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  1. There is much to be excited about considering this lens and I have a lot of faith in the quality of SLR products. Informative article and wonderful video, needs Peter Buck song! (just saying) I also like the look of the viewfinder paired with the BMPocket, just seems like a fun way to shoot. Can I assume you are using that octopus looking thing for stabilization? Am I right in thinking that with the unreleased lens mentioned, it would really come down to the difference in costs and speed/light capturing abilities? What do you assume (gut feeling) on if there will be a significant difference between the two lenses? Lastly, what is your favorite color and what is the air speed velocity of a maiden swallow?
  2. ​Really beneficial and helpful information and I will use this as a guide. What camera and lens (if you remember) were you shooting with for this project. The colors and look for the interview are outstanding.
  3. This thread I find inspiring, something about viewing the favorites of proffessionals is too intriguing to miss! A video that I always return to is Javier's showreel. The music he selected smacks left field and moves me.
  4. A ML Mark II or III provides full frame 4k? I apologize if I am misunderstanding... just trying to determine the difference between a ML Mark III and the 1DC.
  5. Any idea of the crop factor with a ML Canon, can I assume it's not full frame?
  6. This video, considering the size of the crew involved and budget, doesn't do much for me. I personally think the decision to go soft or this artistic on a promo might not have been in best interest. Nonetheless, I would still love to own this level of camera.
  7. ​l Hey, insightful! Thanks for these thoughts.
  8. Thanks Andrew, I really appreciate all of your work with this article and film. Very informative and straightforward.
  9. Would a Magic Lantern version of the Mark III 4k be considered full frame, would it be close to 1Dc?
  10. ​"For the man who has everything..." Sounds great! Looking forward to 2015!
  11. ​Spark up and rejoice that was funny!
  12. I appreciate all the posts above! Moonlight video is excellent! My drone shots were attention grabbers and made 2014 a standout year for me as a whole.
  13. Merry Christmas to all. Unbroken is is an excellent movie, go see it! Really beautiful film and the color correction makes sense. Curious what they filmed that movie with?
  14. Can anyone advise me on the best camera/lens setup for shooting a football game at night (I am assuming low light would be an issue?)... shooting from the press box (think high and center). During post, I would like to be able to zoom in with an acceptable quality... it would be a highlight film for specific players. It makes more sense to me to not shoot in 4k due to time limitations during recording and having to stop-and-start recording. Any input would be appreciated.
  15. 1tkman

    A7s Grading

    I've always enjoyed your input and your reasoning on this board. If you were to purchase a new film camera today, are you saying that A7S is one of the best options? Just curious if you were waiting for something else to come to the market.
  16. 1tkman

    GoPro Hero 4

    I would like to see more examples of the 4k option online, not much has popped up yet. I noticed where the stock was negatively effected by a few crashes from early adopters, but this type of issue strikes me as one "too soon to judge" regarding stability. With so much on-the-line with this new camera and company, I feel any issues with stability would be addressed quickly. Curious what type of limitations there are with 30fps, I don't fully understand how fps affects video.
  17. Green bottle shot at 1:22 is really eclectic. 3:02 is 16mm film, I just know it :) The whole video really works.
  18. Still having some aspect issues, but my aerial shots were a hit with my local church.
  19. I've really enjoyed watching your work over the years (timescapes) and I look forward to seeing what you can do with this adapter! I understand your workflow well and own the adapter, I just don't feel comfortable enough to advise at this point. How were you planning to Bramp and is there anyone else trying to use the GH4 with "holy-grail" success? The reason I am asking is that I came across a clip or two, from someone using the GH4, that was very smooth.
  20. Are you happy with the Shotgun, outside of weight? Are you eyeing something different?
  21. My father sent this link to me, check out 0:15 https://www.youtube.com/embed/Hodomt6bBOw
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