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  1. Hi, will it work with ursa mini pro? It has bt functionality as well...hopefully it is the same... Joypad is great idea, would it be possible to control focus with the analog stick?
  2. Price reduced to 1200 euro plus shipping. Real bargain now!
  3. Hi, i have Kenyon gyro KS-8 kit for sale, includes gyro, battery, inverter, cigarette lighter cable, charger. As you can read on manufacturer website ks-8 stabilizes equipment up to 12lbs (5,5kg) https://www.ken-lab.com/stabilizer-guide.html Gyro is in good working order, some minor scratches on the body but it was never dropped or anthing. I used it with 5d3 with 70-200 2.8 (way below weight limit) and recently I use it with ursa mini 4.6k, (works great and stabilizes camera with canon 70-200 2.8, ssd adapter, vlock, handles, mic etc...quite heavy setup). It is totally different beast than gimbals, it is very small, i used it in tight spaces like car interiors, in helicopters, boats etc. Doesnt need calibration, nothing, just plug the cord, pres swith, wait couple of minutes to spin it up and go. And one can operate with manual control of zoom, focus, camera settings etc. basically with hands on camera body. It is also great for still cameras. No need to use follow focuses, wireless video transmitters or anything. It is very loud though so you rather will not be able to record sound close to the gyro. Using with heavy camera would be very nice with some support like easyrig though, i used it just handheld most of the times times, it is really heavy but possible. I am selling it because with upcoming project I could upgrade to much more expensive 3 axis version KS8x8 (6k usd + customs, vat etc). KS-8 new is around 3,5k usd plus customs for people in europe, generally it is very rare on used gear market. In this clip I did last year all cockpit and air-to-air scenes i shot with this particular ks-8, handheld, canon 70-200 f2.8 is and 16-35 2.8. We filmed this from the second helicopter (through the windows unfortunatelly), using ronin or movi would be impossible due to lack of space in a cockpit. Let me know if you are interested, If you have any questions please ask, i would like to get 1700 euro plus shipping. And some pictures of the gyro:
  4. Hi, recently i shot this, UM46K, raw 4:1, lenses - sigma 8-16, canon 16-35, canon 70-200. Graded and edited in resolve 14.
  5. Or maybe sigma 8-16? I have just bought it for ursa mini 4.6k, @8mm it covers full sensor (1.4x crop) with only very slight darker left and right edges (due to lens hood). I am really impressed, it is quite dark 4.5-5.6 and cannot take filters (that was my two main concerns) but i took the shot and it seems to be an exceptional lens! I have bought it used for the price of used tokina 11-16. @16mm it covers full frame.
  6. And how about ursa mini 4.6k as a POV camera? I tried it with sigma 8-16 and made this short test
  7. I have seen something like this - great little presets for premiere, i used them couple of times and looked cool. http://premierepro.net/editing/deadpool-handheld-camera-presets/
  8. I was able to get the answer from blackmagic forum. 8mm shows only very slight vignetting on UM4.6K full sensor readout, totally usable IMO. https://forum.blackmagicdesign.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=60592&sid=94dfac12855cd4840fd19a1ead5504e8 I will have this lens in the next couple of days so I will make some tests (and maybe comparison with canon 10-18 STM).
  9. Thanks, holographic car was made with 3d model of 911R in after effects. We use one led panel, my friend was just waving it above the car. Thanks, yeah, maybe I could make it a little bit shorter and more dynamic, the car owner wasnt very happy when i told him, that over 12 hour shoot became 1:20 seconds clip though It was just a short, passion project without any serious planning. With this clip i just wanted to motivate other exotic car owners in my area so i could film their cars
  10. I have ordered the lens, I shoud have it next week so i will post the results. I couldnt find anything about sigma 8-16 with ursa mini 4.6k so it shoud be interesting Now I wish i had ursa pro with internal NDs, i will not be able to screw my firecrests on 8-16...
  11. @BTM_Pix, thank you very much, when i change the size of fullframe sitll you posted to 140 percent it shows some dark corners, probably it would work at around 8,2-8,5mm and 2,35:1 aspect ratio without any problem. Thanks again.
  12. Hi, i am interested in buying used sigma 8-16 for my ursa mini 4.6k for certain "dramatic" UWA shots, does anybody knows if it will cover UM sensor at 8mm? Will it vignette? Maybe somebody tried 8-16 on 1dx II (4k cropped about 1.4x)? UM sensor is slightly larger than APS-c (1.38 vs 1.6x crop) so i dont know...If it doesnt work at 8mm there is no point of having this lens, it is better to buy canon 10-18 STM which works great @10mm even with filter. What do you think? In this test i was using 10-18 on 11mm because i had huge firecrest 100mm filter holder attached (polarizer+grad) and it vignetted on 10mm, 10mm was good with just a polarizer screwed on though.
