOSR. That's with only one body. So my conclusion is that it is not today that they will change, you will sill be 2-3 generation behind. Now will the ML hack cure the Jello, my guess not and I am not even talking about reliability and practicality (File size). In 3-6 month Nikon will come out with a solution that will kick the ass of any ML Hack Canon camera. Unless you are deeply invested in Canon glass and this will be a big big brake to you advancing unless you go Cine Line, or you are satisfied shooting 1080p.
  9. So is Canon Raw on EOSR already out? LOL only fools would have believed that, I can't understand how people, more so adult, can be dupe that easily. Its been like 8 years people are wishing and wishing on Canon to do XYZ, to come out with something out-breaking. And every time they just come out frustrated. If you can't understand simple economic principle, that Canon won't jeopardize their Cine line for their DSLR line, you just deserve to be duped. You either move to their Cine line or you have other Manufacturers from Nikon to Black magic etc that are doing so much more.
  10. LOL, people are still think half a stop DR or Low light or more megapixel are going to make their work masterpieces. We have 6k sensor doing 4k images in $ 2000 camera and people are still wasting their times on these.
  11. If there was one other camera to add to the z6 for me it would be the P4K. For me the big difference is that I have Nikon lens, FF and mostly the autofocus/stabilisation. These thing are life changing in reportage style of shooting.
  12. I hope Blackmagic release a NInja V type of recorder, with raw hdmi recording and BM Raw. Prores Raw on Ninja 5 is useless for me and my Z6, as I use PC and Davinci. This years's NAB for now looks a bit lacking in terms of news, at least until now.
  13. I don't see anyone embracing RAW like Nikon, its no coincidence that they all have professional broadcast or cinema camera line to protect. For many years everyone has been saying that it was strange that Nikon did not go all out on video as they had no other product line to protect. I think this is what we are living now. More so that everyone has a full set of cameras at different price point etc and giving FF raw at 2k would cannibalism a lot of there product line.
  14. Danyyyel

    z6 vs XT3

    The camera output an uncompressed HDMI signal that the recorder records in the codec and bitrate of your choice from 8 bit to 10 bit.
  15. I hope it is a vloggers type of camera. That is a Nikon z6 with a normal (consumer) body, with a fully articulating screen. For photo same Nikon z6 sensor with slower FPS and SD card. For video same as z6 without RAW, I could also live without external 10 bit as a backup to the z6. Nikon really need to get into the hybrid vloggers market, and you don't get into it with a 2k camera and 600 usd lens and 150 XQD card. They should release at least a kit lens like a 24 (28) -105 f 3.5-5.6.
  16. That's exactly my experience that I reported above. I did it more or less by trial and error. I just switched the thing to sport mode and saw no more wobble and forgot about it until I came back to this thread.
  17. Exactly, I just did nearly two week non stop shoot around my tropical island for a reportage on a Victoria Secret model coffee book shoot. That shoot was intense in very harsh tropical summer climate with a lot of rainfall, heat and humidity (shooting a lot around the water). At first I was a bit embarrassed to shoot on such a small camera and rigged it a little, after not even half day, I was shooting mostly hand held and with my 7 inch Ninja. This shoot was going fast and I did not want to interfere at all as most of the team was coming from US and with the weather had a very tight schedule. After watching the fotage at night I slowly moved to only the internal shooting and was really impresed by the internal 120 fps 1080p footage. Where I en-counted problem with the footage was banding in the blue sky, I watched some tutorial and got some great result with qualifier and ofx debanding in Davinci resolve. Perhaps for a Nikon shooter this is extraordinary and would have been normal for other MILC shooters. But for me it was extraordinary, I got some amazing tracking and slowmo handheld footage (I was starting to have to restrict myself with the slowmo because it was so gorgeous), that Nikon quality with all the features of the Z6 video capabilities like Ibis, auto focus, handling ergonomic, build quality is mind boggling in such a small package. Now if I was first camera and I had a more compact Ninja V than my 7 inch one. I would have perhaps done more 10 bit shooting and use an external recorder. But even then, with mostly the 4k and 120 fps codec bitrate, I am stunned by the quality. The last thing I don't understand is the supposed non cinematic image of the camera. I guess some people might understand that its not shooting in crappy light that will make their camera look cinematic or not, perhaps they should look at the meaning of the word. Because for me, my images are coming out great. There is not one people from the US team (photographer working for vogue etc) thought the image were crap.
  18. I just don't understand what people expect anymore. The size and weight of a z6 and a Ninja 5 is smaller that using one of those entry level dslr and a small flash. That is less than the average Japanase/chinese tourist with his small Nikon/canon camera walking around taking photos in some random tourist location. The C200 is much bigger and not full frame, to have a full frame video camera with 10 bit just 5 month ago was the Canon C300 a much bigger shoulder only camera and now you have to add a codex recorder to put RAW. The fact is that your type of (small, unassuming, versatile, total lightweight package, easy to mount on gimbal, etc) does not need more than 8 bit shooting, 10 bit and even prores is an overkill to shoot those low level production. Just six month ago, absolutely no one was expecting any manufacturer (I even include the likes of blackmagic)was going to release a full frame camera with RAW. In fact everyone was begging for 10 bit for at least the last 2-5 years. Just for a measure, this is the Nikon d3200, the smallest Nikon dslr compared to the z6-z7. In pure volume the Z6 is smaller (much thinner) and I advise anyone to look at the Nikon D3000 series camera in a showroom or people using it. This thing is tiny to the point of being uncomfortable if you have average man hand.
  19. I also saw some weird wobbling in ibis mode. I didn't make scientific test, put putting it in sport mode seems to get rid of it. I have work two week extensively on a project with the z6 and put it in sport mode most of the time and did not see it at all. At least it was not obvious at all for me to notice.
  20. Sincerely, what are you gona attach to those lens, I mean for video as we are on a video site. Two mediocre bodies (for video). Nikon has already release 4 lens and they all got very very good to rave reviews. When your 50 mm 1.8 compares well to zeiss Otus it is no mean feat. Every lens from the kit 24-70 f4 zoom (which is even sharper than Nikon 24-70 2.8) have those great reviews. Then you have the hundreds of Nikon, Sigma, Tamron lens that you can use with the adapter. So we are already at 4 lens launch and another one in 1-2 month and we will be around 8 to 10 by the end of this year. The one which is completely going in inverse overdrive is Canon. They don't want so much to not give people good to great video features that they are prepared to go the price war way. Hey look our shiny 1.3 k ff mirrorless camera with shitty video, it cost so low that it is about half the price of the lens we have launched.
  21. Danyyyel

