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  1. Continuous 4k120 with Audio is a game changer for us. The R5 shoots gorgeous footage with a few well known issues. But even with the limitations, we still prefer them over all our other cameras in the office (much love for our BMPCC6kPro and Ursa G2, but they too have their fair share of issues). Jumped to pre-order an R5C today. Here's a sample of how we use the footage in the first few seconds of one of my recent videos. No need for IBIS, the EVF is critical (and why we didn't buy a C70 before this) and this one pretty much hit all my wishes outside of built-in NDs.
  2. I have an Ursa G2 right now (in addition to several other cameras), and damn if getting 4k at 240p in BRAW isn't tempting.
  3. In the automotive review space, we deal with embargoes all the time -- just like camera reviewers. One thing I want to point out is the embargoes aren't just about "clicks" for the maker, they also enable car/camera makers to get their products into the hands of reviewers without having to pick who goes first. Embargo windows allow them to circulate review products to multiple reviewers before the embargo lifts, giving all review outlets equal opportunity in the launch of their reviews on a set date and time.
  4. For those of us that like to revise posts after the fact for clarity... the 5 minute lock on articles here is really frustrating. Now I have grammatical errors that will live on forever. Above should say "Even if my forum posts AREN'T as comprehensive as they should be."
  5. I should have included commentary/satire in my post, but that's not something that someone would pull my content for. My content is usually used when someone is talking about a specific vehicle and they don't have proper footage. So they grab mine. That use is absolutely not covered under Fair Use. I've been in publishing and production for 20 years and my application of the copyright tool is completely within legal guidelines (and YouTube has always agreed with my claims.) Even if my forum posts are as comprehensive as they should be. 😉
  6. I've issued successful strikes against other content creators with 10 to 4M subs that used any of my content (in one case, it was a 1-second clip.) Attribution is irrelevant. Fair Use doesn't allow a creator to use content (with or without attribution) to illustrate their video, unless the video is in some way commentary about the creator of the clip. This is not a gray area. I issue take-downs several times a month to creators that are too lazy to shoot their own stuff (looking at you Donut Media.) On the flip-side, DC Shoes ones claimed one of my videos as theirs. (It was 100% my content.) Thankfully, I knew the creative director over there and I gave him a call. Unfortunately, the video was trending when they claimed copyright and that killed the momentum and it never recovered. They blamed it on an intern. That was almost a decade ago at this point, and I haven't had any issues like that for a long time.
  7. For my YouTube channel I produce 60+ a year. But when you add in client work, that easily goes up to about 200+ per year as we do promotional videos for some chains that have 300+ retail locations and each one gets a video. Of course our YouTube show is much more involved involving multiple shoots and locations for every video. I find when doing high-volume (it comes and goes based on client projects) there is very little time to stop and really think about what is being done, so growth can be limited simply doe to a lack of bandwidth. I've also done this for close to 20 years.
  8. The Sony is better. Not just the transmitter/receiver but also the quality of the sound from the lavs they include.
  9. The Mandalorian is doing a better job of carrying the Star Wars universe as a streaming serial than the entire Prequal trilogy, which had an unlimited budget. I'd be fine if they decided to carry it forward that way and cancel all the future cinema releases.. because the movies became bloated. Don't even get me started on Nolan. There's a guy that could do with fewer resources at his disposal.
  10. Just get an A7C and spend the rest on lenses. You’ll be fine for most work and have major focal lengths covered with a great camera and good video option. $3k imho isn’t enough for multiple systems. Plus, e-mount gives you a path to some great cinema cameras you can rent or buy later. Fuji, imho, is a dead-end considering their limited camera range and total lack of dedicated video offerings. Fine if you want a second system, but not a good choice for a primary hybrid one.
  11. No. They're basically identical. The "deep learning" AF system exclusive to the EM1X doesn't work for video at all, which is disappointing. But single point continuous AF works a charm.
  12. Since posting that, I also bought an EM1X. The pair make a great multi-angle setup when filming off-road tests (in all sorts of weather) for YouTube.
  13. I don't mess with goofy modifications or "tricks" to get the camera to work right.
  14. In my case with the R6 and 1.1.1 firmware, it still overheats like crazy, even at 4k/30p. I can't comment on the R5, as I haven't used it. But, having previously shooting with the Sony A7RIII I can say -- as amazing as the images were -- I just don't need 45MP shots at this point.
  15. Yes, CLOG. On my 2016 MBP I have to create proxies. On the 2020 model, it's not smooth like butter, but absolutely usable without proxies. I shot my first event this past weekend with the R6 (mainly photos, I had my Ursa G2 for video) and it preformed well in 100º weather. The event was Subaru of America's Guinness World Record attempt in Los Angeles. I also photographed the 2022 BRZ teaser shots for them (those hit all the car sites yesterday), but I used my Olympus EM1X for that since I don't have the flash transmitter for the Canon yet. For video, I did use it to film a car in the desert the day prior. It was 110º and, as expected, video was near useless. It fell to only a minute usable after about 10 minutes of shooting various, very short clips. I do like the camera though, and I have lots of other options for video so I'm going to keep it anyhow. Just would be nice if it was a bit more useful.
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