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  1. So you mean just about every camera ever until a few years ago? Cinematography itself hasn't changed much really. Where I work we for the most part still use gear mostly from the S35 days, all that has really changed is the cameras and we are starting to use more and more led lights.
  2. I'm not sure how many hours does ours have, but it's been going for about 3 years day in day out without hicups.
  3. Ok, not bad actually then, 120fps to 4K30fps, good enough for my needs. Waiting for the BMPCC4k to test but so far I`m liking that I`m getting here.
  4. Does this camera do off speed playback? And if so, does it play it out the HDMI? I forgot to check this while I had it at home. I wonder if you can do what I used to do while I had the fs5, where I would record a super slow motion, play it back at 24 fps and record the playback to the shogun, to get prores on the spot.
  5. Exactly...if I go around town and make a IG video or sometning I would prefer to directly edit.
  6. Prores, because I need to transcode before that. I thought we were over that about a decade ago same goes for the proxies...I will not be using this camera for feature films anytime soon, it is a hoby camera. My computer is in need of an upgrade anyway, so why not get it ready for future consumer cameras, which will most likely be h.265.
  7. I guess I need to upgrade my computer a bit unless I transcode. In theory, what do I need for smooth editing of these files? My home computer is strugling...the gpu is fairly new, the 1060. Cpu is pretty antient, one of the first i7 8 core I think. Runs fine the 4k raw, but this is a different story altogether
  8. Yup, no point in buying it now for a grand anymore, but for 500 it`ll be a steal!
  9. Bravo! I guess I made it easy with that hint. It is the BMPCC with a Tokina 28-70 2.8 and a metabones XL shoot in RAW. Anyway, we have cut it with the 4.6k ursa many times and if you don`t need to punch in or reframe 99% won`t know it`s not the ursa. I`ve seen these go for like 300-400€...insane image quality for the money! I need to drag out the micro cinema, for some slo-mo goodnes.
  10. Cmon, no other guesses??? I hint...it does not take photos
  11. nope..I thought that this will be guessed in the first attempts
  12. thank you! but none of the above, lets keep playing
  13. I`ve got the atomos power staion that I kinda never used that much since the mirroless days....Today I wanted to use it with the OG bmpcc and found out that it outputs less that 10v, 7.2-8.something. Would this work if I used a dummy battery with the OG pocket and the 4k?
  14. well what you get with a light camera and a steady cam in not what you get with a heavy cam handheld...lets clear first of all what do you want a steady cam of a heavy handheld camera. If you want to have a look of an alexa on a steady cam you get a steady cam and a great colorist If you want the look of a heavy camera being handheld you need a heavy camera and operate it handheld but really as Inazuma said, multiple points of contact with the operater and simply add weight, v-lock batteries help a bunch and yes a top handle for low slung shots, it`s a must. I don`t really like gimbals that much, don`t get me wrong they are superb tools that have opened so many doors to so many filmmakers, but they have their own feel and look. What I have used many many times with all kinds of cameras for follow along shots was a wheelchair with two apple boxes to sit on or simply standing on a skateboard going backwards, on smooth surfaces that is.
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