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  1. Yes, as printer profile in Develop tab (it's called "Soft Proofing" in english if I'm right).
  2. I just tested the ICC profiles you sent me with Lightroom CC 2015.6 and it works. I copied the ICC file into: /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Color/Profiles/Recommended Then we can use it in LR, but we can't adjust intensity. Nice alternative anyway
  3. Thanks Don! It's awesome, I didn't know this way to load and use the ICC profiles in Lightroom, nice find! I just tested and it works :D
  4. There are a lot of free songs on FreeMusicArchive, all genres: http://freemusicarchive.org/
  5. Thanks Don, I really appreciate ! I included a .VLT version of the LUTs in this update, so the users will be able to load the LUTs in-camera on the GH5
  6. It's the V2 of the Zhiyun Crane. Differences are just aesthetic, with quick release plate included in the gimbal. No better weight capacity.
  7. "Constant preview" is OFF ?
  8. Hello, I received my GH5 this Thursday and unfortunately, he's already back to Panasonic workshop I had a dust blocked between the sensor and the filter. I took him to a photo shop near me and they weren't able to clean this dust. They think the camera was delivered as this. I opened the sensor cap only a few seconds to put the lens. They are almost sure it's only a dust, but maybe it’s actually a scratch on the sensor. I hope no ! The dust is very small on the sensor but very visible at f/22 on images. Check the still frames below, I can't keep that seriously… And at f/2.8 it's already visible, like a dark spot on the images. The workshop is faster than I thought (and located only a few kilometers from where I live). I should get back the camera for the end of next weekend, hopefully.
  9. Crazy ! We can dream of a firmware hack to bypass all these software limitations
  10. It depends of which RAW we are talking about. On RED cameras the RAW catches each frame on all ISO available, on the base of 800, so what you see on screen is just for reference. I don't see the interest to ETTR on RAW. But I can be wrong... In LOG or standard usually I use the zebra. Set to 95%, I expose just one step before the zebra. Don't know if it's a good technique but it works well, on daylight and on night scenes with secondary LED panels.
  11. Why not a custom built Clevo ? You can choose the components. That's what I did.
  12. Of course it's too expensive. A painter pole is the same thing for $30 :D
  13. Because of the laws about drones, why not using a very long pole with a gimbal attached on top ? Just an idea... Example:
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