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  1. Autofocus, autofocus, autofocus, especially in low light conditions please....
  2. Strange surreal topic ever!!! you liked or not, Trump will be re-elected, he is the American president with the better economy in 100 years, and that's all that matter in America...
  3. Well, if the price is around $10-12, it is game over for 99% of people in this forum....I don't understand why Sony can only produce good skin tones in expensive cameras, we need it in every camera, no matter the price.
  4. I love Canon color, I have an original C100 and I love it, and I have been waiting for ages for a good 4K camera at a good price, don't care about IBIS, don't care about FF sensor, S35 is good enough for me...but I do care about DPAF, the best useful feature from Canon...and even loving Canon, it is clear to me like a summer morning, these two cameras were cripple, try to argue against it is really stupid, it is so obvious....removing 24fps and people acting like fools trying to justify it is beyond understanding....gosh, we will have to continue waiting for Canon to wake up, I don't put any money to the PRO EOS R, that is going to be so expensive that I could probably be able to buy an Alexa for the same money, If Canon just upgrade the firmware in the RP for DPAF in 4K, we could have such a winner.....
  5. I am not fan of BM cameras, but this new P6K with EF mount looks unbelievable attractive.....I can see myself getting one of this next year.
  6. I hope to see sooner than later......a HUGE improvement....
  7. Just a quick question, sorry if it was answered before, do this LUT works with GH4 footage?, or GH4 footage recorder with an Atomos external recorder?, any examples around?
  8. I agree with all the comments above about the trailer, it urgently needs a re-do, it is lacking emotion, do not show the guy in front of the camera, only show actions and voice-over, make us feel emotionally involved in the rescue of the dogs....
  9. Samsung 850 and 860 Pro are the way to go, they work in all Atomos.
  10. hijodeibn

    G7 in 2019

    The best solution was to get the Ninja Assassin, now I have more Than 1TB, renting an FS7 elsewhere is going to be a lot more expensive, and I can use the Ninja also with my new (old) GH4 when I am SOLO, at the end I think I made the best choice....
  11. hijodeibn

    G7 in 2019

    Even with that not enough media, 128GB in total if I remember correctly, with the Ninja I have 1,256 TB.
  12. hijodeibn

    G7 in 2019

    It is a hard choice then, depending on what you are doing, if it is only fiction probably to upgrade is the best path, but if you are doing docs, sometimes two cams are really needed, and in that case a second G7 makes sense....
  13. hijodeibn

    G7 in 2019

    Yes, the issue is that the guy who has it didn't have enough media for the cam, and I need it running a few hours, the FS7 media is really expensive, and certainly don't want to spend that money in a cam which is not mine, so I choose to get the Ninja, cheap approved 1Tb SSD, and run the FS7 for hours....and since I already have the Ninja, got a cheap GH4 and use it during other projects. hahaha....well, after the project I am working on for the rest of the year is completed, and no need for the FS7 anymore, the Ninja and the GH4 are certainly going to eBay, and will exchange them for a GH5
  14. hijodeibn

    G7 in 2019

    Unfortunately that's not an option ether, I need the Ninja for longer recording time in a FS7, some times the GH4 is going to be the b camera with the Ninja attached, and others will be the d camera (just for inserts) without the Ninja (Ninja will be in the FS7).
  15. hijodeibn

    G7 in 2019

    Yeap, I already have the Ninja so no extra cost, I agree, if I didn't have the Ninja I would have got the GH5
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