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  1. Artificial sharpness is never welcome. Period.
  2. This is a hell of a release to continue pushing this gaming star forward. It has boosted the flow of this industry also. Our workflow.
  3. techie

    Noise reduction

    Resolve is great but Neat Video is still getting my job done.
  4. I found it enough for handling the task. A computer is beyond the CPU.
  5. Yup @ntblowz how about that a few weeks later?
  6. Funny. Looks like this is the best online resource for this smartphone.
  7. I think it is, yes, they already sell that Aluminum Heat Sink without the SSD as accessory: https://www.amazon.com/Sabrent-2280-Rocket-Heatsink-SB-HTSK/dp/B07TN2RX2K
  8. The problem is when information from genuine professionals is messed up with disinformation from trolls.
  9. Do you still believe or take in consideration what he writes?
  10. Lurking here for ages. Easy to post here, I have this or that from an anonymous alias, no? Only truth is information, otherwise is adulterated. Pure misinformation. I cannot understand how this is allowed. He is just a troll, should be banned.
  11. That's a great interview, thank you! Any word on the release date?
  12. Lurking for a drone to buy. I've got to say it's one of the options. Autel Evo II. Long flight time, quiet. Image quality ranks up at the top of the offer. The best footage I've ever gotten off of a drone camera. These videos prove it. But that problem... Seems it doesn't fly all that well. Just thinking, perhaps Skydio 2 is a better choice now. The DJI Mavic 3 Pro? No HDR is a deal breaker in 2020.
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