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  1. Gimbal + Slow Motion + Background music on post = A way to get bland results with no effort or ideas. I am in a video editing guys group on FB, 90% of the videos they post are random clips with background music. Ten years ago AI can do a better job at editing. Unsecure clients are always worried about all of the useless things, how big your camera is, how well you are dressed, how long the video will be. You paid a pro to not have to think about those things, don't you?
  2. Wow, that is one discovery! Shows that specs are one thing, reality another.
  3. I don't think the camera plays an important part in the final look of a well produced movie or series. The camera is a tool and pros work around the limits of their tools. If 90% of the look was the camera, one DP would be as good as another one. And set design, dressing, color grading would all be nearly useless. There is a reason end credits last 5-10 minutes. Of course all this reverse in the case of the videomaker, a situation in which one person is responsible for everything. There the camera plays a great role.
  4. Editing is a fascinating but smokey art. It seams to slowly blow away when you try to talk about it, a bit as waking up and trying to remember your dream, imho. I don't know how much it is repeatable. I always felt that I haven't studied enough of it. Your idea of detecting cuts with Resolve is great! I am on a video editing FB group in Italy. Not once editing is talked about. Just usual Mac/PC, GPUs, Premiere problems, which NLE to choose, how to deliver to some TV, etc.
  5. Until a couple of years ago. Now people with their full name and with a profile picture of their family, posts in FB wishing death to someone else. It is sad, more than anything. But adults are turning into rabid teenagers with zero responsibility.
  6. I also thought it was going to be more physical weight loss, which wouldn't hurt either, at least for me!
  7. Do you understand that variable NDs can be used with any brand of lenses or cameras?
  8. I hate Canon marketing tactics, but the truth is this R5C will sell like hot biscuits at 4500€. Canons are not the only cameras with thermal limits, to have no recording limit, the 8K, if they don't destroy the image quality, the camera will sell. Plus Canon makes money with the lenses.
  9. Autofocus for interviews of people seated is not very necessary. Even less in the wide angle. Mixing different camera makers is not a good idea if you want to match shots.
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