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  1. The X7 is an insanely gorgeous image. I personally think DJI have a better image than just about everyone else except Arri right now. I’ve always wanted to see them put it in a stand alone camera body and i hope that’s what we’ll see sometime soon.
  2. This year has shaped up to be one of the most exciting in terms of announcements. Feels like infinity War, lol. The Panny FF, Sony A7S3, Pocket 4K, Nikon Z6, and this Fuji.. Fuji has insanely great color. This one had me at hello.
  3. Between the random disagreements that breakout in these threads sometimes, I find a lot of useful info on this site and have for a lot of years! It’s not gearslutz thank god, but it does get a little ridiculous reading “no IBIS or DPAF. Fuck this $1300 raw cinema camera with a full copy of Resolve.” I thought the spectacle of what BMD we’re doing all along was the firepower they included at such an exciting price point, being a small-ish company. But people seem to blast the hell out of them for it. More so unforgiving than Sony, Panasonic, even Canon. I’m thankful this site exist. The articles are always relevant, well presented and followed up with the community.
  4. I’ve owned 3 bmcc 2.5k, and 1 pocket cam. I had an issue with 2 Bmcc’s - (black magic confirmed and replaced them. They were fantastic in the process). All 4 cameras were plagued with FPN. I don’t shoot in the dark and don’t expect an A7S, but the noise sucked. I haven’t shot with the Ursa 4.6 pro, but i was really hoping for a cleaner image on the new pocket.
  5. I wish Blackmagic had more influence on other manufacturers than they do. They’ve been throwing raw on SD cards since like, 2013. 5 years later and we’re still talking about 8-bit codecs.
  6. Lol. No I did not man:). This is Oriol Colomar. He’s made a few gems with the 500 though from what I can tell
  7. I love the C500. Just the image. Even the internal 1080 (to me at least) - looks a lot more organic than the C300. This vid was done with a CP.2 50mm, all internal HD recording. (Some GoPro in there as well, easy to spot).
  8. I agree. I don’t personally care for Von Trier’s films, but that’s about as irrelevant as it should be. There is too much influence portrayed as a universal acceptance in cinema simply because of the bandwagon. I saw Black Panther because I felt like I was the only person in the world who wasn’t hash tagging how amazing it was.... Bullshit. I felt like I was “supposed” to like it because if I didn’t, that was racist. I just didn’t. The fact that it’s a problem these days if you don’t, and not prioritizing the acceptable cool kids club agenda - is more offensive to me than anything Lars will ever do and I guarantee only about 10% of the 100 critics who decided to walk out of the movie were just not interested. The rest probably left because if they didn’t, what does that say about “them”. Get a damn load of Gasper Noe.. lol
  9. Yeah man.. The Mark II seemed superior to me back when the Mark 3 was coming around in terms of color and overall image. The softness from the AA filter on the 3 was bad. Now ML RAW on the other hand is amazing. The 1DX2 has been on my radar since I saw this video: Great color. Not sure what settings or grade, but gorgeous nonetheless. If the MK2 had a look (and I personally think it did) - this is very close with a 4K upgrade and no Aliasing issues. DPAF. File sizes are massive though
  10. I can’t believe we’re still talking about 8-bit in 2018.
  11. I think the competition is the determining factor not on features, but release. Gotta hurry up and make some shit to stay in the game. Canon doesn’t seem to care when Sony, Panasonic, Fuji, Olympus, etc come out with something.. Let Nikon release a shoulder strap though... lol. I guess if we’re going to be 8-bit in 2018 (?). Fuji’s straight-off-the-card image is one of the best imo. Beautiful color science.
  12. It’s neat & all, but 8mm looks like shit and film is expensive. Hipsters??
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