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  1. lots of people use them for skating for some reason, mainly becasue they're too cheap for hvx200 hmc150 etc. same with the sony vx and pd cameras. it's a thing for some reason. been looking for a dvx but i'm broke as all hell lol, if i could find a modded one that'd still be amazing though
  2. don't want to go to nikon again- all my F glass is beat up- i.e 14mm that isnt recognised because the chip is damaged and the front element is badly scrathed and visible wide open, or just plain bad and their bodies aren't too good for video with past experience. the a7 is cheapest possible for full frame and yeah i get the pitfalls but i may still pull ahead as i don't want to buy refurb or used because of bad experiences in the past. at least the HDMI out is clean, but any other a7 is too much for me (750 pounds is limit because of money but i do want to move on from mft as i just generally haven't got along with MFT using the gx80, hacked g3 and my g7, and thought the d3300 that's now dead was too limiting with aps-c and wide angle lenses- and i can get the a7 with the kit for as much as a decent aps-c dslr body like the d7500 body only, hell even the 7d mkii or whatnot but dont like canon from experience.) and i want a little thing that's full frame and cheap for personal use, lol. if i wanted decent images i always have access to the ursa mini, sony fs500 i think and the jvc hd110 with the f1.4 zoom, as mismatched as a 4k camera and 720p HDV2 is i deliver in 720/1080 most of the time and i havent got any bad reception about video quality, even with the stuff with the main shots from the JVC.
  3. hi- on a very limited budget and wanting to hop from 16mm-ish that my g7 gave me to full frame, getting sick of the limited dof with fast lenses and the low light wasnt too good. i will be using an external recorder if i wanted to shoot pretty much uncompressed anyways and i have access to the ursa mini and gh5 for pro shoots anyways, and don't want to move to canon becuase i havent had good experiences with their cameras or go to aps-c again. i know it's not the best in low light and has moire issues but is there anything else to look out for? it's the cheapest for full frame and if i'm buying a body i'd rather it be new and it's really cheap with the 28-70 kitlens that i'll ditch anyways and use my samyangs and old m42 and pentax lenses on and adapt more stuff too in the future. i don't need mad bitrates internal and from what ive seen making it flat in camera is best bet and doesn't work that bad? as there's no s-log on the old A7 as far as i know? the a7ii has better internal recording and IBIS but i can't spend more of the money as it's all i can get at the moment lol and imo it's not much worth spending $500 more for.
  4. Fujinon 12.5-75 f/1.2 - vigs a bit, sorta like the old century fisheyes. made for 2/3 or 1 inch sensors i think. needs modification/doesnt work - when i tried it on the bmpcc 4k and panasonic g7 the back focus was well out of whack, and you need to do some pretty big mods to the lens and the c mount to make it fit the adapters as the rear diameter doesnt stick out as much as other c mount lenses and is too big for the mft adapter so wont screw in without the thing keeping the c mount in place. havent tried the double sided tape trick which keeps the lens on the camera by taping the c mount to the lens itself but i was only able to focus as far as 5 meters at 75mm with focus on infinity and there's no way as far as i know to get to mess with the back focus. ill probably get a ribcage modded gopro, digital bolex with the c mount or an old video 8 (!) sony 2006i - forgot the other model number, just a normal ancient video8 handycam with a pistol grip, rails, a removable shoulder mount and a c mount for lenses
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