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  1. I have looked at some GH5 threads and haven't seen anything that look cinematic to me hence why I posted the specific topic. In fact when i type in "GH5" in the search it brings back 0 entries. Is there a specific topic that covers the cinematic qualities of the GH5 if so please let me know the link to it so i can check it out thanks!

    1. jonpais


      Here's a lively discussion about a trailer made with the GH5 by one of our members. There are also a number of videos posted in this thread. You can just scroll through until you find the videos you're looking for. James Miller and Luke Neumann have produced some nice videos with the GH5. This was shot with the GH4, but he's using a GH5 nowadays. Robert John has also produced some lovely footage with the GH5.

    2. myJTP


      excellent thank you so much ill check these out.

  2. I REALLY am trying hard to like the GH5 but the footage just looks consumerish camcorder to me. I am a Canon guy but would love the smaller form factor and the lighter codec of the GH5 4K60 vs the 1Dx2. Can anyone show me some me GOOD cinematic footage from a GH5 other than cat videos and backyard tests that would sway my mind? It can be with native lenses or a speed booster adapter with an ef lens just something that can give this camera a glimmer of cinematic hope for me.
  3. Man the crop fix really took the wind out of my sails
  4. WOAH!! this is crazy!! Good thing I have a few 5Dmk3's
  5. The 1066x cards work just fine in the 1Dx2 for 4K24 They also work for about 3 seconds in 4K60 but then it stops due to buffer. So you can get some quick b-roll if you are in a pinch and ran out of CFast cards
  6. The camera works perfectly with the 501. I did a shoot with it a month ago and used the Small HD 501 on top of my ronin to help me check focus while the camera was flying low.
  7. Welcome back to the Canon side
  8. Played around a second. Nice footage might be worth a look if they ever release the camera
  9. I just played around today with my 5Dmk4 - 4K24 and the Tokina 11-16mm 2.8 I think it will do a great job replacing my 16-35 on the full frame 1080 mode
  10. Could the New Atomos Shogun Inferno match up well with the RAW 4K output of the c500? https://www.atomos.com/shogun-inferno or will the Oddysey be better? c500 - $6999 Atomos Shogun Inferno - $1999 Total for 4K60 RAW = $8998
  11. DPreview has camera in hand and says its 1.64 https://t.co/yt46N2MI91 Great is a very subjective word... different strokes for different folks.. for me its perfect
  12. Luke... I have to say THANK YOU for posting CLEAR and true statements about the 5Dmk4... It seems EVERYONE is blindly hating on this camera because it doesn't do a FF 4K@120 video, take photos, brush your teeth, comb your hair, and take out your trash. There is never going to be a PERFECT camera let alone one for under $2999. And if ANYONE thinking a GH5 is going to be a stellar STILLS camera has got to be kidding themselves. Canon has made no bones about the fact that the 5Dmk4 is a STILLs camera first and foremost with really good basic video features which are MORE than useable in capable hands. I also find it VERY interesting the people who crap on canon the most never want to show their own demo reel of work.... just my two cents... thanks Luke and keep hope alive!! Let the bashing begin P.S. Im very interesting in see how the Fuji X-T2 does for 4K even though it's a dreaded 1.7 crop I always liked Fuji Colors and its a pretty nice priced option.
  13. myJTP

    GH4 V-Log $99

    Any word on which metabones adapter to use? Atomos just came out with a Ninja Assassin – New 4K HDMI Recorder for $1,295 it does 10Bit 4:2:2 will that pair up nicely with the GH4?
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