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  1. hijodeibn

    Audio Recorders?

    excellent, many thanks!
  2. hijodeibn

    Audio Recorders?

    Thanks IronFilm for all the knowledge, I have been also looking for an external audio recorder for a while and the DR60Dmk2 is certainly in my limited budget, I think I will get one soon, is there a youtube tutorial you recommend to watch for this audio recorder?
  3. R6 looks promising, I do not need 8K, if it has the features showed in the rumors plus 422 10bit, clog and DPAF, is the way to go for most of us.
  4. hijodeibn

    Step Back

    I hear you man!, I have been in lockdown for a month now and I spend hours and hours in eBay, looking for things I really do not need, but for some reason my brain think this is the best time to get them....ohh Gosh!!!!. Thanks God Canon announced the R5, my mind blow away and discarded everything else, now at least I will have some months of peace of mind waiting for my dream camera.
  5. New Yorker is a Left Biased magazine, you can not expect objectiveness from a media like that, obviously nobody except Left Biased people will believe on it. https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/new-yorker/
  6. excellent article, scientists data is always welcomed to show some lights in any topic.
  7. I agree, the issue are not the animals, are the humans and how they use them, that's the reason I am vegetarian, but the empirical data tell us where humans are in contact with wild animals not following minimum protocols the virus transmission will continue to happens, most of them in Africa, like AIDS, and China, like different Virus. So the only solution is humans to use better protocols, and move away wild animal from large cities.
  8. I understand your suspicious but the reality is that wild animals have transmitted viruses to human race from the beginning of the times, I hear the same suspicious about AIDS when it was known by the public in the 80's, a decease created in a lab released against gay community, etc. Now has been confirmed after some years of research that AIDS was transmitted from monkeys in Africa to humans around 1910-20, since the virus has been found in old samples from early 40's in Africa from people killed by an unknown decease. The most probably cause of the Corona virus creation is a mutation of the original virus from a wild animal like always, and this is going to continue happening in places where humans are in close contact with wild animals, like China and Africa. I hope China will finally learn from this bad experience and most probably will ban in the future markets for wild animal close to big cities.
  9. Any clue regarding the price range for the R5?, will it be close to $4K or $6K?
  10. Autofocus, autofocus, autofocus, especially in low light conditions please....
  11. Strange surreal topic ever!!! you liked or not, Trump will be re-elected, he is the American president with the better economy in 100 years, and that's all that matter in America...
  12. Well, if the price is around $10-12, it is game over for 99% of people in this forum....I don't understand why Sony can only produce good skin tones in expensive cameras, we need it in every camera, no matter the price.
  13. I love Canon color, I have an original C100 and I love it, and I have been waiting for ages for a good 4K camera at a good price, don't care about IBIS, don't care about FF sensor, S35 is good enough for me...but I do care about DPAF, the best useful feature from Canon...and even loving Canon, it is clear to me like a summer morning, these two cameras were cripple, try to argue against it is really stupid, it is so obvious....removing 24fps and people acting like fools trying to justify it is beyond understanding....gosh, we will have to continue waiting for Canon to wake up, I don't put any money to the PRO EOS R, that is going to be so expensive that I could probably be able to buy an Alexa for the same money, If Canon just upgrade the firmware in the RP for DPAF in 4K, we could have such a winner.....
  14. I am not fan of BM cameras, but this new P6K with EF mount looks unbelievable attractive.....I can see myself getting one of this next year.
  15. I hope to see sooner than later......a HUGE improvement....
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