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  1. I run a channel on YouTube and I have first-hand info on some of the larger channels (1M subs) and what they can bring in. Based on data that’s publicly accessible, Potato Jet could be doing quite well financially with his current views. (I hope he is, I always enjoy his stuff.) It all depends on his fill rate and CPM for those 2.5M monthly views. If those are anything like mine, he’s probably making $10,000 to $18,000 in straight Adsense revenue. He also does brand deals, so I expect he’s clearing as much as $20k if he’s lucky. But if his fill rate and CPM are low it might be just scraping around $10k. Not much for that LA lifestyle, lol. Note that a lot of the opinion and drama channels have bigger issues with copyright strikes and demonetization and their CPM can potentially be way worse than channels that focus on brand-friendly niches like cameras or cars (Potato and myself.) So when trying to figure income for shows like Spill, Drew Goodin or Philip DeFranco you cant use the same math. Their CPM is likely to be significantly lower, but because of their size, the brand deals are more lucrative. update: I just watched the video above where Potato shows his revenue on a video (I calculated at $3CPM if 100% fill) and that is ridiculously bad with that level of engagement. Like, so bad, I don’t believe it. So either the camera category is far worse than I expected (unlikely since its a popular category) or that particular video is monetized at the bare minimum and he cherry picked it to use as an example.
  2. A friend of mine has a channel about shooting video with iPhones. it’s more interesting than most because he actually has a background in TV and Film (Online shows include PINK, Continuum, Morganville, and others...) https://m.youtube.com/user/iphoneographers
  3. The Osmo X5 should since that setup cost me $3500. Lol.
  4. I do a lot of automotive video. Recently I picked up an RX0II and tested to see if it would be a viable alternative to a three-point camera rig or an Osmo Pro when on the road. In case anyone else was curious I put the side-by-side sample on YouTube. Overall, I’m pretty happy with the result considering the size and the relative ease of setup for the RX0II. I also have a GoPro 7, but the field of view makes the GoPro less than-ideal for this type of shot, in spite of the awesome stabilization in the 7.
  5. If that has a screen (looks like it does) it could be a killer little camera. The biggest issue imho with the current OSMO is that it requires another device. Hooking up through Wifi is slow and annoying.
  6. Brief aside, kind of related: Back when I was a magazine publisher I had an advertiser go ballistic (he took us to court over this, but we won.) His complaint was the the green background in his print ad wasn't the right shade of green and that made his ad less effective (also, his ad was terrible.) Turns out, beyond not asking/specifying a Pantone spot color (which we wouldn't have allowed anyhow) his output to file was RGB (not CMYK, which is how we printed so there was conversion on our side to make it printable), he worked on a non-color-calibrated system, proofed with a desktop, low-end consumer printer (which he expected to match the final magazine) and his whole layout was Microsoft Publisher which had no means of doing anything properly let alone color matching. Browser to browser shifts in gamma or hue seem so small in comparison.
  7. I used Vzaar to power my Roku channel for a couple years. Very good customer service and some nice features. However, they're not cheap. Makes you really appreciate that companies like Vimeo and their ridiculously cheap pricing are still options. Once Vimeo started allowing API pulls for TV apps, I dropped Vzaar and saved thousands a year in hosting fees with no loss in quality.
  8. Sorry, meant to post it was the 50mm. Expensive lens, but amazing quality.
  9. Sony Zeiss FE f/1.4 https://www.douthit.org/Cars/i-PgcpvSG
  10. I understand YMMV, but I shoot 4K video regularly with both the A7III and A7RIII trackside, where it is often 120° ambient and I have yet to even received a heat warning. I think most reports of overheating are from folks that don’t know to enable high heat operation. I’ve had plenty overheating problems with previous models (NEX7, A7RII, A7SII, A99II all overheated horribly), but these current ones are so reliable I don’t even keep them out of the sun between shoots anymore. I let them bake and they don’t even flinch. The attached video is me shooting for Subaru with the A7III mounted to a Ronin shooting 4K internal after the camera sat in direct sun for an hour (I was shooting with the R3 on sticks leading up to this) in 100°+ weather. In addition to shots like this, I also conducted several 20+ minute interviews in similar conditions without issue. DD0F6B36-C445-4648-831E-3F8C84D0DFB8.mp4
  11. Current Sony cameras do not overheat. I have both the A7RIII and A7III, have used both extensively, shooting 4k video for extended periods of time in open, direct sun at temperatures well above 100F for full day shoots. No problem. Not even a warning.