  13. I use ursa mini 4.6k for a couple of months now and 99 percent i shot raw 3:1 and 4:1. I use Cfast to sata breakout cable and record straight to couple of 500GB samsung 850evo SSDs without ANY problem. I dont understand crying about 15min on 128GB card - it is the same like on UM46K - 60min on 500GB. I have 4 SSDs, when i record in 2,4:1 aspect it gives 80min (25fps) /500GB so 320 minutes on four. SSDs are cheap. I also work straight from SSDs in resolve which is very convinient, no data copying. Adding 4 SSDs more and you have 10 hours worth of cards, should be plenty for a day shoot. For storing i can render very nice ProRes HQ BMDfilm version out of raw easily and fast. I only wonder if there will be possibility to open CFast door (to put Cfast breakout cable) in the C200 and still have camera working (5d swithces off when card doors are opened - which of course would be very bad). Everybody are waiting for GH5 400mbit codec - wait a minute, couple months ago people cried about 500mbit mjpeg codec from canon. It was sooooo ineficient, so hard to store etc. And now 400mbit is holy grail...
  14. Hi, i have just finished this clip, UM46K, all raw 4:1, mostly 50fps. Graded with resolve 14 beta 3, edited in adobe CC.
  15. Nice test but I wonder why people dont want to put both cameras into their best modes when making comparisons? There are some of them on YT and there is always GH5 very best mode (4k 10bit) vs very mediocre Ursa prores. I think the biggest selling point of UM is to have compressed raw. People compares dynamic range of both cameras but always vs Ursas prores. Why? Where is raw shadow/highlight recovery ability? That makes a lot of difference. It is like comparing volkswagen golf 1.4 vs golf R but R is allowed to only use 1st and 2nd gear and ECO shit setting. The same about low light - yeah, i know that UM46k is no very great in this area but you have no NR in camera at all. Does GH5 can disable internal NR completely? I doubt it. Thats why UM comes with free full version of resolve and its great NR built into the app. So to be fair low light tests shoud be make with some of NR applied when it is test vs GH4, Gh5 etc...
  16. ok, he now answered, that it was prores HQ UHD422 on UM46K. So we can see, that GH5 is holding up nicely with dynamic range until you unleash RAW in UM46K and play with shadow/highlight sliders in resolve. Than you can gain additional DR steps where GH5 codec is struggling and cannot really keep up. Raw settings in resolve with highlight/shadow, midtones etc. are much better than just using curves on compressed codec, gives much more clarity according to my tests. It is nice to see that 10bit GH5 codec looks the same like UM 10bit prores HQ422. I wonder what about UM 444 12bit proress though...
  17. Unfortunatelly he didnt said which codec he used with UM46K. One of the strongest features of UM46K is compressed 4.6K raw, not prores so i would like to see how the cameras best codecs compares: 4:1 4.6K raw 60fps vs 10 bit vlogL h.264 30fps (and vs 8bit 60fps) - i would like to see shadow/highlight recovery abilities with the best codecs of both cameras (there is really lots of recoverable information in UM46K highlights).
  18. Hi, i just put this on my channel - shot on ursa mini 4.6k @4.6k50/60fps and 2K 120fps. I used canon 16-35 f2.8 L II and canon 70-200 f2.8 L II IS lenses.
  19. UM 4.6K is simply awesome, i love every time shooting with it. I have been 5d3 ML raw shooter from the beginning of ML raw revolution (over 3 years from now) and still have it but the ability to record compressed 60fps 4.6k raw (and 120fps 2K) with such a latitude to inexpensive SSD (via breakout cable) is amazing. After using 5d3 raw i just couldnt step back to compressed format. I had also BMPC4k for a year or so, it was much, much better than expected after watching and reading reviews but UM46k is in another league. 5inch screen for me is bright and sharp enough to use it even during sunny day, much less reflective than BMPC4k (i dont have an EVF), ability to punch in to check focus (and move the zoom around the screen) during recording is great. The whole 4.0 update with complete new menus improved the usability dramatically, it is co nice to use now. And free- full version of resolve - it is so good to have proper NR and motion blur tools. Really guys, Blackmagic has done a very good camera. PRO will probably have the same image so now with 4.0 menus with my type of shooting (music videos) it is no big deal, PRO is also 300 gram heavier than normal 46k (i use my ursa on glidecam handheld almost every day so i fight with every gram, i use small 150gram custom made 12v battery packs) and without EVF it will be harder to focus on smaller screen.
  20. BM cameras doesnt have any internal noise reduction. You get it with free davinci resolve, it is very advanced and gives great results. I think canon/sony does something internally in this regard. They are better for sure but we really dont know how much better.
  21. I cannot see one picture of ursa mini pro with side handle attached. I wonder if side handle will be included with the set. Which lens mount is included by default? Canon? EDIT: oh well, i dont know how could i missed this: in tech spec is that canon mount is by default and side handle is included. Side handle probably just doesnt look very PRO
  22. Hi, this is my short demo shot with Ursa mini 4.6K with canon 16-35 f2.8 L II lens. Graded in resolve 12.5, edited in premiere cc.
  23. It is very good but it is also thanks to 5x slower motion plus stability of quite heavy camera - my setup weights 4,7kg (ursa with ssd "module", small battery and 70-200 lens).
  24. Thanks, no tripod, all handheld. IS of canon 70-200 is really great. Maybe because for the wide shots i used cokin resin grad filter which is not very high quality and doesnt block IR, today i recieved formatt-hitech firecrest grad so i hope it will be better.
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