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  1. What are the key differences in this Sony camera compared to the Urlsa? Or is it just too early to know?
  2. 12bit What a treat. This idea and purchase really makes sense to me and I am happy for you.
  3. I second this post... really captivating work.
  4. Thanks for posting the link. I am not sure how to properly describe, but to me, the footage seems unique and rich. Like it was baked in with a slower shutter speed or something. I find it impressive also. The nationality, the skin tones, of the subjects captured seems ideal for this early example.
  5. I like the look of these two Netflix shows. Are their free LUTs that would mimic or should I perform the process above (assuming this is the quickest way). Regardless, I really appreciate the post above from Sheild... it got me thinking. I also agree, Lightroom is really incredible.
  6. Enjoyable video, thanks for sharing and your review was helpful!
  7. Incredible video moment. https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=KA57Pafq_NU
  8. Appreciate your patience, but can I assume the Sony PL mount is not the same as a PL mount listed typically with a old 35mm film camera?
  9. Great thread, trying to decide on these camera models myself. I just saw this BMPocket video and wonder if this camera shouldn't also be considered when in this price range.
  10. Please consider posting some of your results.
  11. Considering the dropping price in 35mm cameras and how most are PL mount, I would love to gather the board thoughts on if this lens, paired also with the 2x analophot, would hold well. SLR prices are typically in-check and the idea of owning instead of renting PL glass leaves me wondering. Seem like a sensible idea?
  12. What are the best, most informative sites to visit for NAB announcements and showroom floor coverage?
  13. In what way would this adapter help? Looking online, this is what it says about the adapter, but I am not sure if I understand what all this means: The Opteka Step-Up Adapter Tube allows you to use lenses and filters on cameras which require a tube adapter to accommodate the zoom barrel. All adapters are made of aluminum. Size, weight & color vary by model.
  14. ​What a rig! What are you shooting with here?
  15. Dahlfors! I always appreciate your input, eapecially this post... visited the Vimeo collection and I am very impressed by the results. For the layman , what is being offered here? I read the article and if I understand correctly, this company is selling a lens and then an adapter that completes the anamorphic? I apologize, but I am really interested but I can't fully grasp what is being sold nor the costs. It might be clearer for me after visiting the company's site from my desktop system. Regardless, beautiful videos!
  16. New Zealand! I missed that part. I can't imagine a more finer place to shoot! I wish we agreed on DJI, you wouldn't need to practice flying.... let go of the controls and they return to center, leaving the drone hovering. EBay is a key place to shop for used and the early models are priced within the same budget. Regardless, please post your work when you are further into your journey. BTW, your research efforts are impressive thus far. The only thing that I don't understand is just how well the ProTune option works on my GoPro. I shoot mostly flat and pretend that I can color correct like a proffessional However, my occasional ProTune footage looks smashing, and I didn't do a thing! I hope that makes sense. TK
  17. Hey IronFilm! I read your post and agree with others regarding a used DJI. There are many safety features with their system that can save your tail. Gymbals have also come down in price over the last few months.... it's not really an optional item. GoPro is so wide angle that you will not need to worry about FPV. Bloom suggests slow and sweeping motion and I agree. His article is an excellent guide. It's such an enjoyable product and people flock to see it in action! It lands itself and shuts off, hard to go wrong. https://vimeo.com/118665272
  18. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JT_sYsMiiF0 Fig Rig, seems like a good idea. I noticed in one of the review videos, one suggested waiting until after NAB to see what else may be offered at that time. This particular comment has me struggling. Andrew, would you please post something regarding this topic during that time (Vegas)... if you see something comparable with regard to price. The DJI gymbal on my drone has really spoiled me and I am definitely in the market for something handheld. Price on this unit is noteworthy.
  19. I interpret this post as a bit harsh, but maybe that's not your intension. I just like to think of EOSHD as a safe place to explore questions.
  20. ​http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LouziOQD9Rg&feature=youtu.be I understand his vision, really interesting product. Thanks for sharing... the exhibition floor at the Vegas show must be a total blast!
  21. The gentleman on the far right, responsible for filming countless blockbusters (my understanding), has a perspective concerning stabilization, especially with regard to shaky-cam trend, that I count profound... scroll to 28:00 even.
  22. Your post just saved me an hour of research! Voigitlander always seems to have a loyal following, I like the way user Dalflores (sp?) speaks of his exoeriences with the brand. Never thought about the possibility of both being produced with the same internals. Regardless, I never could get an image like the one in this video with the GH4. However, I am just out having fun and clueless on some of the basics of film. However, I do understand now why Aaron uses diffusers on occasion and wish that I had experienced more with that type of look. East Germany is memorizing and hearing the people speak in background is refreshing.
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