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  1. For some reason it won't let me upload other files giving me a 200 error?
  2. Yes you are right, I think I changed the matrix filter (tint) on it in camera to get rid of some yellow (which would explain the blue spike)
  3. No, its not a cine profile or log profile. So are you saying I should use the judgement of my eyes and the histogram to set exposure? Shirozina said he couldnt see the noise, can you see it? Cause I can see it. Yeah I set a custom white balance for perfect wb, so that shouldn't be the issue.
  4. Thats the strange part, it shows on my camera that I'm over exposing if I go higher, I'm not sure why. Unless 0.3+ or 0.7+ doesnt mean clipping? I thought it did though. Even when I expose more, it still has the same amount of noise, but I'll do another test again when I get back home. Also, make sure you're looking for the noise in a dark room so you can see the shadows better. I notice it a lot on the corner wall and the desk.
  5. So I have been using my sony a7sii for a good few months, but always wasn't sure what the noise was suppose to look like for a regular functioning factory sony a7sii. It looked fine to me and never bothered me till now. I'm lately seeing a wall of thin noise in my shots. I don't know if this is how its suppose to look or if this grain is not normal. Please tell me. This was either shot at 1000 or 1250 iso, and this is set to exposure at 0 by what the camera is telling me to expose at. (no auto at all). Here is one with my picture profile with all color depth set at 0 and its not cine 4, or the slogs C0089.MP4
  6. Your using two different color temperatures in the scene. One is the room light which is just flooding the whole scene in what I assume 4800k or 3900k, the other is the monitor which is suppose to be set around 5600-6500k. All the sources have to be the same color temperature for best results. It's the same reason why if you are lighting a subject in a incandescent/tungsten room, and you set your kelvin to match the tungsten at around 3200k, why sunlight coming in from windows looks very blue. You have to set a custom white balance with both sources hitting the 18% grey card in order to get good mixed lighting results (or as someone said above me ^, dial it in manually till it looks correct to you).
  7. My question is, does stretching a normal non-anamorphic video in post cause banding, pixel problems, compression, or any sort of negative effects? If I just did a minimal 1% stretch, would that ruin the footage?
  8. Cool, thanks for the suggestion. I forgot about stockings. Not sure how I feel about the light loss, but oh well, can't have everything I guess
  9. I have a sony camera which has more than enough sharpness. For 50mm for closeups, I want a softer look without lowering contrast or affecting bokeh (as most softening filters do with making the bokeh look like you have dust particles on your lens). I know this is unorthodox, but if I touched the lens with my finger and put a bunch or finger prints on the lens, wouldn't that do a better job of softening the lens without lowering the contrast that much? I'd use my hbm 1/2 softening filter, but the bokeh gets affected. I know people recommend rubbing petroleum jelly and stuff like that, but I don't like the uneven look/over the top look.
  10. Did you adjust the white balance matrix? And as for someone who just bought the camera and has had it for a month now, I can tell you not to treat this camera like a canon camera in terms of WB. Try the standard values of 3200k,5600k, etc... While the eoshd pro color wb values are pretty close to standard, other profiles like autumn leaves or custom ones I made use 2600k instead of 3200k for tungsten. I just bought a 18% grey foldable card/fabric by impact, and I have to say that using a custom white balance would have saved me a headache. I usually do manual white balance and dial it in manually for each scene, but if your not in a hurry and have time, I suggest using a custom white balance. If not, there's no reason why you can't or shouldn't try saving presets; as it can't hurt. I personally just haven't found use for using presets yet.
  11. Well it was too good to be true. Unfortunately despite advertising it, they discontinued it a while ago. Kind of pissed at the lack of updates to their site and material at schneider optics. So after a week of talking to people from B&H and schneider, I'm back at square one. Looks like I'll either be cutting the glass, or just sticking to one filter....which I'm not happy about, but we'll see. These filter companies need to get their head out of their asses and wake up to 2017. Update your dam sites schneider and tiffen!
