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  1. Here's another little tidbit. I found this out many years ago after subscribing to obscure mailing lists in the 2000's and my own experience. All manufacturers have significant sample variation between copies of lenses. This includes Zeiss Leica and the Japanese makers. In fact Kubrick was famous for ordering 10 of a lens from the manufacturer and sending 9 back. Back in the day, for instance, Nikon was jealous of Konica for their consistancy in lens manufacture production. In the 50's Kingslake made the discovery (Kodak lenses are legendary) that the Tessar designs is one of the most difficult to manufacture due to the extreme low tolerances required. A Tessar design can be very sharp two stops down, most aren't. Also, you can guarantee most lenses sent to photography reviewers will be golden samples. An, aside, Kubrick also used still camera lenses on his cameras, notably Nikon Nikkors. Lens rentals blog is the most significant lens testing outfit to measure sample-to-sample variation. Sigma seems to me to be the leader in lens tech these days from what I can tell.
  2. Yes, eatstoomuchjam mine was a Yi 4K and the reason the ribcage kit was upgraded was to accomodate both the Yi 4K and the Yi 4K+ I believe. Ruined the camera. But yes the screen was difficult for focussing as well however I did love the form factor. If you can live with wide lenses (35mm eqiv 20mm or so) you can just replace the built-in lens on a Yi 4K or Yi 4K+ and hyperfocus it without requiring a kit (remove the shroud, unscrew the built in lens and replace it). However, the way the 12mm thread works you cannot use a longer lens on it on this camera because the thread is so short. The Gitup cameras Git1 and Git2 were better in this regard having a longer thread and mount. I think most of these action cameras have an M12 nylon thread and can accept 1/2.3" lenses. The M12 thread is really built to have a lens mounted with some threadlocker and not moved again.
  3. I've used the Backbone products and have a history of many years working professionally with electronics. I am no stranger to working in a precise manner. I will never buy another backbone product again. The ribcage system was flawed and underwent iterations so it was compatible with more than one product. Before I bought it I checked the online tutorial and that first version *looked like* a good straightforward product. However, the second iteration involved *supergluing* (?!) componentry in place. Unfortunately the first tutorial was left online when it was entirely innappropriate for the second. If I had gone through the proper tutorial first (there was no way to know) I wouldn't have bought it. Several hundred dollars in the red and nothing to show for it.
  4. I've got two responses to this topic Consider that in terms of resolution, for stills, a 6 Mp CCD camera equaled 35mm film 10 years ago in terms of resolution. Not in terms of colour.. It seems to me modern 100mbs super 35 at 1080p from a prosumer camera is equal to 35mm film stock in terms of resolution. I've shot quality 4k and displayed it 4k on a big screen and it looks impressive. However, I'm happy with quality 1080p. I've heard annocdotally that for major studios VFX is done at 2k and rezzed up. It wouldn't surprise me. Also, what's the point of 6k if it's broadcast at 8Mbs? I mean really.. The limitation is not in the number of pixels but the size of the pipe. it's just a case of give me MOARRR!
  5. No idea what's the **best** but I really like the A7s image. It's my belief that many who look for the elusive *cinematic* image are really looking for dynamic range and potentially, nice rolled off highlights. Stabilisation would be an A7sii. There are many things not to like about these cameras but the image and just as importantly the sound quality is fantastic.
  6. A7S is the cheapest decent fullframe you can buy now. A7 is no good for video. If you absolutely need the shallow focus buy a 25mm 0.95 lens. Very shallow. In many ways I regret buying into the Sony system but I love the audio quality. Psss. You can buy a m43 Kaxinda (I think) which is a rebranded Meike 25mm 0.95 for under 200 at aliexpress.
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