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  1. Not sure if this really can work, if the subject is moving in an horizontal line no problem, but in a vertical one you will have to continue pressing the focus over him at a certain pace, probably you can master it after some time and get great results, so I hope somebody here with an S1 use it in the real world with subjects on the street and show us the results, I do need an adapter which allow me to use my EF glass in L mount....
  2. mmm!!!....try filmconvert with Kodak, I also would like another grade for the grass, the footage is beautifull and I would use a more vivid green, but you know, personal taste....
  3. can you record more than 5 minutes continue in 4K with the newest model? is it VI or is there a VII now?
  4. Wow, didn't know about this new camera, very interesting, if the 4K works at least 30 minutes continue looks like the winner. RX100 V or VI is nice, but 4k for only 5 minutes is a break dealer, 30 minutes is the minimum I can accept.... Thanks, yes, I would like to see some videos, what about sound?, is the quality good enough?
  5. The other day I was in downtown and somehow I ended up above a truck in the middle of a street festival....and I didn't have any camera with me!...so frustrating, anyway, I need a pocket camera, something for VIDEO that I can carry with me all the time, including of course the zoom, and I can live with it in one of my front pockets, I was thinking in the canon M with ML, then the M50, later the Z6, now not so sure which could be a good decision, so, if anybody is carrying a camera all the time I would like to hear your comments.....please, only people who is using a camera all the time in their pockets, I really don't need feedback from theoreticians based in their believes....thanks!
  6. Any idea if TechArt is working on the EF To Nikon Z Adapter?
  7. I have to do that also, I think I am going put everything of my Drobo in several hard drives and leave them at my parent house.....
  8. You can say that again!!!, add DPAF to this monster and I am all in, but how it is right now, I am out, I need something for one man crew, a focus puller is not included in my budget, and DPAF is the most important, I don't need out of focus 6K footage.....I need something that I can actually use.
  9. Ok, from better to worse, which ones do you recommend?
  10. Hey androidlad, for under $1K, which TV would you recommend to use for grading?, not professional of course, but something that can be close enough....if that option exist of course, more than one option will be great...
  11. EOS R 4k = Rolls-Royce The most trusted machine out there, you can go to the Sahara and feel confidence is never going to fail.....and if that happen by a miracle.....yeap, the support is on his way to the rescue....
  12. Any news about DPAF activation in 4k or 6k?, is it possible?
  13. Anyway....whatever you said.....she is going to use the NEW camera the first three days.....then just use her phone...which is always in her pocket.....camera are too bulky for vacations....
  14. I agree, she probably get used to just use her phone, specially since it is not going to take any more room from her handbag...
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