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  1. Nikon better than sony ALWAYs but still has its gooofy controls and dials just get 5d mk3 - check mate!
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    For cam I would go for used Leica M9 with maybe 3 used primes (if you're lucky) for video c200 and adapter for Leica primes, aesthethics overload!
  3. Morning boys! Most important future of camera is colour science, motion cadence and dynamic range. Lets say that this Sanyo has good DR but so what if the colours in 8bits look like plastic zombie land. No thanks jeff! Why would someone buy this over used 1DC is beyond me. Best affordable choices are, 5d mk3 (really a legendary classic with 14 bit vista-fuarking-vision size sensor and best colour science), 1DC (unbeatable 4k image, best body ever) and LEICA SL which used has fallen under 5K. Honorary mentions go to Fuji xpro2. Fuji is the only camera maker apart of LEICA and Canon that has charisma and character. GH5 has great features but the sensor size is a joke sorry, footage looks like iphone 7 video srs, but I guess it's alright to do the job for some. Buying the speedboosters and adapting other lenses is let's face it cumbersome and ridiculous and no one should to invest in lenses with electronics (like native mft). Sony, A6500 A7smk2 etc, oh boy, worst ergonomics, HORRIBLE colours (yes, they are never quite right), bad looking high iso srs. From sony F35 and f55 is noyce. Nikon, oh boy d850 maybe does look good on paper, but they even don't make they own sensor, not to mention the goofy buttons and ergonomics, and modern Nikon lenses look crap. Nikkor did really well with AIS lenses but that's it If you have more money just get the new jooouicy C200 or used c500, next step is ARRI AMIRA. REDs have amazing specs but that digital look is not nice, ARRI buldozers over RED sorry. I think that best possible look can be achived with ALEXA (or believe it or not with 5Dmk3 RAW) with old Cooks or vintage Panavision Anamorphics das it. Sony comes and goes with new A7xx and A6xxx, ultimately there are boring and unimaginative, and how is it possible to make camera with (claimed) 15 stops of DR and such disgusting colours and then put it in 8 bit. Just buy Canon or Leica srs
  4. boyos, the truth is that mk3 holds the value incredibly well, brb it's like 6year old camera that you can still sell for more than 60% of new price, tour over for sony fanboys. Brb a7s mk2 looses 50% of value in 6months ... I bought mk3 with 21-105L for 2440 in 2015, lens sold for 450. brb paid 2k for new one, brb can easily sell in germany for 1600-1700 now (not that I will ever do, u aware on 14bit raw video with motion cadenco of goods and color science only rivaled by leica) gh15 approved
  5. boyos who was 14 bit RAW ? who was best color science in business who was motion cadence of gods 5D mk3 forever!!! nikon...yawnnnnn
  6. Hi Selling this mini Kremlin Set. I used it for filmmaking with 5D Magic Lantern RAW. Stunning results, great organic look, with beautiful slightly warm colors, great compared to clinical modern lenses. I completed it over last 2 years, each lens is a good copy. With soviet glass there’s huge variation when it comes to quality. I tested few copies of each lens and kept the best. These are soviet made, build like tanks, all metal and strong. They have normal signs of use but are very very good condition. I’m only selling to satisfy my GAS syndrome for Contax glass Shipping from Germany, worldwide shipping possible but ask before. MC MIR-20M 20mm f/3.5 - Amazing, and rare, wide angle - very close minimal focus, sharp with great tonality Aperture clicks good for soviet lens, focus as smooth as it gets with those lenses. To my eye there are no scratches on glass elements, with microscope you can perhaps find some micro scratches but I would call it near mint. I had to remove the “hood” as it was showing in the shoots (that soviet design haha), metal hood is included and as well some original “filters". Front cap and back cap (“zenith”) I can’t see fungus or dust. ------------------------- Mir 1B 37mm f/2.8 - Lens that won Grand Prix Brussels in 1958. Very sharp for such a old design, great bokeh and organic color. Smooth step-less aperture. Really lovely aesthetics. I can’t see any scratches on glass elements. I had to remove small metal element on the back as the mirror from 5D hit it, but it makes no affect on the lens operation (check photo). Aperture moves smoothly, focus smooth (for soviet lens). There is some rattle noyce as if there was a loose screw or something but it doesn’t affect the lens use or results. I guess thats the soviet charm. I can’t see fungus or dust. Comes with generic M42 back cap, 49-77 step-up filter and Nikon front cap. I might still find original front cap (not guaranteed) but you are probably better off with the Nikon one --------------------------- Helios-44M 58mm f2.0 - the classic BOKEH master, lovely swirly bokeh. This one is made in 78 so better times for soviet production. I can’t see scratches on glass elements, focus moves smooth for soviet lens, aperture de-clicked! This one comes with m42toEOS adapter and canon back cap. Again I will try to find front cap but it’s not guaranteed. Can’t see any fungus or dust Any questions just ask!
