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  1. That tally seems to be THE feature of the camera!
  2. Read 4200 pounds or 4700 euros, VAT included
  3. Broadcast TV in Italy is still SD in many cases and image/content is shittier everyday, I can't understand how people watch mainstream TV. 2K is good for most Hollywood movies. The need for 4K is low (unless you do Netflix stuff) and even worse for 8K. I have a Fuji X-T3 and I can't see a reason to change it if not for recording long takes. The 6000$ camera could be a 3500$ if they expected to sell millions. But I imagine that nowadays to be in the X00 thousands units is the realistic option. Plus you can always apply coupons and sales to a 6000$ and make it cheaper. But you can't go up i
  4. I understand the stock market. I fail to understand why it is locked at real business. The stock market should be tied to sports, porn, even chicken fights. As long as it doesn't influence whole firms with thousands of employees.
  5. I feel worse about not being rich that I can't buy original jazz 50s/60s LPs or travel all the time. We are arriving at a point of no human being able to tell the difference. High resolution plus HDR, equals a window. We could end in a situation where audiovisual content has no artistic look anymore.
  6. They probably know more about ourselves than ourselves, in some fields at least!
  7. If internet has proved something is that the same people who buys a 45.000€ BMW car or has a 1200€ iPhone, refuses to pay 12€ a year to read a website. Even if s/he thinks it is the most interesting website ever.
  8. I am the only one who can't read an online newspaper on my cellular?? They have so many ads that I see 10 words of an article at a time, and trying to scroll without clicking on an ad is nearly impossible!!
  9. The basic problems are always the same. Billions of poor people who can't unite to overthrow the handful of riches. Fucking the planet, regret doing it and keep doing it, rinse&repeat. Koyaanisqatsi has 40 years. It would be great if we could tackle at least one of those before human extinction.
  10. I do understand the power of standards. From that point of view I get it that TC is necessary. Thanks for explaining it to me!
  11. I understand is easier, but it is hardly "mandatory". Netflix is in love with TC!
  12. This little camera has been Netflix approved, probably because of the TC IN. But can someone explain why Netflix is so worried about TC IN?? I can understand if we are talking multicamera settings, but with a single camera??
  13. When Napster pop out nobody was pirating music online. And the music industry instead of getting the potential from it and be there to use it, they kept trying to close all the variants, while people learned to pirate. Once you learn to get your stuff for free, it is difficult to pay for it. Vinyls costed less than CDs which costed less than an album on iTunes. While an album on iTunes is nearly free to distribute, and CDs costs much less to produce than LPs. Charging more money for everytime less product brought the music industry to its knees. Now we will see if the film industry
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