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  1. Very informative Andrew and I certainly understand your pain. Please consider posting your items directly from your site. I feel you’re overlooking just how much people appreciate you as a person and trust all that you are doing and have done for the community. I have a long-standing history with EBay and will relay your dealings as a reason for why I am stepping away from their services. Besides, every motion camera that I have ever purchased from the site arrived broken.
  2. Really spot-on observations Andrew, great article. “The Golden Hour” interview/podcast was just as enjoyable BTW. Considering the topic of this piece, I firmly believe that ideology is polluting the movie industry. I’m puzzled by the amount of resources wasted on today’s content that always seems to be pushing some strange agenda, that in the end, doesn’t influence or change opinions. A good and entertaining story is often overlooked.... except for Ford/Ferrari (that was a kick-ass film ) I noticed last week, my son and I watched Braveheart and his first comment at the end...
  3. Andrew, insulting Americans is a poor business move. BBC and Wikipedia are unbiased... by law I feel sorry for you Andrew. Your political perspectives are certainly uninformed. Encourage your own leaders to carry out the vote and the will of the people. Independence for your country should be your focus. Be thankful for America and all the ways were have rescued and protected your country throughout the years. Monitor the Hong Kong situation closely. Trust that Americans would do the same for you. Yes, Democrats and Republicans may argue and disagree, but if you tread or pick on our fr
  4. If this video was discussed earlier, I apologize and please redirect me to the thread. I am not a professional and was curious what I should or shouldn't be looking for regarding this video. I wonder if there is unanimous viewpoint or top three performer after viewing this test. What they "should have done" when testing is meaningless to me, I would like to hear opinions on what's is.
  5. What other site has this level of interaction and voice with such a notable camera maker? incredible moment Andrew! I look forward to going back through your article on why you choose this particular camera. I just wish you would have wore flats instead of boot-risers, I mean, you are 7'2"
  6. 1tkman


    No LUT steering wheel control? Also lacks global shutter... a real deal breaker for my run-and-gun logistical work
  7. 1tkman


  8. At the very beginning, when the old-school Star Wars logo and graphics appeared... everyone at the IMAX theater cheered and clapped! Wonderful movie, surprisingly funny.
  9. http://www.wsj.com/articles/glut-of-scripted-tv-content-troubles-hollywood-1450296686 Contents of article pasted below. Would a movement, such as the one described, help to breakup the stronghold of unions and dues associated with filming? There were a record 409 scripted television shows on broadcast, cable and streaming services this year, according to research by FX Networks. The rise in scripted shows has been both a blessing and a curse for the TV industry and viewers. On the one hand, more shows mean more opportunities for actors, writers and producers as well as more choice for TV f
  10. I do as well, it's an area that I would love to visit. I posted a link to this video on the Cinematography forum and they ripped me to shreds I would imagine there are many aspects to pick apart regarding this video, but quite frankly... I absolutely love it. The music, the location, the editing... it's just simple and enjoyable.
  11. This came up on Vimeo and I was really taken back... incredible area.
  12. http://www.came-tv.com/cameh4-carbon-fiber-stabilizer-suitable-for-dslr-cameras-p-516.html I've been researching handheld gimbals and stabilizers for the BMMCC, especially since the BM website has the camera pictured with such. I was curious if anyone has any thoughts regarding the product above? Just seems like one of the least expensive options with really acceptable results. If the Micro camera has a good global shutter and is paired with a MFT stablized lens... IMO, this seems light, small and travel friendly. Sure would be nice to not have to worry about another set of batteries.
  13. Where's the best place to purchase inexpensive or blackmarket Canon LP batteries? Noticed the Watson brand on BHPhoto, but has anyone had a good experience with something cheeper on Ebay or Amazon?
  14. Thanks for posting this video. Is there a consensus on the best MFT zoom lens with stabilization? Anyone have much success?
  15. Smartphone idea just makes sense to me. So the BMMCC, the micro, doesn't allow this in any way? Sure would be nice. If I understand correctly, this technology is possible with the DJI cameras.
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