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  1. In manual focus mode, do they remember the focus position when turning off/on the camera? (my panasonic lenses don't)
  2. Do you have the IR/UV cut in front or behind the ND Fader? Is there any difference? (how it handles reflections/glares from lightsources etc.)
  3. Yes it's a great camera! I recently did a documentary and the ergonomics are great together with the 12-35 2.8 lens (besides the hard eye-cup...) I used to shoot with natural but switched to try to see if skintones improved, but now with this fix I will go back to natural I think. Try the fix, your skin tones might get even better! :) According to this test, natural and portrait has about the same dynamic range but portrait has more red present. http://gro.solexiv.de/2014/02/panasonic-g6-color-profiles/
  4. Hello! As other has mentioned when recording video there is a colorshift as soon as you press the rec-button on G6. When comparing a photo jpeg to the h264-file the colors differ a lot, its like magenta is replaced with yellow, red tones towards magenta look orange. When trying to match in Final Cut by adding magenta I got a magenta cast in the rest of the image.. In 5d2RGB I tried different settings to transcode the h264-file, found a fix!, When using "ITU-R BT.601" in Decoding Matrix magenta gets back and the image looks almost exactly like the still-jpeg (and correct). Attatched images is exported frames from Premiere Pro CS6, they look the same i Final Cut 7. I was about to give up on the G6, the skin colors looked so weird. (picture profile: Portrait -5-1-1 0)
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