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  1. If they don't read the spec and operating manual they have different expectations.
  2. I don't understand. Canon put record limits in the delivered documents and Sony doesn't mention record limits. Yet Canon keeps getting articles about defrauding people and false advertising. Why is this a double standard? The R5 records video as advertised. Not as expected but as advertised.
  3. AF has never been pushed as a cine option. No deciding to add working AF and not being able to add working AF are not the same-thing. The flip side is RED did not add really good AF and waste million on R&D if people won't use it. AF is great if it works and is reliable.
  4. SMALLRIG HDMI Cable Clamp secures the Micro HDMI cable. If you go external you most likely have a cage. This isn't really an issue for the 4 hour record fix.
  5. Weird to use micro HDMI - My point was using external Atomos device. Some don't like using an external monitor to record. I think it's a valid option across so many cameras today. From the Komodo, Zcam and now with the A7SIII. It also seems to be used because cameras can't handle the workload without over heating. We were all told it was a RED patient issue but it seems like it's an over heating issue. No one could figure out why Atomos was being pushed on us. Now it makes more sense.
  6. The R5 has been test to go 4 hours without overheating if you record with the Atomos Ninja V. External recording is needed with the Z6, S1H and A7S3 to record RAW.
  7. It's a hard call on the A7S3 right now. How much it heats up in the sun or in hot outdoor usage is still not clear. I don't think Sony has recording or usage limits based on how the A7S3 is being used. I do think it matters because the A7S3 would be used by wedding videographers and lots of weddings are outside. I don't see how you work around that with the A7S3. I like the S1H form factor with the fan design.
  8. Does Panasonic have a patient on mirrorless body with internal fan? I know this is a stupid question but we have Sony and Canon having issues with overheating and the S1H looking golden because it doesn't overheat. Crazy things have had patients placed on them until challenged.
  9. Canon and Nikon are in retailers with sub $800 cameras and camera bundles. This includes wholesale clubs. Does this help Nikon and Canon survive the turn down in sales?
  10. What was the later footage shot at? The footage with the relay hand offs, not graded? Nice work.
  11. Good video. Nice footage.
  12. Sure we can compare settings. A few other love the camera and have no issue with Z6's AF.
  13. I'm not seeing the A7S3 in this footage or stills. Stills are paused images from moving video. This certainly is not hybrid footage. Test will show how it stacks up but the eyes test doesn't fit with - "on my screen it looks this way or that way"..... your computer screen is what you view this and hybrid with. It won't push a cameras image quality one way or the other. I get that people see with other parts of their body and not just their eyes.
  14. No Global Shutter on the Blackmagic URSA Mini 4 6K http://www.nexi.tv/filmlive/2016/03/27/no-global-shutter-blackmagic-ursa-mini-4-6k/ Cameras from the last few years. Meaning we haven't had the GS sensor wars in recent years.
  15. Now that's a funny post. Since it was directed at me I'll respond. RED came down to our side now with it's $6K Komodo, so the game has changed. I am a happy hybrid shooter and love that gear. I had a moment watching that Komodo footage and seeing the price. All most of us want is reliable gears that produces a great image. And as far as global shutter, you can spell it out ya know, global shutter is really not out in the wild at all. Go find global shutter footage we can look at and review. All of this goes back to cine cameras and how heavy they get when rigged up. IBIS was never a thought on a cine rig for various reasons. Cine already figured our how to get the shots they needed. Massive jibs, car jibs, Arri skeleton steady cam suits, etc, etc. It's a big market in the cine world. No wonder they don't want IBIS. Now global shutter is a different thing isn't it? It's technology roots go back to film with it's full sensor readout process. I'm not selling my hybrid gear because I will still use it. Next question is will or can the Komodo be Netflix approved.
  16. I would hope someone could get Sony color close to Canon in a A-B test. My iPhone can do that. Lol
  17. Poor image quality cannot be ignored. Hype, hype, hype all day long but the eye test says something different.
  18. So 4 hour record limit now if you record externally to the Atomos - Nice!
  19. Look at 04:26, 04:32, 04:36, 04:55, 04:56 - these are all handheld shots. No IBIS - No screen jitters. No trembles. No vibration because the camera guy couldn't hold the camera still. Where are you getting the "if I had to pick between a camera that could eliminate a lot of shakiness"????" Sensor scan screen shakiness is one thing. Camera operator shakiness is another. You and Kyle are talking about camera operator shakiness. This is not camera related at all but is how well and camera is hand held. Joey talks about this in the video. The Komodo is small enough and light enough to hand hold it and get clean footage. IBIS is also good enough to hand hold. They can produce the same results. I've had to stop my cine camera guy from adding the hand held look to shoulder rigged shots. They said "oh, you want the hand held look and preceded to add camera shake to the shot. I simply said, "just hold the camera steady and let natural movement happen. Let your body weight shift and control the camera.".
  20. At least in the camera world 2020 is giving us more options and confusion then was expected. I never thought I would own a RED or think about purchasing one. I thought investing into Canon was the way to go. Hope everyone is doing well and is safe. Cheers and blessing to everyone on the EOS.
  21. It does need to be noted that global shutter does not produce a "jittery image". I love IBIS in the Z6. It's amazing based on how I've used it. Both IBIS and GS work well. For me it's easy to spot global shutter based on the subject background relationship. Everything moves together the right way. Subject to background movement is just solid. If you take your mirror-less camera and turn IBIS off, it will tell you how good IBIS really is. Global shutter is perfect for cine cameras if they get the DR worked out.
  22. The stolen data is more than a smoking gun email about the R5 overheating. What a bunch of loser hackers that do this. Don't worry they always get caught.
  23. You bet I will. Mirror-less hybrid cameras don't come close enough to the image quality produced by the Komodo. RED has good and bad things going for it. Image quality, color, motion are all cine quality on the Komodo. I have a hybrid I can use when needed and they boith can share the Atomos as needed. I also like the look of some of the Zcam cameras but they won't hold they're re-sale value after the fact.
  24. We replied in a PM to continue this conversation but you call me out on the public board. Why?
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