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  1. Ok guys, if you want to see a very special article on m43rumors, just look at this one: https://www.43rumors.com/more-gh5ii-coverage-with-size-comparisons/ I believe that clickbait site is run by an Italian... When reading through the comment section I got the giggles... This is a masterpiece! A kind of Fellini for nerds...
  2. Yes, it IS a great lens and a great system... Even Toneh had to admit this recently when he shot with this lens on the GH5-II... He now says it is the best vlogger combi on the market... According to him Panasonic finally fixed the CAF on that camera… It is clear that unsubstantiated one-liners do get him a lot of clicks! Furthermore he is firmly within the group that doesn't understand equivalence. Yes, it behaves like a 20-50 mm in FF terms, and yes it has the bokeh of a 3.4 FF lens, but as aperture is concerned, it DOES behave as a 1.7 as far as the exposure triangl
  3. Interesting! I would love to hear Andrew's opinion!
  4. Yes, on my AMD 3950 with RTX 2060 Super it does run relatively smooth in Resolve, not so smooth in Premiere Po. I have got 64 Gb RAM and of course fast PCI SSDs. If you add some taxing grades, multiview becomes problematic, but that is my later stage anyway...
  5. Thanks guys for your thoughts on ProRes. Food for thought. Interesting to hear that BRAW is such a good alternative. Yes, I know that ProRes still holds a firm grip in the professional world, but that might also be a case of old habits slowly die... I was just curious to know from others whether they still think that the advantage of less burden on the CPU/GPU was greater than the disadvantage of gigantic data rates and file sizes. As it is, I find archiving already a very taxing job...
  6. Hi Yannick, up till now I have worked with up to 5 cams, and that went smoothly. I agree that somewhere there must be a turning point where h264 becomes slow and Prores remains doable, but at that point gigantic data traffic of Prores will also become a burden? I have no experience with braw... Is it s good compromise between IQ and data efficiency?
  7. Yes, I have tried the lighter flavours as well, but as soon as I stepped down on the scales of Prores I found the quality lacking and well under the h264/h266 codecs... Maybe I am missing something? It could be that very complex gradings might benefit from Prores, but up till now, I didn't 3xperience any problems with my new hardware. Resolve is extremely fast, even with a rather modest AMD 3950 and RTX2060 GPU. I agree that a couple of years ago 4k in h264 was a pain, but nowadays I have the impression that the extra storage demands of Prores slow down the process more than the handling
  8. Yes, few people realize that the MFT mount enables a somewhat larger sensorsize than most MFT cameras use. I became aware of this with the GH5s, because it's sensor has a considerably larger size than the the standard GH5, resulting in a much wider image in lenses. In fact it seems to be somewhere in the middle between m43 and apsc... It would be great to have more cameras with a variable use of sensor surface being used. That way we would be much more flexible when using manual lenses and with or without ibis...
  9. Andrew, it's great to see you posting more reviews on cameras again, because that's where you're good at. Critical views on gear without all the PR humbug that other sites quote from the manufacturer... I do have one question. You still seem very fond of Prores, and you said you would like to have that on the new GH6 as well. I have Prores (and the DNX formats) on my Atamos Ninja Inferno, but nowadays I hate to use them... My point is that these codecs seem obsolete to me. They take up extreme amounts of storage space, and to my eye don't really have an edge on h264 and
  10. I do a lot of concert videos of classical music, and it is vital for me to have camera's that can run unattended for one or two hours. The GH5 is still one of the very few hybrids that can do exactly that. With a battery grip it can record for nearly 3 hours and I have never had any heating problem. For run-and gun it is also still an excellent camera with its great Ibis, very good handling and bulletproof design. Yes, the AF is nowadays its weak spot, but after all the updates and with some native lenses it is much better than some would suspect. In critical situations, one learns h
  11. Hi Andrew, this is exactly the kind of information people are looking for. Just a clear view on the pros and cons... You see why we don't want you to abandon EOSHD? Keep up the good work!
  12. Andrew, please don't quit! I have learned so much on this blog. I know we live in a thoroughly controlled and commercialised world, and it is frustrating to see the commercial chaps dominate the scene. It is indeed ridiculous that Panasonic doesn't send you a GH5, but it is also understandable and maybe even a compliment! The industry likes smooth guys for reviewing and one could accuse you of all kind of things, but a smooth guy you're not! Therefore it is vital that guys like you and Gordon of Cameralabs and others who share a passion and an independent mind won't give up. Gor
  13. Yes, this is a beautiful camera indeed. A friend of mine has the T1. I like everything about Fuji, except that their lenses are big and expensive... Will wait for the GH5 because of the whole ecosystem. For studio work this is no problem, but I do not go back to bulky systems when outdoors.
  14. It all depends on the way you pursue these offences. If the guy get lynched, you would be right. If he gets a fair chance to defend himself, there is nothing wrong with pursueing him for his offences. Indeed, a society where these offences are being pursued in a fair way is a much better place than a society that does not care.
  15. How can you uphold that his previous incidents are irrelevant to this specific discussion? You seem to be deeply upset by the verb to lie... That seems reasonable enough, but it is petty work compared to the insults done by that chap Clarkson... You rightfully demand to be treated with respect, but you don't mind Clarkson abusing others?
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