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  1. ​That's what you made it into, to justify someone else's racism. I'm done with this site.
  2. ​Very enlightening to read this from you, the administrator and owner of this site. I completely and wholeheartedly disagree with you. If you don't see the problem with any white person saying that word (yes : WHO says the word DOES matter), then there's very little to say. Even behind closed doors or without a black person in sight. Apparently to you it's OK to say it when there's no fear for the consequences. If Clarkson is the big guy you claim him to be, let him say it for comic effect in Brixton. And see what big guy he really is. You can't use a derogatory term like that like it'
  3. If you hit a coworker on the job, there's going to be consequences. Top Gear will do just fine without Clarkson. That's all there is to it.
  4. congrats with finding a Red that cheap, but maybe you should check your monitoring setup, because those stills look way too dark and contrasty. As in Canon HV20 stills.
  5. There's no need for Canon, Nikon, Panny, Sony to try and compete with app builders and smartphone makers. It's an absurd ratrace, where you need to put out something new every 2 months in this consumption driven society. Which does nothing but destroy this planet and leaves people constantly frustrated because they feel that not having the latest model somehow says something about your skills or selfvalue. Let them focus on people who make a living out of photograph, or the serious hobbyist. Just like they did in the past. If they managed to have a healthy company by only releasing a new ca
  6. I'm about to sell a complete set of Mamiya Sekor M42 lenses (28 2.8, 35 2.8, 50 2.0, 55 1.4, 135 2.8), along with a jinfinance Speedbooster (from M42 to M43). All lenses are getting a full LCA treatment this week, should have 'm back next week. If you're interested let me know. I live in Belgium, so shipping should be reasonable. Mamiya Sekor's, along with Yashica's or Canon FD's are a great and affordable route. I'm selling my Mamiya Sekor's because I have a full Canon FD collection now.
  7. @Rikoshet : I downloaded the firmware update through a different site this morning. Apparently they linked to just the YAGH firmware update. I followed the link on this blog and everything worked out fine.
  8. Start stop over HDMI doesn't work with my Ninja Blade. The option is greyed out in my GH4's menu. Have tried changing to 24p Cinema mode, various settings (both MP4 and AVCHD), but it won't work ... Anyone more info or a different experience ?
  9. Anyone else having trouble updating to 2.1 ? I did everything the instructions say : newly formatted card, full battery. However when I press play nothing happens, just the usual 'no picture' message.
  10. What a bunch of overgeneralizing statements, just to try to proove a point that you already decided on. Photography has never been this alive. People said the exact same thing about painting when photography came up. People said the exact same thing about music when MIDI was invented. This is lazy arguing at best.
  11. Sell your gh2 and buy a g6. Same image quality without having to hack it.
  12. I'm sorry, but this isn't doing anything for me. Mainly because the green screen shots are very very obviously fake, and the digital effects like the explosion or jump into the pool are anything but convincing. Add to that the sound design and mixing which don't make any sense. Like all composited shots from the 7:15 mark on, which have dry studio voice over sound, while they're standing outside. The main problem I have with these technical aspects lacking, is that they draw me completely away from the story. So much so, that I couldn't even tell you what this short is about. Nor that I
  13. After trying out various settings with the GH4, my impression is that the best way to shoot with it is as with my G6. One of my last shoots with my G6 was for an Ikea commercial. The other cameras on that shoot were Sony F5's and F55's. In the final edit, there's no way to tell which shots were my G6 and which were the Sony's. Same thing with another shoot with Sony's à nd a Red. On the G6, I shot with the NATURAL profile with contrast, sharpness, noise reduction all the way down. Saturation and hue are dialled in depending on what the scene needs. I don't touch Master Pedestal at all, n
  14. Panasonic G6, Sony A6000 or Panasonic GH3. G6 has no HDMI out, but delivers better video than the A6000. Very good battery life also. GH3 is the most expensive camera but is built better. I have both the G6 and A6000. For stills I prefer the A6000 (it replaced my Canon DSLR's), for video the G6 is my favourite. The good thing about the G6 is that it's dirt cheap, allowing you to get a couple of extra batteries, Metabones Speedbooster (or clone) and a few Canon FD lenses all within your budget.
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