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  1. Sony PR said their NAB Announcements will now be done on April 20th with a live stream event at 9am PST / Noon EST.
  2. Set up OBS to output a 4-camera multiview shot (without it titles and other overlays). Live stream the multi shot view to YouTube or Vimeo. Save recording and share with students. Easy one and done. I haven’t used OBS much so I can’t confirm if it can do that, but I know Wirecast and Livestream Studio 6 can and OBS is free so it’s worth checking that first. Alternatively you can use the same software to just film it as a 4-up 4K multi cam shot and record that to a file. From that you can extract 4x HD angles if you want to edit something with a single view or let people watch it as-is.
  3. I was supposed to be flying to the Geneva Auto Show tomorrow, but it was just cancelled this morning due to Covid-19. I expect that most major events will probably be cancelled until a more effective treatment is in place.
  4. The 12mm has been a great lens. Originally purchased for the X5 on our Osmo Pro for car-to-car shots. Too bad they charge an absurd amount of money for the lens hood. It should really have come with it. First footage from a shoot yesterday. A couple similar shots to compare Sony A7III to EM1 Mk III.
  5. Though the video specs aren't thrilling, they're plenty good enough for YouTube or HD broadcast use. I've used Sony A7 cameras for years and nobody cared when I used those or my FS7. I'm liking this new Olympus and might pick it up... or the E-M1X to use for some of our mountain shoots. You can't imagine how wet it can get out there. R
  6. Thanks! In terms of watch time, my focus is always to hit over 10-minutes, however, I'd never stretch a 5-minute video to be unnecessarily long. On some of my weekly videos, it's more a problem of getting it down under 30-minutes runtime. Lol.
  7. In addition to my Sony A7III and a BMPCC4k I plan to add an Olympus EM1 Mk 3 to my kit.
  8. Interesting that Dave makes so little relative to his channel size. My channel brought in close to $60k in straight ad revenue last year and I just broke 100,000 subscribers. I have a broadcast syndication agent, whom I’ve worked with for years (any viewers from the Ignition network in S. Africa here? Lol.) But I wouldn’t even consider one for brand deals. Edit: looked at Kinotika’s (Dave’s) stats and it probably comes down to watch time. I had about 50,000,000 minutes of watch time in 2019. Based on his public numbers his channel watch time was probably a lot lower. (Reminder: subscribers are only one metric, and aren’t the only gauge of a channels reach.)
  9. I run a channel on YouTube and I have first-hand info on some of the larger channels (1M subs) and what they can bring in. Based on data that’s publicly accessible, Potato Jet could be doing quite well financially with his current views. (I hope he is, I always enjoy his stuff.) It all depends on his fill rate and CPM for those 2.5M monthly views. If those are anything like mine, he’s probably making $10,000 to $18,000 in straight Adsense revenue. He also does brand deals, so I expect he’s clearing as much as $20k if he’s lucky. But if his fill rate and CPM are low it might be just scraping around $10k. Not much for that LA lifestyle, lol. Note that a lot of the opinion and drama channels have bigger issues with copyright strikes and demonetization and their CPM can potentially be way worse than channels that focus on brand-friendly niches like cameras or cars (Potato and myself.) So when trying to figure income for shows like Spill, Drew Goodin or Philip DeFranco you cant use the same math. Their CPM is likely to be significantly lower, but because of their size, the brand deals are more lucrative. update: I just watched the video above where Potato shows his revenue on a video (I calculated at $3CPM if 100% fill) and that is ridiculously bad with that level of engagement. Like, so bad, I don’t believe it. So either the camera category is far worse than I expected (unlikely since its a popular category) or that particular video is monetized at the bare minimum and he cherry picked it to use as an example.
  10. A friend of mine has a channel about shooting video with iPhones. it’s more interesting than most because he actually has a background in TV and Film (Online shows include PINK, Continuum, Morganville, and others...) https://m.youtube.com/user/iphoneographers
  11. The Osmo X5 should since that setup cost me $3500. Lol.
  12. I do a lot of automotive video. Recently I picked up an RX0II and tested to see if it would be a viable alternative to a three-point camera rig or an Osmo Pro when on the road. In case anyone else was curious I put the side-by-side sample on YouTube. Overall, I’m pretty happy with the result considering the size and the relative ease of setup for the RX0II. I also have a GoPro 7, but the field of view makes the GoPro less than-ideal for this type of shot, in spite of the awesome stabilization in the 7.
  13. If that has a screen (looks like it does) it could be a killer little camera. The biggest issue imho with the current OSMO is that it requires another device. Hooking up through Wifi is slow and annoying.
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