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  1. Because I thought it shows the exact same issue. You can easily ignore it if you don't like it.
  2. Yeah I haven't seen this in my footage either, it seems to be a rare problem. It's not a post processing error.
  3. I posted two examples of in camera lens correction problems, to prove that in camera correction works for video too. Please read the thread before you start to criticise.
  4. By accident I just found another one, this time with the 10-24 lens. I wonder if this is some kind of lens problem, or body.
  5. From what I've seen so far I'm pretty sure it's applied in video mode too. An evidence might be this video where the correction is faulty. It's been shot with the 18-55 btw.
  6. I uploaded a short video for reference. It contains 4 of my sharpest clips from my last trip, using the 18-55: https://www.dropbox.com/s/y5tselgh7a3yol6/tihany_spring.mov?dl=1 These are all shot with sharpness set to -3, at high shutter speeds with OIS left on. My other clips from this trip are all blurrier than these 4, a lot of them are completely unusable. I'll do some more tests this week at the same location with the same settings but with OIS turned off. I'd like to know if I have a focusing issue and/or an OIS issue.
  7. Another screengrab from a recent footage with the 18-55: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qyesr6rvh25g6el/DSCF1519.jpg?dl=1 This is with -3 sharpness, looks okay.
  8. Okay, this is a screengrab from my movie: https://www.dropbox.com/s/weec4k8c4jdmpot/compare1.jpg?dl=1 And this is one from BTM_Pix's ProNegStd.mov: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tni42dns4ibr9li/compare2.jpg?dl=1 This one is even more blurry than mine, at least to my eyes, but I let you guys make the judgement. It's sharp when I compare it to other 1080p footages, but I watch it on a UHD monitor, so it can't be as sharp as a properly shot UHD footage, naturally.
  9. Yeah we don't know that for sure, and this is a 1080p footage, hard to make a judgement.
  10. Yes I see the difference, but I don't know how sharp those scenes would look with the 18-55.
  11. No, I rarely use smaller than f/11. It would be nice if another 18-55 user could comment on the sharpness of this lens. Should I be worried?
  12. Yes it was one of my first, it's mostly underexposed, I only posted it to show moiré. You might remember this one, is this sharp to you? This is with the same lens, but with -3 sharpness. If this is sharp to you, then -4 might be too low for this lens after all:
  13. Are you sure you are not talking about the D5200 footage? The X-T2 footage is fine, but from 0:33 you see the moiré at -4 sharpness.
  14. Check this roof in 4K, I shot it with -4 sharpness. It doesn't really help.
  15. The sharpness was at -3. I used to have it at -4, but then I read somewhere that at -4 some extra blur is applied. I did not test this at all, just used -3 from that point on. Does anyone have info about this? I can't test it for a while.
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