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  1. Nice software but why spending money on that when FCPx does the same when importing clips? (@tomsemiterrific explains that he use FCPx, no need to waste money)
  2. two solutions 1. Wait for Apple to release an update of FCPx 2. Do like most people do (and what I am actually doing with my GH5) transcode when importing to ProRes.
  3. For me the Steadicams will always outperform a Gimbal... the movements you can get from a steadicam are just amazing... Still I own a Gimbal and not a Steadicam and this simply because I am bad at operating a Steadicam...
  4. I don't get the point of shooting in 4K when the whole video is at best soft as hell or badly out of focus. What did you try to achieve here? Is this some kind of artistic modern art approach that the average joe like myself won't get?
  5. Just saw that this afternoon on AV Watch Japan http://stkb.co.jp/info/?p=4356 That really cool... I wish Metabones could do something similar for M43.
  6. Thank you for this topic as I wanted to create one asking about this camera. Sor far DJI has always fell on me and I m tired of their XXX = Bought a Ronin that barely worked, OSMO with X3 : Crappy Camera, Osmo Mobile : 4K problems and can't access video files if you do not have the Osmo mobile turned ON! (Each time I returned what I purchased after a week. BUT... the Osmo was a really good Gimbal, the X3 Camera was crap. So I am really looking to get some nice feedback on the X5 before doing anything. The Osmo with a X5 is a nice combo, better and easier to carry around than my GH4 or GX7MKII and a Came TV Single for example.
  7. I am personally really fan of Olympus lenses. The color you get from these lenses are really good, at least on my 7-14mm. Otherwise I like the 12-35, 35-100 and 12mm F1.4.
  8. So the question is, will it take descent videos in 4K 30p? As I am reading everywhere that only the 24p mode was acceptable...
  9. These kind of videos are... useless. A nice fellow, but he just rehash what we read on the net and did not even bother going to Photokina (not that expensive), as a real journalist should do, and talk to the people from Panasonic there to get all the details and bring something that was not yet said or confirmed. Waist of time, just click bait. He could even had taken his own videos and photos of the beast instead of relying on other's work... Sorry if I sound rude, but I have (now sold) ran a modest tech website in English and French from Japan on Japanese tech and being on the go to cover press event or show like these where our first priority to get something that others were too lazy to get.
  10. Sure, I won't sell my 12-35 and 35-100 anytime soon and now I will go and get a 7-14 F2.8 from Olympus... (Still have the metabones and Sigma option) but these lenses looked really nice... the combo 8-18 and 12-60 was perfect for me... with fix A
  11. Am I the only one disappointed with the F2.8~4 lenses? Fix Aperture is a must, at least for me...
  12. WOW.... I ordered one as my G4S for GoPro need to go back to China... (It was starting to tilt on the right after 5 minutes loosing balance). I hope it will work nice with the new iPhone 7 video ;-) Now sure how can get good result with that. Yesterday I gave it a try with a 7-14 (no IS) and the GX7MKII (No 5 axis as the internal Ibis does 3 axis) and the result was just catastrophic when walking, even smoothly. Pictures were horribly distorted and IBIS was not able to cop with me walking. Things are MUCH better however when you mount an IS Lens on the GX7MKII (you have 2+3 axis = 5Axis).
  13. I, unfortunately, rely a lot on ND Filters as I do not know how to do otherwise. If anyone got an Idea or know a place when I can see and learn how to do that (getting ride of ND filters) then please by all means let me know!
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