    Sony A6400

    I think we are at the tipping point where Sony will do a Canon, that is not to cannibalize its pro video camera division, it will offer you everything except 10 bit or RAW.
  22. For now one is about practicality, these new cameras with their autofocus are a game changer, unless you are doing very high end job, even that is questionable or will be as tech advances. Now when you add IBIS and very good viewfinder, the z6 would kill the Pocket 4k. I was thinking of getting a Pocket 4k as a backup to my Z6 (getting it tomorrow) because of the Raw, 4k 60p and price. Now I don't know. At 1300 USD, it is really a very good price as the z6 would do 80-90% of the job and the P4k would offer raw (no more an advantage) but mostly 60p 4k.
  23. Sincerely, people should chill out a bit. We are getting a Full Frame raw 4k camera, with very very very very good low light, dynamic range, auto focus, IBis, viewfinder etc for 2700 USD. Less if you buy the complete filmmaker kit. There is nothing remotely close to that and people are still complaining. What is small enough for people these days. The Z6 Ninja V combo is smaller than my d7100 Dslr and a Flash. When you see the amount of active cooling something like the Pocket 4k needs for a sensor that is 1/4 of the Z6 people have to be a bit realistic. Another thing to consider is a user of a Ninja Flame, having an external recorder like this brings so much functionality for focusing, previewing and exposure tools that go so much beyond just a recorder.
  24. There has been some management change if I am not mistaken. It is true that they have sometimes added some functionality but never at this level. One reason could also be that other manufacturer have come with 10 bit video just after them and just like that they where just in the pack, with Pana and Fuji with 4k 60p. As a Nikon user, every time Nikon came out with some new video tech, but just at the same time someone came and just took the limelight out of them. Even if I know how good the Nikon video image is for quite some time, most people consider them as not good or only photographic centric company. This time would have played the same way, the Z6 would have been only for Nikon connoisseur. The rest would have still been Sony, Canon, Pana or even fuji video users. When you think the A73 was considered game changing like only 9 month ago and the z6 more or less beats it in every way, this tells you how low Nikon is in the video community. While now, with this RAW upgrade, they clearly make a Canon 5D move in 2008. All the others, except Fuji are scratching their heads. This would kill a lot of sales for Canon, Sony and Pana if they put RAW in their 2000-3000 mirrorless camera in their video camera line.
  25. His example is a bit of a stretch, but as a Nikon photo Raw shooter I have pulled a lot of blown highlight or recovered super underexposed images, I never thought would be possible. Raw also is another league in terms of possibility for color correction, it is just another world. I hope Nikon (more atomos) puts a version of the open source black magic Codec. Until now Prores Raw is only a Mac only format and FCPX. From what I saw BM raw has more compressed version, is open source and multi platform. The problem is, will Atomos go the BM raw while they had exclusivity with Apple etc. Or BM comes with another recorder thatcan take this signal and convert it to BM raw.
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