  12. SO GENTLEMEN. Despite having some good feedback, I think I have even better news! Check this new item out (never even knew about it). https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/856343-REG/B_W_66_1071048_82mm_Kaesemann_Circular_Polarizer.html And after talking to schnieder optics, the HBM filter has been updated with front threads!!
  13. Also, which fotga adapter is this? I see a $132 a $58 and a $85.99 one.
  14. Wow I can't believe how far this went! Mattias Burling, you should do a video on this haha! noone, how is your experience with the fotga adatper? Can you control aperture manually? Any problems like light leak or crashing/shutting off the camera? I've never heard of this adapter before, but if I run into the problem that I'm currently having, this might work. Be interesting to see a video test with that IR filter.
  15. When you say electronic aperture control, do you mean like auto exposure? (Sorry I'm a noob) Could I control the aperture fine manually?
  16. Video on the a7sii at either resolution but 4k is a main thing I will be shooting in, and with canon L lenses. Hopefully like you say on a fullframe, 2 filters is okay to use, as I am looking to have both without cropped corners/vignetting. I just didn't know since 16mm is a very wide degree/angle.
  17. Thats not a bad idea, but it looks like the lensturbo acts like a speedbooster right? I should have been specific. I plan on using only fullframe canon L glass with the sony a7sii.
  18. I was thinking about that when researching but I'm not interested in using gels. I was thinking of getting someone professionally cutting the glass down to fit in that rear slot, but I don't know how they would be able to do that without scratching the diffusion glass (even if they buffed the scratches out). I could also try loosening the screws that connect the rubber slot holder for the gels to have the filter fit.
  19. So In correlation to a question I had here: If it is not possible to put two filters on a 16mm lens connected to a mirror-less full frame camera without vignetting, could I carefully cut the ring off the Hollywood black magic filter and put it in the space between my camera and my lens? I'd be using a commlite ef to e mount adapter, and was wondering if it would be possible to cut off the mounting bracket on the HBM filter and attach it to the rear of the lens hole, the adapter, or the rubber part of the emount next to the sensor?
  20. So I'm planning on using a full frame camera with a canon 16-35mm lens at 16mm meant for full frame, and I wanted to use a polarizer and another filter stacked on. The question I have is can I fit 2 stacked screw on filters without vignetting happening? If not, would well built step up rings with the filters going from native 77mm to 82mm get rid of vignetting? Here are the filters https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1141525-REG/b_w_1081478_77mm_xs_pro_mc_kaesemann.html https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/902702-REG/Schneider_68_091277_77mm_Hollywood_Magic_1_2.html (this would be in front because of no front filter thread)
  21. Thanks for the comments! From your responses, the wait sounds long, so at this point I think I might just bite the bullet and take a chance. Even if the new camera line was much better beyond what we thought, I don't think I can wait past June to buy one. Worst comes to worst, I'll just sell my a7sii if the mark 3 is a must have and I'll have to spend a little more.
  22. Hi! I'm a videographer having a really hard time deciding whether or not I should bite the bullet, or wait longer. I know that the sony a7 line just had a price drop, so that means there is a release coming soon in the next few months to a year. I really want a camera badly right now, but I also don't want to buy a camera that, within that time period I mentioned earlier, will be updated with improvements like color and white balance fixes. I know that no one knows when these cameras will be announced or released, but does anyone have a hypothesis based on past experiences? Should I wait for the new announcement to see if I think its worth buying (a7siii or even a7riii) The reason I'm having a hard time with just going with the current selection, is because I don't want to pay another $3,X00 for a camera that could fix the current problems of the a7sii. And we all know that sony cameras don't retain value very well. Plus black magic might come out with a BMPC 4k mark ii or something lighter than the mini ursa. What do you guys think? Is it worth waiting till NAB at the end of April? Or should I bite the bullet and hope nothing new comes out? I know there is always going to be a new camera coming out, but this is too close of a release for comfort.
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