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  1. Thanks for the hint 😉 beautiful result!
  2. What lenses did you shoot that “L’échappée sauvage” with?
  3. I’m in the market for one of these, I would totally prefer canon R5’s ergonomics and lenses, but I need an out of the box reliable camera… If I’m not mistaken you tried Sony A7sIII, what’s your take on Sony’s IBIS and AF?
  4. According to numerous tests you'll be able to find on youtube comparing both, especially the torough ones from Gerlad Undone, A1 practically does not overheat at all. It's already officialy announced as fully supported for the R5 by Atomos on the new Ninja V+ which will be released at the end of the month. And according to the same tests already done by numerous reviewers, R5 with no card inside already recording 4KHQ (the other internal overheating source) externally to the Ninja V shows no overheating from the R5 either. All conclude that when solely recording externally with HDMI, overheating is old story. I don't use Resolve, I edit on Avid Media Composer and ProRes Raw is natively fully supported. Regarding datarates, Apple already published references and it's a very efficient, edit-friendly and non destructive codec. I assume Atomos has already enough expertise to deliver proper functionning gear in this regards. The only question now to me is should I go with Sony A1 hoping they'll eventually also make it able to externally record 8K Raw and 4K120 to the V+ or should I play it "safe" in case they don't, and go with the IBIS wobbling R5...
  5. I believe ProRes Raw produces smaller file sizes, editing standard codec, and the recorder gives me longer recording times on cheaper SSD storage with no overheating
  6. I understand Sony A1 has an even better handling of rolling shutter with its stacked sensor. Sony IBIS seems not as good as Canon’s indeed, but doesn’t occasionally introduce wobble to the footage as Canon R5 does either. To me that wobble issue is really a concern, and I think I’d prefer having a less capable IBIS better than nothing than a more powerful IBIS that would overdo its job. Sure the price of Ninja + SSDs equals to CFexpress, but CFexpress don’t record ProRes (raw) I’m shooting a wide variety of things, from commercials to run and gun short documentaries sometimes, as well as still photography ( that’s why I need a mirorless rather than a dedicated camera). Again, that lack of 8K raw support is holding me off the A1. I do intend to shoot some 8K and would rather have the gear future proof
  7. Don’t you have the possibility to record both to the ninja and to one card internally?
  8. I have been shooting run and gun with a recorder/or a monitor including on a one handed gimbal with no issues. Because you don’t like it doesn’t mean others can’t do it.
  9. thank you very much for your answer Andrew. Well I’m in the market for a new rig and I always shoot with a monitor/recorder as to have a bigger screen to monitor my footage. I also believe ProRes (raw) offers a lot more edit friendly experience, smaller file sizes and cheaper storage on SSDs rather than expensive CFexpress media. I don’t want to go with a real proper « cinema » camera because I want to be able to shoot stills and I like IBIS and Autofocus. I sure would love in body e-NDs but don’t mind using external ND’s given there is no choice with mirrorless. I’m now struggling with choosing my « poison » exactly as you say between Canon R5 and Sony A1, as I want to renew all my gear including wide array of lenses. I’m in for around 15,000€ and the lenses combination in RF or E Mount makes it that the camera body price difference between them eventually doesn’t show any difference in total amount. i tended to lean towards Sony A1 but the lack of 8K raw and 4K120 video support with the Ninja V+ is quite frustrating On the other side I’m just totally afraid about the general unreliability that you point out regarding Canon’s R5 and especially worst rolling shutter and the IBIS wobble issue as I often like to shoot 16mm in video. i would love to have your opinion in this regards
  10. Lol no I’m just having a hard time deciding which camera to buy and I’m literally frightened by your take on Canon as I’ve been following you for some years now. I just didn’t understand why you would not consider using the R5 with a ninja given the possibilities they announced (8K Prores raw) and that it would theoritically eliminate the overheating issue which seems to be your main concern. Pretty much everything else you regret about the R6 in this article seems to be consistent in the R5. So I was just hoping you could give me an objective feeling of yours about this R5 + Ninja combo so I (and maybe others) can decide whether it is a good way to go or not
  11. Don’t you ever use a ninja recorder? Would you consider the R5 with a Ninja V+ a good combo?
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