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  1. No. They're basically identical. The "deep learning" AF system exclusive to the EM1X doesn't work for video at all, which is disappointing. But single point continuous AF works a charm.
  2. Since posting that, I also bought an EM1X. The pair make a great multi-angle setup when filming off-road tests (in all sorts of weather) for YouTube.
  3. I don't mess with goofy modifications or "tricks" to get the camera to work right.
  4. In my case with the R6 and 1.1.1 firmware, it still overheats like crazy, even at 4k/30p. I can't comment on the R5, as I haven't used it. But, having previously shooting with the Sony A7RIII I can say -- as amazing as the images were -- I just don't need 45MP shots at this point.
  5. Yes, CLOG. On my 2016 MBP I have to create proxies. On the 2020 model, it's not smooth like butter, but absolutely usable without proxies. I shot my first event this past weekend with the R6 (mainly photos, I had my Ursa G2 for video) and it preformed well in 100º weather. The event was Subaru of America's Guinness World Record attempt in Los Angeles. I also photographed the 2022 BRZ teaser shots for them (those hit all the car sites yesterday), but I used my Olympus EM1X for that since I don't have the flash transmitter for the Canon yet. For video, I did use it to film a ca
  6. Just want to throw in here that I just edited some 4k/30p R6 test footage today, and it edited just fine on a stock 2020 MacBook Pro with 16GB RAM and a Radeon Pro 5500M. That was over our 10GB/sec NAS in DaVinci Resolve without generating proxies. It wasn't 100% smooth 100% of the time, but it was perfectly fine to edit and review.
  7. Both my EM1X and EM1mkIII have been solid — and I shoot with them almost every day, all day both video and stills. Never even a hiccup. The problem might be specific to your camera. Can confirm. I checked the output of both my cameras with a PIX-E5 and they’re 8-bit from HDMI.
  8. Great! Though I'd prefer 40/60p and 10bit internal. (EM1X and EM1 Mk III owner.)
  9. It’s not “mandatory” to rig out a BMPCC4k. It’s a great camera bare. I shoot with it all the time in run and gun situations. If I want/need all the other stuff, I do have a UMP G2. But by no means is the BMPCC4k “unusable” without a complicated rig. A pocket full of Canon batteries (not the cheap stuff) gets me through a full day of shooting and it’s a lot more comfortable to keep a pile of batteries in a bag than have to carry the camera with a V-Mount. Also, the display is great in most full sun conditions. Just learn how to use false color and avoid complicated moves (Or maybe the camera i
  10. They're black so they don't show up in reflections or cause color casts on set. Same reason I always wear black/gray on set.
  11. Counter to your point, I shot regularly with the A7III and A7RIII on race tracks in full sun, and never experienced an overheat. (Corporate shoots for Subaru of America.) One day in Ohio we hit 120° and I just left the cameras out in direct sun (there was no shade) and no issues shooting a combination of photos and video non-stop. Historically, I have had issues with Sony cameras overheating: A99II, NEX7 and others, but the III generation cams were rock stars for me. That said, I switched to the BMPCC4K earlier this year and I like BRAW so much, I just bought an Ursa 4.6k G2. Lol.
  12. I don't see journalists needing SLog. News reporting is for fast turn-around. They aren't going to want to play with color. Same reason why many sports journalists shoot JPG and not RAW. Faster is better in breaking news.
  13. Sony PR said their NAB Announcements will now be done on April 20th with a live stream event at 9am PST / Noon EST.
  14. Set up OBS to output a 4-camera multiview shot (without it titles and other overlays). Live stream the multi shot view to YouTube or Vimeo. Save recording and share with students. Easy one and done. I haven’t used OBS much so I can’t confirm if it can do that, but I know Wirecast and Livestream Studio 6 can and OBS is free so it’s worth checking that first. Alternatively you can use the same software to just film it as a 4-up 4K multi cam shot and record that to a file. From that you can extract 4x HD angles if you want to edit something with a single view or let people wat
  15. I was supposed to be flying to the Geneva Auto Show tomorrow, but it was just cancelled this morning due to Covid-19. I expect that most major events will probably be cancelled until a more effective treatment is in place.
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