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  1. I do wedding videography and photography, but I'm also branching out into being the officiant as well. And some catering for the reception.
  2. I swear this forum won’t be satisfied until everyone is shooting on Flip Cams. Get serious, or don’t, and just use your phone.
  3. Kubrickian


    He loves watching smooth 60 fps playback, and studies have shown that this also smooths your brain. There's no folds left in his brain
  4. I'd rather stop down, deepen the depth of field, and make sure the subject is totally static than have ANY amount of AF pulsing.
  5. Kubrickian


    Surely EOS-High-Definition.com is where the anti-24 revolution will find its start in earnest. This is where you’ll get noticed. Undoubtedly WB has seen those ultra-smooth handheld shots of strangers milling about and is sending dump trucks full of cash for a feature.
  6. Kubrickian


    This dude is a trip. Keeping fighting against 100 years of cinema history and audience expectation. You do you brah. You got this.
  7. Kubrickian


    The extra FPS really helps define the billowing capes of the child-touchers
  8. Kubrickian


    This guy is really Peter Jackson just trolling everyone.
  9. There's something about the motion cadence with the X-H2S that doesn't sit right with me. I'm guessing this example is at 1/48th shutter because I've seen similar results in other videos. You could always use some filtration to kill the over sharpened look, but I'm not sure there's a way to come back from this.
  10. People from the marketing departments of these companies must read these threads and start furiously pleasuring themselves.
  11. I can't take advice from anyone with the broccoli haircut
  12. Have you tried it recently with a different camera? I had that lav mic and it quickly died one day. I would also try without the xlr adapter. Just go straight into the 3.5mm input on the body.
  13. I would recommend doing some research outside this forum then. I find these prosumer cameras all have essentially the same ‘thin’ image. Maybe it’s because they’re all using that Sony sensor?
  14. There’s always a discrepancy between premiere renders and how Macs display them. The gamma will be lifted. It’s an apple / adobe disconnect. I don’t expect it ever to be fixed tbh
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