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  1. :'( I am really interested in the Olympus Air thing too, shame it's mushy 1080p.
  2. Whatever happened to this? Was it all just a big prank and a joke? Because if Olympus release a 4K now they'd win!
  3. The only thing that ever screams video to me is harshly clipped whitey/yellow/cyan/magenta highlights. Now we're mostly past that technical problem for the most part so it's all up to the artists to up their game in what's infront of the technicals! Love the look of Revenant... everything is so wide - reminds me of Terrence Malick's stuff like Knight of Cups.
  4. That GX7 EVF hump and rectangular corner just looks so ugly in my opinion... I prefer the symmetry and sleek aethetic to the GX7. All I wanted was just a 4K update on the GX7, and maybe a 3.5mm jack and a tiltable uppy screen and maybe weatherproofing. This total re-design and 2.5 times price tag is bizarre!
  5. Because if I want lightness and portability - I'd rather use the GM5 or LX100. The G7 has all the photography features (minus stabilisation and tilting EVF) plus has 4K. It's bigger and uglier though. The GX8 looks like a worthy successor to the GX7. But it it's also bigger and costs over twice as much,
  6. I love my silver GX7+20mm but I'm ready to let it go in favour of the GX8, or the G7, or the GM5. It takes wonderful images, great camera. Things to note: The EVF in my opinion is also horrible. I notice tearing and rainbowy stutter on it that isn't enjoyable to use. and I never bothered with the in body stabiliser much
  7. ​Actually that is seriously tempting. I also want to upgrade to the Note 4 because Display Mate claims it covers most of the AdobeRGB spectrum. And I love looking at deep blacks. Thanks Andrew for the LG Cinema Display review. The backlight and lightbleeds at the bottom put me off too though :\
  8. Lammy

    Ed David

    ​Agreed, this is one thread that didn't need to be made other than to have a last word and to keep provoking the same conversation... the same conversation... which is basically this: "I think we should stand up on domestic violence! PS I'm a great guy, and I believe the women!" "No one said I aint against domestic violence. You know nothing. No evidence that Phil did it. You crazy sanctimonious shit." "I think we should stand up on domestic violence! PS I'm a great guy, and I believe the women!" "No one said I aint against domestic violence. You know nothing. No evidence that Phil did it. You
  9. ​Holy crap, yes! I collect Film Festival short film collection DVDs and I was wowed by how the older ones were shot on film and had amazing stories. Then it got a little crappier looking with the invent of DV. Then it got a little bit better with the DSLR. Now I feel like I've seen everything before and it just seems like to make it in a film festival and get attention requires not only a great story, but A list talent now ontop of the latest 4K camera technology. Either that or the reverse 16mm b/w. Dammit! Seriously, look at the Oscar and Bafta winning shorts over the past few years... even
  10. I don't see the posts as failing to see the "opposing side" so much as the side he is leaning on is being taken more seriously in weight in the face of personal attacks and Devil's Advocates. The reason why we care and why we have so much discussions is because we all want to be heard. We all have our points of view. There's good reason why most works of art are... well, rather liberal and show empathy. And then there's also a reason why some works are just kind of boring propaganda. These are far more interesting discussions than measurable technical information about dynamic range and ISO s
  11. That design looks like it belongs on a cool robot!
  12. I think general boredom and human connections are the most important for inspiration and ideas in narrative work. For all else, this is awesome: www.procatinator.com
  13. Yes, calling each other racist, scum, and stupid really is daft as fuck and doesn't help. The pitfalls of speaking politics and different ideologies in the wrong place... And QMedia, I care. Just last week the popular opinion of a million Top Gear fans wanting petition for Clarkson to stay on. That's pretty good fandom, mind you. Most Conservatives were on the fence, until the report came out, where they then changed their tune to agree with the Left with the inevitable BBC sacking. It's funny how popular opinions can change given information and context. While we can all now agree (as Andrew
  14. Poll for Clarkson's Dismissal 59% right decision, 29% wrong decision, 12% don't know. I've been keeping an eye on the elections lately but it's really interesting looking at the overall demographic of voters for topics like the Clarkson debate. Like the usual difference in ideologies etc.
  15. It's sad times when the most exposure people see of the Kodak brand is just selling cheap AA batteries at Poundland. Walking around the Pinewood lot, at least Spectre and Star Wars are being shot on Kodak film still. Makes me wonder if they were as innovative at making better digital cameras or collaborating with companies like Nikon or Arri may have turned a better route...
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