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  1. It is one less step I have to do in post. In a multiple camera set-up, it is one less headache if I can set all cameras to 24 fps.
  2. Why aren't DCI 4k (Cinema 4k) and true 24 fps standard on all Lumix cameras? Is it technically possible to have 48 fps outside of the High Frame Rate setting? Is this something that can be implemented via a firmware update? What are some of the barriers engineers could potentially face bringing 8k technology to the Micro Four-Thirds format?
  3. Both the Pocket Cinema Cameras and S1H have true 24.0 fps and Cinema 4k, but does the S1 have it before or AFTER the Filmmaker upgrade key?
  4. Okay, it's early in the morning/late at night here. I found this thread and thought I was dreaming about being back in the past viewing an Osmo Pocket topic for the first time. I have one of these currently. It's okay for what it does. I took it with me on a hiking adventure. It worked fine enough, but the internal microphone placement and lack of a decent built in microphone jack led me to purchasing the 3.5mm adapter and a couple microphones. Now, I am contemplating letting it go until there is a version 2.0. Dark Island Trail Osmo Pocket Hiking | Rural Exploration DJI Osmo Pocket Audio Tests - Saramonic SR-XM1 - DJI FM-15 Fleximic
  5. You need 4,000 hours of total viewed content and 1,000 subscribers.
  6. Yes. I have been using V60 Cards with the GH5 and with the Pocket Cinema Camera 4k.
  7. I like the user interface and how easy it is to find and select the settings you want to use. I really like the image and the motion from the camera. There seems to be less ghosting in 24 fps than I was getting with my GH5. For me, it is easier to get the image I want in camera as long as I am not in the scene. I was getting about 40 minutes per battery. 5 batteries got me through a Quinceanera gig, but I was sweating toward the end. One battery left with about 70%. Storage was a challenge. I started with ProRes HQ and ended the day in ProRes 422 and ProRes LT. The lack of a remote live view was only an issue because my friends and I had a horror movie contest for Halloween. The rules were: One person had to do everything. There could be no help. We had to write it, shoot it, act in it, edit it, and put it online. The challenge was getting the footage I needed in a timely fashion. I shot my video the morning of the deadline, put it together, and uploaded on time.
  8. It was more me being sad that such an app doesn't exist. Instead of just moping around I put together a video of how I use the Panasonic App. Maybe someone in the loop will see that and decide it's a feature worthy of being in future cameras.
  9. I spent a day testing Freetail V60 SD Cards, a couple UHS-I cards and a Class 4 SD card to see what modes would work with the media. Freetail Evoke Pro C4k and UHD Prores HQ UHD 24 fps Prores 422 C4k 30fps Prores Proxy C4k 60fps HFR C4k and UHD Prores 422 C4k 30/24fps Prores Proxy C4k 60/24fps Freetail Evoke Pro 1080 CDNG RAW Lossless 1080 30fps Prores HQ 1080 60fps Prores Proxy 1080 120fps HFR 1080 Prores 422 1080 30/24fps Prores 422 1080 60/24fps Prores Proxy 1080 120/24fps
  10. I don't think it has Cinema 4k at all. It looks like it is UHD with the option of 23.976 or 24.0 I was hoping someone with the camera would confirm or deny.
  11. I was looking at the specs on the Olympus site. It says it has both 23.976 and Cinema 24.0 fps. I haven't seen that anywhere else. Is that true?
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