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  1. Sage, Thanks for updating the PDF with recommended settings plus the Waveform guides are very useful, well explained and much needed! ☝️
  2. Hi Sage, where can I get the latest download from? Looking to testing it out on the other shots I have from V1!
  3. Can't wait to get my hands on this Sage and any updated info for grading.
  4. Great! looking forward to the luma grading pdf. you can send me an advance copy if you like Just walking around and shooting what i see in varying light sources to see how the LUT behaves
  5. I followed your instructions in the pdf using Resolve 14 )) making sure the luma are within the range of 128 - 768 we get the desired Alexa look. If I use Log- C I should be able to make any colour corrections needed but should I stray away from those luma levels or would that defeat the purpose of using the Lut?
  6. Quick try in daylight with GHa Daylight on GH5 with Anamorphic 2x . very nice and filmic.
  7. Have you released this 6K anamorphic video AaronC?
  8. Hi Sage, Will you be offering the GH5s conversion as a free update? I have the GH5 but may sell it to get the GH5s as it would suit my needs more. But I want to get into shooting something as it looks great and also test it out. Will the color coded engine be an app that you input the Kelvin into to get the lut? Sounds intriguing!
  9. Hi @ntblowz what tiffen promist did you use 1/4 or 1/2 or ? It certainly has a nice look
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