  12. Stumbled onto this thread a bit late, but maybe this info is useful: I'm currently shooting with an A7III and the 5-inch Sound Designs Pix-e5 recorder. It keeps the package relatively small (though yes, with extra batteries and cables as always) but the recorder is bulletproof in build and operation. Clearly designed for mission-critical work with all the tools you need for exposure and focus. It doesn't do HDR or even 4k 60p, but neither does any current A7-series body. The m.SSD/USB memory cards are also very slick. Anyhow, another setup to consider.
  13. We moved the shop to Resolve 14 (with networked workstations) this year. Definitely looking forward to 15 exiting beta as there's some really exciting stuff in there (We're going to wait for at least one service release before moving up, though. It took at least 2 before 14 was solid.)
  14. In the last year Vimeo has moved a lot of their focus to business use (white-label and Sony Ci-like video proofing) which will not be counted since they're on private pages. In addition, most video is viewed in Apps (mobile) and increasingly on TVs. As such, their public numbers will likely decline even if their viewership increases. Alexa is a poor measure in this area. I think Vimeo's move towards business is a good one. We dropped Ci and are now paying Vimeo more than $1000/year for proofing and video hosting for our TV apps (multiple accounts). There's a lot more money to be had for them here than in hosting personal passion projects.
  15. I've been a production partner on Youtube since 2006, back when they had human content curators and we had to sign paper docs to be part of the program. The problem is that an algorithm can't see "quality" it can only see data. Since Google is all about the algorithms they are unequipped to help viewers find the quality content that is/was being posted to their service. The human curators were great. I could tell them that we had an exclusive review of a new car (one that might not even have a lot of search requests yet) and they would put it front and center. Most of our videos trended on the platform as a result. Once they were replaced, that ended and I stopped seeing YouTube as a reliable platform for distribution. Ideally, YouTube would incorporate a mix of content; Some, algorithm based, with section editors that could curate key sections: automotive, film, drama, comedy, etc. However, that is directly against the Google-way, which is unfortunate.
  16. We used an F4 for in-car when filming "The House of Muscle" for the Motor Trend channel this past year (the F4 was abused in 2000hp trucks, race cars and rat rods.) It's a great little unit. Durable and easy to use. Though, if I was to buy it again, I'd spend the extra just for the better display on the F8.
  17. I read this often, but body does not seem to affect the ability for Sony cameras to dissipate heat. The A7RII (pre-patch, small body) and the A99II (DSLR-body) both overheated in similar conditions and usage and they feature very similar chip tech. After a few months the A7RII received a patch to extend the thermal sensors danger zone to allow more heat, making it much more usable in the real world. The A99II never received the equivalent update and continued to overheat far too frequently. Because of this, I sold the A99II and picked up an A7RII and have found it to be much better. TL;DR: Size has no bearing on Sony camera's ability to dissipate heat.
  18. Since the algorithm is secret, and it was updated recently, it's impossible to know exactly the answer to this. However, if I was personally launching a new channel I wouldn't even consider less than two new uploads a week, each with a runtime of no less than 3.5 minutes.
  19. Frequency and viewer retention. Correct. To really "work" YouTube she should plan to do regular VLOG, BTS or some other relevant, regularly-scheduled uploads to the channel. Over time it will "raise all ships" in her channel. I gave the same advice to a producer a couple years ago. He stuck to it and now has more than a million subscribers on YouTube and a full time staff. I don't do this myself even though I have a channel, since I make the bulk of my money producing for other channels.
  20. If you want to be successful on YouTube you need to have a regular, unbroken, never-ending schedule of content that retains viewers more than other videos in the genre. That's all the algorithm cares about (currently). If you want to just post for fun, that's fine. But don't expect to make a dime or get more than 1000 views unless you tailor your content to the needs of the algorithm. (I've been a YouTube partner since 2006) If you post a single series and that's it, it will just sit there and be buried by the algorithm. Nobody but your friends and parents will ever see it.
  21. Note that you can conform 120p to 24/30p internally with the A7SII and the A99II.
  22. I shot two channels to the A7SII today. Worked great. The A7SII can optionally power the receiver as well. (Though you'll want to run a battery grip for that since it sucks more juice.)
  23. I own a video production company that specializes in automotive. We have a string of long-term clients in retail as well as editorial. Here's one of the shows we shoot for Motor Trend: Our (my) gear purchases usually revolve around solving problems: better slow-motion, more mobile, faster lenses to address low-light, better mounts for a specific rig shot, drones because... well, drones are awesome (I went out and got my FAA part 107 certification). Though I like new tech, I don't buy something unless it addresses a specific need.
  24. I haven't needed it on the A7SII yet, but I shot this a couple months ago with the A99II, the dual-channel receiver and two transmitters. (The interview portion, not the intro.)
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