  7. Fuark! Solid upgrade! Who needs 4k? 5dmk3 ML raw image is still better than almost anything Would buy/10
  8. Just tested - check mate sony! I'm sure the magic lantern boyos will add usable liveview preview and sound recording, then together with 60fps RAW and cheap CF we have a killer with look only matched by ARRI or Panavision, just check ebay - mark3 prices are going through the roof!
  9. Hi guys With what camera was this filmed ? Is a film camera with cine servo zoom ? Or just something like RED with epic grading ? Thanks!
  10. Hi Guys ! Everything located in Leipzig, Germany. Prices are slightly negotiable Shipping anywhere is possible! Paypal (extra fees) or bank transfer. I paid close to 900euro (including duties for small rig from korea) looking for 550euro for everything!!!!! You get exactly what you see in the 2 pictures. Condition from new to almost new I never got around to use it. Fotga DP500IIS follow focus with AB stops + different size rings (rings not in the pics) FOTGA 15mm Rail Rod Quick Release Baseplate SmallRig parts 15mm Carbon Fiber Rod - 45cm 18inch (2pcs) 0871 0871 x 2 Camera Fixing screw 1/4 inch w/ Quick release D-ring 0838 1 15mm Carbon Fiber Rod - 20cm 8inch (2pcs) 0870 0870 1 HDMI Lock 1412 1412 1 SMALLRIG Safety NATO Rail (7cm) 1195 1195 1 Tripod Mounting Kit 1595 1595 1 SmallRig Cold Shoe 1241 1241 1 SMALLRIG CoolHandles V3 for 15mm DSLR Shoulder Rig 972 972 1 SMALLRIG Shoulder Pad 1511 1511 1 Camera Fixing screw 3/8 inch w/ Quick release D-ring 0872 Please note that the cage and wooden handle as on the screenshot from smallrig order are not part of sale. You get exactly what you see on the photos!
  11. HI I"m trying to the same trick with directly importing from MLVFS to Resolve. I do simple color correction and try to export to proress 420 but the render are getting mega slow: approx 4h for 10min footage. When I copy to hdd and try it, it works fine. I tried with 3 different usb3 UDMA 7 readers but it"s the same. I use latest macbook pro 15 and davinci resolve studio 12.Any ideas why it"s so slow ? What CF reader are you using? Thanks!
  12. Hi guys! Selling this MustHD M601H field monitor as I never use it. Bargain price at 320EUR + shipping. I can also consider trades Works 100%m basically like new comes with: original box and instructions monitor with sun hood HDMI to micro HDMI cable Canon LP-E6 battery plate F970 battery plate + 2 Patona Sony F970 batteries and charger like on the photos Great monitor with a lot of functions. I used it few times with 5D markIII with magic lantern and it works great! Sales are final, no warranty and no return. Item is located in Germany, worldwide shipping is possible - just ask. In Europe I will ship with DHL tracked shipping manufactures info: https://www.musthd.com/products/56-inch-musthd-1280800-on-camera-field-monitor-with-hdmi-input-focus-assistance-exposure-76.html
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