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  1. I hate Canon marketing tactics, but the truth is this R5C will sell like hot biscuits at 4500€. Canons are not the only cameras with thermal limits, to have no recording limit, the 8K, if they don't destroy the image quality, the camera will sell. Plus Canon makes money with the lenses.
  2. Autofocus for interviews of people seated is not very necessary. Even less in the wide angle. Mixing different camera makers is not a good idea if you want to match shots.
  3. At least if just have to stabilize the sensor + lens, and the electronic body makes weight. It will probably work great for hand held, not so well on a drone.
  4. They probably bought Hasselblad for something. Let's see how it turns out!
  5. Hi Andrew! Thank for everything you did, thank for being honest in a field where making easy money was possible and have a great RESET! You are smart enough to sort your life out! I am moving out of Rome and going back to Madrid, the city where I growed up. It will be a big change too.
  6. Narrative is so hard. Actors, locations, sound, actors, scripts, actors...
  7. It's a hard road for Nikon that never showed much interest on video. Even if they were the first to put video on a DSLR!
  8. I bought them and I am very happy with the set. The only thing I can't understand is that if I try to shout and overload the mics, it has a limiting function. It doesn't sound great, but it doesn't sound that bad either considering the levels. Of course I intend to use them for calm interviews, so I don't think I will ever send them into limiting. The thing about the limiter is that is not switchable anywhere. But I really don't think you need the safety track at all in most situations. The safety track works with just one mic, because having two mics mixed on a mono track is a recipe for disaster, I think.
  9. I would love a video oriented X-H2. A model with easy TC-in, nice audio inputs and most important: easier menus. I love the images my X-T3 produces, but I hate the menu system.
  10. Maybe you can shoot your screen with the article opened. This way there is also your "layer" of art.
  11. I passed that phase too. It was a royal pita, because it is very stressful. I remember thinking how can I make it sure 100% with a video that I am sending this box. It is nearly impossible, unless you do everything and then hand it out to the courier, in the same take!
  12. Wow, I used to buy/sell often on eBay. I even sold a couple of very expensive items, everything went well. Nowadays most good ideas finish in the trash. The eBay concept was really good. Keep on bugging until you get your money back. But the stress will never be repaid.
  13. Probably because the DOF is too shallow and need to change focus with every little movement of the talent. I also prefer a setting were the DOF is enough to allow the talent to move a bit and not be out of focus.
  14. Hey, I want to have a second body for my X-T3, I doubt between another X-T3 or getting a X-T4. I assume that shooting in Eterna or F-Log I won't have big problems matching either?
  15. Programming is a tool to achieve your goal, not a goal in ITself. IT people should get some education outside IT, mostly if they end up deciding things that are not IT related, like color rendition or lens/sensor/crops on a mobile phone.
  16. I do. Rolling shutter is terrible, dynamic range too. For the same price you have better options. Unless your only requirement is small body size.
  17. The only way to reduce redundancy is to keep ourselves informed and to be us. Globalization is bitting our asses, but we should run faster!
  18. That tally seems to be THE feature of the camera!
  19. Broadcast TV in Italy is still SD in many cases and image/content is shittier everyday, I can't understand how people watch mainstream TV. 2K is good for most Hollywood movies. The need for 4K is low (unless you do Netflix stuff) and even worse for 8K. I have a Fuji X-T3 and I can't see a reason to change it if not for recording long takes. The 6000$ camera could be a 3500$ if they expected to sell millions. But I imagine that nowadays to be in the X00 thousands units is the realistic option. Plus you can always apply coupons and sales to a 6000$ and make it cheaper. But you can't go up in price if your 3500$ is not selling good enough.
  20. I understand the stock market. I fail to understand why it is locked at real business. The stock market should be tied to sports, porn, even chicken fights. As long as it doesn't influence whole firms with thousands of employees.
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