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  1. thanks good the dark theme was changed, it really was hurting my eyes!!!
  2. to be honest it is not a big deal, I use the EVF for some shooting but not all the time, I will certainly add an external EVF when is needed, but I got everything that I can not find in other cameras, like perfect DPAF and great skin tones, that's the most important I need, the price is not ideal but affordable, I hope early next year I will be in NY to get one.
  3. at first sight looks great, just an issue, HDMI: Input Video resolution up to UHD 30fps. Are we going to loose part of the image when recording 4K DCI?
  4. The C70 is going to be my next camera on 2021, has everything I need, even I like the size of it, just one question to the community, which external EVF do you think is the best option for the C70?
  5. get a EFS 18-135 STM without hesitation, I am shooting with this lens on My C100 MarkI every week, lightweight, perfect focus, silent, good color, versatile, you can not go wrong!!!
  6. Amazing job Andrew!!!, now we have a monster of a camera, shame on Canon, tricky bastards, now I am really thinking to get a R5, if I can shoot unlimited 8K that's paradise in my dictionary.
  7. you can wait 100 years and no recall for sure, canon still will get a good margin with the R5, and that's all that matter.
  8. I have been using eBay for many years, I got a R1, a GH4, an atomos ninja, SSDs, lavaliers, sound recordings, lights, tripods, etc, once a guy from china said he sent the item but he didn't add the tracking number, I complained and got my money back, to be honest my experience has been very good, I always get what I bough, but you always have to follow the manual, you only pay using PayPal through eBay portal, and always check that the seller has a reputation of 100%.
  9. F..K canon, I can not accept this kind of scam, if the new firmware do not remove the time limit hack I hope people do not buy this camera. Great work Andrew!
  10. Agree, his overreactions were really out of the place, we need a trustable review to see if 4K will be usable at the end. Soon we will see it from Andrew so better wait and decide with the facts on the table.
  11. it is a shame we have to look for workarounds, but if there are workarounds I want to know about them and see if they will work for me, I am not getting a Sony crappy zombie skin tone, so if the camera can be used and I can adapt it to my shooting stile that's good news for me, anyway the price is really too high for what we will get, but next year we could see an interesting discount, let's see.
  12. of course it related to find a solution, if we can use an external recorded to get 4KHQ for 4 continuos hours that's obviously a solution to use the camera in fiction, if we also get 4K internal with excellent quality for many hours, then the camera could be also usable in weddings, so we need a test from a reliable source, which for me will be Andrew's review, you have to look the camera as a whole, not by parts.
  13. Same guy made a comparison between 4K and 4KHQ and looks like 4K is totally usable. So I will be waiting for Andrew's feedback about it, we could get several workarounds to use this camera in most of the situations.
  14. in post I still want 422, I agree the image from canon is great, but you have to expose properly and make no mistakes, if you have a better codec you will be able to recover from some mistakes during the shooting process, I have been working with Canon C100 for a few years and the ninja star is already part of the hardware.
  15. R200 with 420 8-bit?, I will get an R6 with a Ninja 5 instead any day of the week, and a portable fridge of course, really bad for a cinema camera, R300 looks better, if they have DPAF, most probably they will, but the price is too high, no RAW is a bummer, but if they added in a later date could be OK, it is even more expensive than a Komodo, anyway, could be the option to go after R5 disaster.
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