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  1. Hi, will it work with ursa mini pro? It has bt functionality as well...hopefully it is the same... Joypad is great idea, would it be possible to control focus with the analog stick?
  2. Price reduced to 1200 euro plus shipping. Real bargain now!
  3. Hi, i have Kenyon gyro KS-8 kit for sale, includes gyro, battery, inverter, cigarette lighter cable, charger. As you can read on manufacturer website ks-8 stabilizes equipment up to 12lbs (5,5kg) https://www.ken-lab.com/stabilizer-guide.html Gyro is in good working order, some minor scratches on the body but it was never dropped or anthing. I used it with 5d3 with 70-200 2.8 (way below weight limit) and recently I use it with ursa mini 4.6k, (works great and stabilizes camera with canon 70-200 2.8, ssd adapter, vlock, handles, mic etc...quite heavy setup). It is totally different bea
  4. Hi, recently i shot this, UM46K, raw 4:1, lenses - sigma 8-16, canon 16-35, canon 70-200. Graded and edited in resolve 14.
  5. Or maybe sigma 8-16? I have just bought it for ursa mini 4.6k, @8mm it covers full sensor (1.4x crop) with only very slight darker left and right edges (due to lens hood). I am really impressed, it is quite dark 4.5-5.6 and cannot take filters (that was my two main concerns) but i took the shot and it seems to be an exceptional lens! I have bought it used for the price of used tokina 11-16. @16mm it covers full frame.
  6. And how about ursa mini 4.6k as a POV camera? I tried it with sigma 8-16 and made this short test
  7. I have seen something like this - great little presets for premiere, i used them couple of times and looked cool. http://premierepro.net/editing/deadpool-handheld-camera-presets/
  8. I was able to get the answer from blackmagic forum. 8mm shows only very slight vignetting on UM4.6K full sensor readout, totally usable IMO. https://forum.blackmagicdesign.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=60592&sid=94dfac12855cd4840fd19a1ead5504e8 I will have this lens in the next couple of days so I will make some tests (and maybe comparison with canon 10-18 STM).
  9. Thanks, holographic car was made with 3d model of 911R in after effects. We use one led panel, my friend was just waving it above the car. Thanks, yeah, maybe I could make it a little bit shorter and more dynamic, the car owner wasnt very happy when i told him, that over 12 hour shoot became 1:20 seconds clip though It was just a short, passion project without any serious planning. With this clip i just wanted to motivate other exotic car owners in my area so i could film their cars
  10. I have ordered the lens, I shoud have it next week so i will post the results. I couldnt find anything about sigma 8-16 with ursa mini 4.6k so it shoud be interesting Now I wish i had ursa pro with internal NDs, i will not be able to screw my firecrests on 8-16...
  11. @BTM_Pix, thank you very much, when i change the size of fullframe sitll you posted to 140 percent it shows some dark corners, probably it would work at around 8,2-8,5mm and 2,35:1 aspect ratio without any problem. Thanks again.
  12. Hi, i am interested in buying used sigma 8-16 for my ursa mini 4.6k for certain "dramatic" UWA shots, does anybody knows if it will cover UM sensor at 8mm? Will it vignette? Maybe somebody tried 8-16 on 1dx II (4k cropped about 1.4x)? UM sensor is slightly larger than APS-c (1.38 vs 1.6x crop) so i dont know...If it doesnt work at 8mm there is no point of having this lens, it is better to buy canon 10-18 STM which works great @10mm even with filter. What do you think? In this test i was using 10-18 on 11mm because i had huge firecrest 100mm filter holder attached (polarizer+grad) and it
  13. I use ursa mini 4.6k for a couple of months now and 99 percent i shot raw 3:1 and 4:1. I use Cfast to sata breakout cable and record straight to couple of 500GB samsung 850evo SSDs without ANY problem. I dont understand crying about 15min on 128GB card - it is the same like on UM46K - 60min on 500GB. I have 4 SSDs, when i record in 2,4:1 aspect it gives 80min (25fps) /500GB so 320 minutes on four. SSDs are cheap. I also work straight from SSDs in resolve which is very convinient, no data copying. Adding 4 SSDs more and you have 10 hours worth of cards, should be plenty for a day shoot. For sto
  14. Hi, i have just finished this clip, UM46K, all raw 4:1, mostly 50fps. Graded with resolve 14 beta 3, edited in adobe CC.
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