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  1. Fuji X-H1. IBIS, Phase Detect 4K beast?

    I think the competition is the determining factor not on features, but release. Gotta hurry up and make some shit to stay in the game. Canon doesn’t seem to care when Sony, Panasonic, Fuji, Olympus, etc come out with something.. Let Nikon release a shoulder strap though... lol. I guess if we’re going to be 8-bit in 2018 (😒). Fuji’s straight-off-the-card image is one of the best imo. Beautiful color science.
  2. New, Yeah New Kodak Super 8mm Camera.

    It’s neat & all, but 8mm looks like shit and film is expensive. Hipsters👍🏻
  3. DJI Mavic killer? They say so...

    I just wish they’d make a straight forward cine cam with the X7 that doesn’t need a drone attached to it. Love that image.
  4. They've literally already done a comparison haha https://youtu.be/q4-yE4ytw5k
  5. “The Middle Path”: A Lumix GH5s Short

  6. “The Middle Path”: A Lumix GH5s Short

    Definitely. I’m not sure how old you are, but i can identify with where you are. - I’m the opposite now though, haha. I was a composer/guitarist most of my life. - All i ever wanted to do secretly was make movies though. So now I’m finally getting serious about it. Music is a lot easier with kids for sure. - Until they’re old enough to pull on your arm while you’re trying to mix, haha.
  7. Why YouTuber Logan Paul can't put his camera down

    Yep. What people find entertaining on the other hand is beyond me. ..because I have no idea what people find appealing about a guy bullshitting in front of an iphone. Especially 15 million of them.. I'm only 38 years old.. I don't think my tastes are that antiquated. To me it's a 20,000:1 ratio of Microwave fame. I'm just saying if the ground wasn't fertile, the weeds wouldn't grow. For godsake, look at country music, lol.
  8. Why YouTuber Logan Paul can't put his camera down

    Because everything is freaking subjective anymore. The line between right and wrong is so blurry it’s almost transparent. 🙄 “Oh you shot up an orphanage? Probably 2 sides to the story.”
  9. Why YouTuber Logan Paul can't put his camera down

    Work ethic is a "bar" dude. If your default response to a dead body is to exploit it for personal gain, - and that being fucked up is subjective, then it's over my head apparently.. My comments don't need dissecting. What got us here was the voice we gave to laziness.
  10. Why YouTuber Logan Paul can't put his camera down

    Production value? People put work in to bring entertainment to the masses? Call me crazy, but the shittiest cartoon on television took a hell of a lot more effort than a guy screaming at an iphone playing Minecraft. To each his own.
  11. Why YouTuber Logan Paul can't put his camera down

    I agree. - but we democratized the platform and now we have Logan Paul. At least in the 20th, there was a sense of duty when it came to quality... There was a bar, even if the 80's gave us "Gotcha" the paintball movie. I'm kinda with Ridley Scott at the director's round table when he says 1000 films a year is probably 500 too many. There is no filter anymore, no plot, and people don't demand more from their entertainment.... So there again, we have Logan Paul.
  12. Why YouTuber Logan Paul can't put his camera down

    If you've ever suffered 5 minutes of Youtube Kids, your "algorithm" statement is completely correct. Watch Sonic the Hedgehog drive Lightning Mcqueen off a skyscraper 1500 feet onto a farting velociraptor with breasts and Don Johnson loafers... while "Daddy Finger" repeats in the background. I kind of hate that social media has given literally everyone a voice when I see Logan Paul as an example. -Since feeling special and accepted is an ingrained part of every human being's natural make-up, social media, Youtube, etc.. - keeps us buried in our phones, constantly seeking value in "likes" and whatever trivial bullshit virtual currency there is. It's a breeding ground for ill-advised priorities and narcissism. Even if it’s just subscribing, you’re piggy backing a sense of community for the almighty motive - attention. Everything is literally based on attention. It drives the motive of most media "outrage" these days with a voice that says "Judge this motherf---er. It's trendy." or some idiot's default response to go full LiveLeak on a dead body. F'king Nightcrawler. He's done.
  13. “The Middle Path”: A Lumix GH5s Short

    It is pretty silly, lol