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  1. Ben J.

    YouTube question

    I should mention that this youtuber is pretty big; so unlike a lot of youtubers that would benefit from exposure, he doesn't really need any.
  2. I've seen companies use clips from youtubers in their videos many times. I wanted to know if, as long as you give credit to the youtuber, its okay to use part of their video in yours? I know there are things like fair use, and this would be used for a product video but it is also sharing awareness as well (though mainly, a product video). Is it legal to show a youtuber's work as long as you give them credit? I wanted to use a clip from this youtuber because it show the danger of not wearing a mask when playing airsoft.
  3. Ben J.


    Awesome! Thank you guys for all the replies! And oh my goodness.....I would die if that was my camera (im sure the studio was happy).
  4. Ben J.


    Gotcha, so you think that would be enough to prevent paint from getting in and keep the camera from getting damage from force impact?
  5. Ben J.


    Well I meant either. I prefer using a gimbal but with the water housing that obviously would be too big or most likely cause problems, hence using a glidecam; I meant either one.
  6. Ben J.


    Yeah but would that mess up the balance of the gimbal?
  7. Ben J.


    I guess we could make it staged, but I still would want them shooting. I want to make it feel like its real and not staged. I saw some shots from the previous videographer who worked for them and it was very obvious that it was staged. Maybe not to the untrained eye, but to me it was very easy to spot. I'm thinking of using this, but trying to see if there is a more affordable option. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1608185-REG/ikelite_71475_200dl_underwater_housing_for.html
  8. Ben J.


    Question, so I work for a paintball company and I need to know what would be the best protection for my camera on a glidecam getting shots of the action? I know people will say, just film it from far away, but I want the audience to feel the rush of the paintball players. I don't have much of a choice anyways. I've already found a front lens protector possibly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_g3J-YpwzHw Now just trying to figure out how to protect the body of the camera and lens.
  9. For some reason it won't let me upload other files giving me a 200 error?
  10. Yes you are right, I think I changed the matrix filter (tint) on it in camera to get rid of some yellow (which would explain the blue spike)
  11. No, its not a cine profile or log profile. So are you saying I should use the judgement of my eyes and the histogram to set exposure? Shirozina said he couldnt see the noise, can you see it? Cause I can see it. Yeah I set a custom white balance for perfect wb, so that shouldn't be the issue.
  12. Thats the strange part, it shows on my camera that I'm over exposing if I go higher, I'm not sure why. Unless 0.3+ or 0.7+ doesnt mean clipping? I thought it did though. Even when I expose more, it still has the same amount of noise, but I'll do another test again when I get back home. Also, make sure you're looking for the noise in a dark room so you can see the shadows better. I notice it a lot on the corner wall and the desk.
  13. So I have been using my sony a7sii for a good few months, but always wasn't sure what the noise was suppose to look like for a regular functioning factory sony a7sii. It looked fine to me and never bothered me till now. I'm lately seeing a wall of thin noise in my shots. I don't know if this is how its suppose to look or if this grain is not normal. Please tell me. This was either shot at 1000 or 1250 iso, and this is set to exposure at 0 by what the camera is telling me to expose at. (no auto at all). Here is one with my picture profile with all color depth set at 0 and its not cine 4, or the slogs C0089.MP4
  14. Your using two different color temperatures in the scene. One is the room light which is just flooding the whole scene in what I assume 4800k or 3900k, the other is the monitor which is suppose to be set around 5600-6500k. All the sources have to be the same color temperature for best results. It's the same reason why if you are lighting a subject in a incandescent/tungsten room, and you set your kelvin to match the tungsten at around 3200k, why sunlight coming in from windows looks very blue. You have to set a custom white balance with both sources hitting the 18% grey card in order to get good mixed lighting results (or as someone said above me ^, dial it in manually till it looks correct to you).
  15. My question is, does stretching a normal non-anamorphic video in post cause banding, pixel problems, compression, or any sort of negative effects? If I just did a minimal 1% stretch, would that ruin the footage?
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