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  1. Ak Ns

    What any cinematographer bring to a project?

    Thank you guys Great inputs. Apreciate every word
  2. What should i say when someone ask me about what will i bring to a project? What is my contribution? Why should you get paid? I have been getting these qestions, when ever i go to some bolleywood producer. !!
  3. Ak Ns

    I need A7s3 !!

    I am sure producers will be happy
  4. Ak Ns

    I need A7s3 !!

    With 4k 60fps, Higher bitrate codec, Redisgned colors science, Bigger battery, Bigger grip, 6500 focussing system, 10bit 4:2:2, Full frame 120fps in Full HD[slow motion playback] In less than 3500usd. Sony can you make it?
  5. Ak Ns

    First leaked image of FS7 II

    Least expected competitive autofocusing and higher bitrates. instead they changed price. very disappointed.
  6. After a while with Rx10ii, i wanted to upgrade. Slow-motion and 4k are preferable. Right now only available camera is 1dxii. GH5 very tempting but no announcement of release date. Since i have few canon old lenses, considering option 1dxii. can anyone tried both c-logs? whats will be the major differences?
  7. Ak Ns

    Canon 5d Mark IV Video

    Is crop factor problematic in real life world? above all videos look excellent.
  8. Hello all, I am looking for a decently used body to purchase, should be available in india. thank you
  9. Ak Ns

    Panasonic announces 4K 120fps RAW

    120fps RAW only in 10bit 422. switch to 24fps its on 12bit depth.
  10. People speak like canon invented a new camera. its just rebranded Varicam. Not an inch less or more.
  11. Ak Ns

    1Dx II initial usability impressions

    Its almost Apsc sensor. thanks gt3rs
  12. Ak Ns

    1Dx II initial usability impressions

    hi, have u tried any of sigma ar series lenses on this camera. specially Apse 18-35 lens[since its 4k videos crop is similar]? anybody tried sigma 18-35 lens on this camera?
  13. Ak Ns

    5 reasons why I will be getting a Panasonic GH5

    An year back i choose sony rx10ii for its s-log and slowmo. But after doing 2 documentaries and a short film the lens became wobbly and s-log is pain in the ass to get right colors. Sharpness forget about it. I am eagerly waiting for 1dc mk2 or gh5. 4k60p/good low light performance/motion cadency are my priorities.
  14. But it already exists and called red weapon 8k full frame. May be its rebreed as DXL!
  15. Ak Ns

    VisionLOG for Sony A7RII

    can it be loaded to camera?