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  1. So after a few hours playing around with A1ex's second release of the 1.1.3 firmware, here's what I'm getting with 14bit lossless option: 3520 x 1320 = max. 1314 frames - ISO within 200-400 range - scales up to UHD with no perceived loss of quality 4096 x 1862 = max. 507 frames @ 12.5 fps - Not sure how useful this would be for landscape work or slow shots. Again ISO within 200-400 range. Previews: At the moment, not fantastic but definitely better than a black screen. I was able to rack focus with a moderate degree of success. Camera crashes persistently when using 50/60p modes. I'm using Komputerbay cards 64GB 1066x Will try to post a few frames soon. IQ, even shooting at home with crap light, is just beyond words.
  2. I was almost sure this would be a reverse April Fools. If memory serves me well, the crop mode feature had also been announced on the very same day. Even though I had bought it primarily for stills, 5D Mark III has to be the best investment I ever made when I eventually decided to change gears. Maybe it's about time you release an update to your RAW Shooters Guide?
  3. http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=19300.0
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