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  1. just get any raw recording camera really. OG pockets have been used alongside alexas since they were made, so were Mk2-3s...as corny as it sounds, it`s not the camera, at least not in these times.
  2. What converters do you guys use for h.265-prores on Win machines? And to which flavour of prores do you convert to?
  3. Yes, so now you have an external battery, a cable to power it to camera and it's a usb one. Then you have a preamp, with it's own set of batteries, cables, and an ND that you can easily drop, break, loose and every single cable will break eventualy. I'm not trying do argue at all but I've been there and you will not belive what kind of releave it is to have a all in one solution at all times. Would I want ibis on a let's say fs7...sure why not, but if I would have to choose I would pick it last out of all these features. But maybe you have done more docu work than I have, and you prefer Ibis above all of the above feature, and thats fine, I'm just sharing my own experiences.
  4. Photographers or videographers?
  5. Long battery life, internal NDs, XLR inputs and good overall onboard audio are things that you need for documetary work. Ibis would be least of my concern.
  6. Honestly, I did the whole series filming, being a work non stop guy, never made it big, maybe because here where I`m from there is no big. But honestly, during my fifth or so 3-4 month strech of pretty much living on set I decieded to quit. Seing that those sets consisted of 80% divorced people (on blow, just to get by) telling themselfs that this it what they always wanted... I now edit 8h/day film when and what I want, earn about 1/2 of what I did, but being 5x as happy Anyway...a bit offtopic I guess grading is hard yes, buy a Fuji, enyoi straight out of the camera
  7. Hahah, belive I'm no woried DP nor don't I see myself ever being fired or hired by a filmaker dad I have seen bad bad bad footage from every kind of camera, it's not sony specific, and I have seen good footage from most. The thing is that people "need" the latitude to grade their own footage, when most don't have a clue what they're doing. Hell, most tutorials from the people that will make you think they're in the know how are bullshit. No amount od andrews magic plug and play luts will make your footage look good with a single click. It's like buying a pair of sneakers and trying to get to the olympics. Oh, and I don't have secrets, nor do I mind sharing anything. In fact, there are no secrets anymore, hell Roger Deakins will tell and show you how he goes about filming.
  8. Fs7 is a great camera, with good colors. It's not the 10 bit that saves it, it's the person using it, aka not a "filmaker dad" who is also a self taught colorist, and is writing a script for a short movie in which his friend will star, so all he needs now is to complete his contanx zeiss collection which curently consists of a 50mm 1.8 and he'll be on his way to vimeo stardom. As for sony, I don't know about their latest consumer cameras, but I owned the og a7s and it was fine in natural light, but once introduced to diferent light sources it was shit. I then started to replace and tweak lights to battle it, but soon realised it was way cheaper to buy a better camera
  9. what is she`s pale and has a reddish nose?
  10. disconnect and reconnect the lens /lens with adapter while camera is operating. That usually did the trick with mine.
  11. I`m sorry, did not read the whole thread, but this is the video you were impressed with? The pink/green clouds, like crap looking skintones? I mean, this is just about as nasty as a low level ENG camera. I`m sure that its a user error, poorly shot, poorly grade, but seriusly, this clip???
  12. what sd cards do you guys use?
  13. It has probably been discused before, but I can`t seem to find much on the topic...how is wifi monitoring on andoid phones/tablets? Are there any apps besides the official fuji app?
  14. So you mean just about every camera ever until a few years ago? Cinematography itself hasn't changed much really. Where I work we for the most part still use gear mostly from the S35 days, all that has really changed is the cameras and we are starting to use more and more led lights.
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