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  1. It's really impressive but for me the most important features won't be added until summer, so I'll wait until summer. Maybe by then, Sony will release another monster to fight with the GH5 and we will have another better option, or the GH5 price will drop.
  2. I would definitely get the Samsung monitor if I live in Europe. A very good deal.
  3. FS7 is pretty good. I've just done a shooting with it last week. The menu is very complicated, but once you set it up, you don't need to change much. The new handle attaching to the camera is amazing. It helps stabilise the camera a lot. I think it's good enough to film with it. You would probably prefer 64GB*2 cards rather that 1 single 128GB since you can transfer and check the footage when you got time. I don't suggest you to use a shitting little tripod. It's much heavier than the A7S, especially if you want to attach a external monitor. I think you'll like FS7. The s-log3.cine with CineEI mode produces pretty good results if you know how to expose with the system. The built-in ND filters are amazing. Just don't forget to put on the monitor lut and the waveform display.
  4. Thanks guys. I did the color grading before my monitor was calibrated.. So some of the shots are actually a little too red. I filmed it on my GH4, mostly using the 12-35 F2.8 because of the great stabiliser, and partly using Canon FD 50 1.4, and the old Helios 44-2. Since I was traveling during the hottest time in Europe this summer, so no tripod, all handheld except some of them are filmed on a small banana steadycam. Then it was too hot after Greece, so I never used it after.. lol 4K mostly shot on Cine V, and slow motion mostly Cine D. Edited in Premiere and Colored in Resolve. Thanks again for the great words. I'm really happy that you liked it. I also posted it on vimeo, but youtube offers better quality to even non-vip users.
  5. Also from my tests, I haven't got any issue with the noise with ISO 1600 and below. But the real issue is the color falling apart easily when you try to tweak it a bit in resolve. I wish they can have a firmware update to bring 14bit raw external feeding like the A7R II. Everyone would definitely buy their package in order to release the V-log horse power..
  6. I tried a little more today after work. Filmed a clock on a white wall. When I tried to pull down the mids, the color bandings are showing clearly. It's quite severe. I over exposed around 0.5 stop. There's not much room to play in post due to the color banding.. Obviously the 8bit bottle is not enough for v log.. yeah. I used it. It's not bad but I think the Arri Log C lut works better in impulse.
  7. Wow so many comments and posts about how to do it after a night's sleep. I feel like I released the monster out of the cage.. But see, my hint is much more useful than Apples hint for the 6S, isn't it?
  8. Hi guys, it's not a hack at all. I would rather call it a bug than a hack.. it's actually really simple. I was gonna order it from the japan amazon yesterday and $99 is really not bad. I don't want to say too much in case getting into legal issues, but I'll just give you guys a hint: try to connect your camera to your Panasonic app on a smartphone. yes! Hugo loves bottle caps! Try to visit him on his instagram page: hugobritbull.
  9. I was wandering around a Chinese filmmaking forum and someone said that he found a bug in the firmware 2.3 and unlocked V-log L for free. So I came back home and tried. It really worked. Just did a test shot with Hugo in the sofa and loaded it in resolve with the Vlog lut and did a little adjustment. Here are the before and after frames.
  10. Most probably because of the double focus.. I've experienced it before. The aperture should not affect the sharpness that much. 1. try to keep your Nokton on the same axis with your Kowa BH 2. try to estimate the distance from the camera and the focus point and then focus your Kowa based on this.
  11. Share a video I made from the summer trip in July: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QN6SjCUcQec I brought my anamorphic set up with me but the melting hottness and weight stopped me from carrying it all around. So I made a fake anamorphic ratio in post.
  12. Easy. Go to your media page, and select your clips, right click and choose attributes, then under video tab, select pixel rate to anamorphic or cinemascope. See the screenshot below.
  13. wow I just bought one for one of my friends to take on his trip. should have tried it before giving it to him. lol
  14. I definitely like the build of the mk3 camera body. It feels great to hold and the biggest thing I miss about the 5D is actually still photography. It is a much better still photo camera than GH4. I also tried the ML RAW workflow with the it but it was very inconvenient in the post, so I gave it up. After exploring with the GH4 for a while, I really like the video quality and the light camera body. Plus a cheap old Canon FD or Helios 44 2 produces great images. Instead of a Canon 24 70 F2.8, you can actually get a bunch of the super nice manual lens. Besides, the Lumix 12 35 OIS is super steady. Much better than the stabiliser on canon lenses from my experiences. The DR of GH4 is lower than the 5D RAW for sure, but for me, it's already enough once you exposed correctly and grade in post. What I don't like about the GH4 is that the photo quality is not as good as the 5D3, and the LCD screen color looks very differently than the actually footage. Maybe it's because of the touch function that makes the screen looks bad? I don't know. Sometimes I miss my 5D with the the hotshoe flashlight combo and wish I were rich enough to keep them both. lol.
  15. ​Haven't done much with GH4 yet. Only 2 anamorphic tests. But I'm going on a vacation next week and would definitely film some stuff with the new camera during the trip. I bought a small and cheap stabiliser to bring on the road and now I just wish I could have a small drone. lol
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