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  1. If this video was discussed earlier, I apologize and please redirect me to the thread. I am not a professional and was curious what I should or shouldn't be looking for regarding this video. I wonder if there is unanimous viewpoint or top three performer after viewing this test. What they "should have done" when testing is meaningless to me, I would like to hear opinions on what's is.
  2. What other site has this level of interaction and voice with such a notable camera maker? incredible moment Andrew! I look forward to going back through your article on why you choose this particular camera. I just wish you would have wore flats instead of boot-risers, I mean, you are 7'2"
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    No LUT steering wheel control? Also lacks global shutter... a real deal breaker for my run-and-gun logistical work
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  5. At the very beginning, when the old-school Star Wars logo and graphics appeared... everyone at the IMAX theater cheered and clapped! Wonderful movie, surprisingly funny.
  6. http://www.wsj.com/articles/glut-of-scripted-tv-content-troubles-hollywood-1450296686 Contents of article pasted below. Would a movement, such as the one described, help to breakup the stronghold of unions and dues associated with filming? There were a record 409 scripted television shows on broadcast, cable and streaming services this year, according to research by FX Networks. The rise in scripted shows has been both a blessing and a curse for the TV industry and viewers. On the one hand, more shows mean more opportunities for actors, writers and producers as well as more choice for TV fans. Conversely, the glut of scripted shows is making it harder for any one show to break through the clutter. Ratings at the broadcast networks and many big cable channels including FX and TNT are down this year, in large part because of the fragmentation of the viewing audience. FX Networks Chief Executive John Landgraf has bemoaned the growth in scripted content, saying that there is not enough creative talent to maintain current levels. “The bubble has created a huge challenge in finding compelling original shows and the level of talent needed to sustain those stories,” he said earlier this year. FX Networks is a unit of 21st Century Fox, which until 2013 was part of the same company as Wall Street Journal-owner News Corp. The 409 series, which don’t included unscripted shows, movies, mini-series, news or sports, are an increase of 9% from 2014 when there were 376 series. Since 2009, the number of scripted series has grown by 94%, according to FX. Driving the increases are cable networks and streaming services, which have been spending heavily on original content. Netflix has indicated recently it has no plans to slow down on creating content and Hulu has also stepped up its commitment to original fare.
  7. I do as well, it's an area that I would love to visit. I posted a link to this video on the Cinematography forum and they ripped me to shreds I would imagine there are many aspects to pick apart regarding this video, but quite frankly... I absolutely love it. The music, the location, the editing... it's just simple and enjoyable.
  8. This came up on Vimeo and I was really taken back... incredible area.
  9. http://www.came-tv.com/cameh4-carbon-fiber-stabilizer-suitable-for-dslr-cameras-p-516.html I've been researching handheld gimbals and stabilizers for the BMMCC, especially since the BM website has the camera pictured with such. I was curious if anyone has any thoughts regarding the product above? Just seems like one of the least expensive options with really acceptable results. If the Micro camera has a good global shutter and is paired with a MFT stablized lens... IMO, this seems light, small and travel friendly. Sure would be nice to not have to worry about another set of batteries.
  10. Where's the best place to purchase inexpensive or blackmarket Canon LP batteries? Noticed the Watson brand on BHPhoto, but has anyone had a good experience with something cheeper on Ebay or Amazon?
  11. Thanks for posting this video. Is there a consensus on the best MFT zoom lens with stabilization? Anyone have much success?
  12. Smartphone idea just makes sense to me. So the BMMCC, the micro, doesn't allow this in any way? Sure would be nice. If I understand correctly, this technology is possible with the DJI cameras.
  13. The whole workflow is like a second language to me, a nonprofessional. However, it's seems incredible, the portion that I could follow. Question, what are the benefits of this effort? I noticed the workflow was recognized as helpful in case you need to alter your future export (assuming new technology in time requires so). I just don't completely understand what is being offered, how difficult the process would be, and it sounds like the workflow is only needed on a camera that I can't remotely afford
  14. Is it possible or a ridiculous idea to attach a speedbooster if a lens is already a MFT mount. Would a speedbooster be beneficial enough to justify costs? I noticed the micro is MFT and most of the lens pictured with the camera on the website were panasonic MFT lenses.
  15. small.tiff Thanks Aaron, interesting about blue-cast with Lumetri on RAW footage. I sure love the Lumetri option on Premier and I think you were the one who alerted me to it's potential. IYO, do you think this issue might be fixed in time or is it "part of the package" with BM RAW footage? Considering attached, am I correct in thinking that this camera can record internally, on a card of sorts? Not seeing a memory card slot, and again, I am just learning about this camera. I also wonder with a setup such as this, with the gymbal (I don't recognize maker), how at-risk would footage be regarding centering/focusing. I do imagine this setup is a viable option and you could wing-it with acceptable results though... anyone have any experience with the Canon pancake pictured? small.tiff
  16. I'm not a professional and I have limited experience with Anamorphic, but the early shots with Cooke lenses seem warmer.
  17. I wonder why the Cooke Anamorphic's seem to have a better color?
  18. Hey Aaron! I appreciate your work and if you are in line to purchase this camera, I am paying attention. Curious, do you intend to mostly film in Raw or with ProRes with this camera? Which of the two do you think would grade better?
  19. Price seems in keeping with the market IMO, but it is strange that things are so quiet. It would seem someone in the community would have posted footage by now.
  20. I enjoyed the Loving Lanka video just as much as WatchTower. I'm surprised, after reading about all the work that went into audio, and especially after looking at the timeline of Watchtower, that I didn't really notice all the soundbites that were included. In other words, I worked hard to try and hear all the subtle audio adds, but they didn't stick out to me all that much, for whatever reason. Another point I noticed, after reading through this thread, that I found helpful, was the idea of "letting an image breathe". To all those above, thanks for posting.
  21. Deluts site that Andrew mentioned is fascinating to me, although I am new to this. Any idea on why the free "8mm LUT" that I downloaded from the site doesn't appear to be an active option when I try apply? I hope the attached image will show how the files did download, but I can't seem to use them. NotActiveLUT.tiff
  22. "I was able to put James Miller’s DELUTs on the footage" Two words, HOLY COW!
  23. What are the key differences in this Sony camera compared to the Urlsa? Or is it just too early to know?
  24. 12bit What a treat. This idea and purchase really makes sense to me and I am happy for you.
  25. I second this post... really captivating work.
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